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Caravan To Midnight - Episode 234 Former Space Program Advisor & Shuttle Engineer John L. Casey

Caravan To Midnight - Episode 234 Former Space Program Advisor & Shuttle Engineer John L. Casey

Episode 234 – Today we speak with former space program advisor, shuttle engineer, and author John L. Casey, to uncover the truth about “global warming” and clarify details regarding past and upcoming ice ages.

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Just watched the first 50 minutes of this video, and am finding it very informative and, helping to reinforce the magnitude of thought provoking questions, regarding this (Global Warming) science. At minute 50, thereabouts; one can imagine that this may be the link to culling the population...down to the Georgia Guide Stone, recommended number, of 500,000,000 - starvation due to less sun shine, owing to severe cold, reduced crop yields and, starvation...Agenda 21

Although Casey touches on some sensitive topics, re; 'their' science and scientist (UN) versus his science and that of his colleagues he does come across as a patriot, but too politically so on the other hand.

Casey very proudly says; "we should not forget that the Russians did not make it to the moon before us - because they had utter catastrophes occur in their space program because of explosions on the pad and losses of crew in space and what have you".

Its like this guy suffers from short term memory, loss - just earlier; he spoke of the same problems with the NASA space program, and I wonder if he ever watched the following documentary:

Take note of the first quote at the opening of the documentary - Casey did say, that the Russian's rockets are reliable.

I also got the impression that he believes that all people should trust in the science of vaccines. If Casey is a 'provaxer' then he needs to strongly consider also; "cross that, intellectual bridge"  - and perhaps even 'google' the research on Big Pharma's so-called immunizations. 

The truth is like the sun; you can block it out for a time, but it ain't going away - Elvis Presley.

According to Casey; 30 years and 30,000,000 dollars later; all the Global Warming models proved to be wrong (off) on their predictions, and that they are full of errors - the study of the sun (lack of it - chemtrails) and the ever increasing expulsion of volcanic materials into the atmosphere (sulfur dioxide - used in cloud seeding (artificially making clouds - chemtrails) programs, is where our focus should be...more scientifically prudent.

"This country has been in a state of war for 93% of its existence...there is something fundamentally wrong with that". (2:28)

This was a worth watching interview.




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