I read Patriots by Rawles  http://www.rawles.to/patriots.htm to my wife two years ago <and yes, I agree the religious angle is a bit condescending> - but nontheless a good book. My wife is a 100% convert! Thanks to Rawles and Patriots...she thought I was a total nutcase stockpiling food and buying this and that...then we both lost our jobs at the same time nine months ago !! We lived on our stored food until this last friday when we went to the store for the first time to buy food with her paycheck...!


Yes, we have chickens and cows and goats and we did scape savings and buy butter - we had butchered a steer which is almost gone...


We ran out of propane for hot water a month ago -


We heated with wood - no problem!


But it was a really really cool experience in that I now understand how you get bored eating the same thing all the time! I had Taco Bell on Sunday and was sick till Monday! ha!


Well just thought I would share -  our pantry and wallets are empty - but as Emerson points out in American Scholar...Experience Experience Experience...nothing more valuable!

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Good stuff Billy Bob! My kids think I'm a bit nutty for stocking up in our pantry too, but they are so used to always having food in the cupboard whenever they want it. It's the way with this younger generation. With the way the global economy is going though, and here in Australia our power bills have gone through the roof along with food and everything else, we are being taxed even more than before by this Labor government who has a habit of squandering money, and so now we are just living off our food stores for a while until we get some of these bills under control. The thing is, it's going to get worse, we only need the global economy to take another dive, and then there is the solar maximum due in 2012, which if the coronal mass ejections are as strong as being predicted, they could knock out the power grid worldwide, and it is conceivable that we could be without power for months, maybe longer. So I am stocking up on food and all sorts of other items that might be needed if we don't have power. It's a good idea! We live on a 5 acre property and have tank water, 40 odd chickens so we get about a dozen eggs a day, and I am growing some food also. Who cares if people think we're crazy...at least we will be better able to make it through the tough times :)



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