Now it looks like it's time to start manning the FEMA CAMPS

As an Internment/Resettlement Specialist for the Army National Guard, you will ensure the smooth running of military confinement/correctional facility or detention/internment facility (Also know as FEMA DETENTION CAMP), similar to those duties conducted by civilian Corrections Officers. This will require you to know proper procedures and military law; and have the ability to think quickly in high-stress situations. Specific duties may include assisting with supervision and management operations; providing facility security; providing custody, control, supervision, and escort; and counseling individual prisoners in rehabilitative"_blank">

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That is frickin' AWESOME!!! Where do I sign up. (I wonder what kind of "fringe benefits" are included)

More On Internment Camps

Chuck Baldwin
Friday, August 28, 2009

A couple of weeks ago, I wrote a column questioning why it was necessary for our federal government to be constructing internment camps all over America. See the original column at

I felt it was time for someone such as me to publicly broach the subject. Needless to say, the response was overwhelming. Even more interesting is the fact that the web link to the National Guard Military Occupational Specialty (MOS) of “Internment/Resettlement Specialist” that I included in my column was removed shortly after the column was published. Was this a coincidence?

Of course, the U.S. Army still has their web site soliciting recruitment for “Internment/Resettlement Specialist” online. See it at

Readers might also want to familiarize themselves with this story out of Fort Leavenworth:

Predictably, I heard from a sizeable number of readers who expressed concern about my “credibility.” Some were more direct: descriptions such as “conspiracy nut,” “lunatic,” “fringe,” etc., popped up quite often. Several readers dismissed the entire proposition on the basis that, apparently, the link I provided to a photo of one such camp that was reported in the Idaho Observer as a FEMA camp was actually constructed in another country. Which, if true, changes nothing, of course. Others pointed to a very shallow “exposé” published in Popular Mechanics that attempted (lamely) to debunk the whole notion of internment camps. (This was the same source Glenn Beck used to dismiss the idea.) See the report at

Criticism and name-calling aside, after reading the responses from hundreds of readers (and examining the evidence they submitted), I am more convinced than ever that our federal government is, indeed, constructing large numbers of internment camps. And as one might expect, I heard from a large number of military and law enforcement personnel, which made the evidence even more compelling.

One statement from a retired Air Force colonel (who is still active in military associations and stays well-informed on military issues) was especially telling. He said, “The Indiana plant is an AMTRAK repair area–there are probably similar reasons for other facilities. [Which is, no doubt, true.] I was a primary member of ‘Continuity of Operations’ planning in my second tour in the Pentagon in the 1960s–such planning has continued apace! This country was–and to a large extent still is–totally unprepared for the after effects of nuclear exchange. The millions of casualties of humans and animals–notwithstanding the almost total loss of communications and government infrastructure like police, fire, emergency response, etc. THERE ARE AND SHOULD BE PLANS TO DECLARE MARTIAL LAW to keep order, to provide assistance for food, shelter, medical, etc. FEMA was designed to do this work to fill the terrible losses in continuity of operations, which would keep this country viable. Katrina is a tiny example of how an emergency can destroy an entire geographical area–and Katrina is just a minor example of where we would be as a result of a nuclear exchange. As with all things military you plan for the worst and hope for the best.

“We remain vulnerable to massive catastrophes in this country–natural or man-caused. We need to be prepared and FEMA with all its faults–BACKED BY THE MILITARY–is charged with this job.” (Emphasis added.)

(To learn more about “Continuity of Operations,” to which the good colonel referred, start with these web sites: )

Notice that the retired colonel did not challenge the existence of internment camps, but rather linked them, and military-backed FEMA, with martial law–and he saw nothing wrong with that. (Please note: the colonel brought up martial law; I did not. Plus, the colonel was not adversarial with me, but on the contrary, expressed familiarity and favor toward me.) Several military men who wrote me shared the colonel’s sentiment. Some of them expressed concern about the impact these plans will have on freedom and constitutional government, while others seemed completely unconcerned regarding any potential encroachment that plans of military action against American citizens might have upon the Bill of Rights. What is enlightening, however, is the fact that, regardless of the personal position taken, none of the military personnel who wrote me discounted the existence of internment camps.


More On Internment Camps 290509banner

Since the colonel brought up martial law, U.S. Congressman Paul Broun (R-GA) recently indicated that he believed the U.S. government was intending to do just that. See his comments at

And last year, the San Francisco Chronicle published a major story regarding the potential for the federal government to suspend the Constitution and institute martial law. See the story at

In addition, is it a coincidence that a bill was recently introduced in the U.S. House of Representatives (H.R. 645) called the National Emergency Centers Establishment Act, which directs the Secretary of Homeland Security to establish “not fewer than 6 national emergency centers on military installations”? See the report at

Is all of this information simply to be discarded as hysteria?

On the other hand, several readers chided me for being “late” to discuss the subject. And to be sure, some of these folks have done quite a bit of personal research and have amassed a large amount of data on the subject.

For example, readers supplied me with a plethora of material to substantiate the existence of large numbers of internment camps throughout the United States. I invite readers to peruse some of the information provided below and draw their own conclusions: (This site requires JavaScript to be enabled.)

Of course, the above is merely a sample of the scores of resources that were forwarded to me by readers. I encourage people to do their own research.

Even Mr. Skeptoid himself, Brian Dunning, grudgingly acknowledges the probability of the existence of internment camps on U.S. soil. As with the retired Air Force colonel referred to above, Dunning senses nothing sinister about the existence of the camps, and he doesn’t address the numbers part of the story, but he does admit the plausibility of their existence.

Dunning wrote, “When I first heard the FEMA Prison Camp conspiracy story, it seemed ridiculous and paranoid at face value. But when I finally dug in to research it, I started by searching for the origins of the rumors, and found to my surprise that nearly all of the legal foundation and precedent for such a plan does in fact exist.”

(See Dunning’s blog at )

As I was mulling over all this information, I remembered reading an interview that radio talk show host Geoff Metcalf had with author Ted Flynn regarding Flynn’s (then) new book, “Hope of the Wicked: The Master Plan to Rule the World.” According to Metcalf, “Flynn’s book provides a strong historical basis to show that there is a global elite working to end the sovereignty of nations and to place every person on earth under the authority of the United Nations.” This interview was conducted back in 2001, by the way.

In the interview, Metcalf asked Flynn, “Please explain what FEMA is. What is their authority and what is their job?”

Flynn replied, “The Federal Emergency Management Agency is probably going to be the enforcement arm of the New-World Order. Very few people could tell you that it is actually a cabinet position. By and large, a great percentage of their budget is ‘black ops.’ It’s really not on the books. You only hear of them a little bit when there are disasters. But there is a great agenda to gather information for the government in stealth.”

Metcalf then said, “I found it significant when Rep. Henry Gonzalez, D-Texas, clarified the question of the existence of civilian detention camps. In an interview a few years ago, he said, ‘the truth is yes–you do have these standby provisions, and the plans are here . . . whereby you could, in the name of stopping terrorism . . . evoke the military and arrest Americans and put them in detention camps.’ They DO exist.”

Flynn replied, “They do.”

(See the interview at )

Again, that our federal government has built large numbers of internment camps seems undeniable. What has not been determined is the purpose for which these facilities have been constructed. No one wants to believe that our government is planning evil designs upon us. Then again, neither did German Jews want to believe that their government was up to no good.

America’s founders believed that a central government could not be trusted, which is why they tried to fence it in with the U.S. Constitution and Bill of Rights. Neither should citizens today trust the federal government. As President George Washington put it, “Government is not reason; it is not eloquence; it is force! Like fire, it is a dangerous servant and a fearful master.”

Therefore, keep a wary eye out for anything that the federal government could use to encroach upon our liberties and freedoms–even reports of internment camps. If the reports are bogus, you’ve lost nothing; but if they are real, you could end up losing your liberty.


"Destroying the New World Order"



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