NEW G20 DOCUMENTARY! Democracy 101
A look at the Pittsburgh G20 protests from the makers
of "Terrorizing Dissent"

Made in Pittsburgh within five days of the G20 summit by a team from Pittsburgh Indymedia, Twin Cities Indymedia, Glassbead Collective, and Mobile Broadcast News, a new documentary: "Democracy 101 (Rough Cut)". Democracy 101 is a look at the policing and pattern of issues that arise during National Special Security Events. Made with footage from the recent repression of dissent in Pittsburgh, salvaged from the broken cameras, stolen video and arrested reporters, and independent journalists from around the country.

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We've been told to believe that communism could never work, even Christ said about us living as a community with no wealth, yet each time someone states it they are removed from life?
So instead tyranny takes over as no one looks at the real situation, we don't have democracy, we have capitalist elitism.
I don't understand the engaging with police, and why the protesters didn't assemble elsewhere instead of turning this into a fight, unless its just for the hype and the showdown that makes them feel the adrenaline flow. I would like to have peaceful protests about EM weapons and I fear that the riot police may soon take over everything.
Are there any new news about what happened at the G-20? I heard that the Mayor and the University are behind these hiddeous acts of force. I hope the city gets thousands of lawsuits, but guess where the monies will come from when they have to pay up... yep, the citizens of Pittsburgh no less...

Everytime I watch these videos I get so angry. Hell yeah, Rights were violated! Restore the people's Rights!!

Can't believe there are really so many idiots out there, that say the "demonstrators" deserved what they got... WTF?? America is sick, but it doesn't need a shot, just some good people heading our country, and get rid of the cancer cells, like secret societies.
this is totally makin me sick.... i dont even know what else to say..... and so so many are thinkin this cant happen in our America, phew......
Here's an idea. I am all for the right to assemble and peacefully protest but you weren't assembled and it wasn't peacefull. What did this accomplish? For those of you who were assaulted and arrested, I am sorry to tell you but you were nothing but a guinea pig for the police to test out there new "non-lethal" weapons and their digital fingerprinting system. I will never participate in this kind of "protest" unless the people are assembled and peacefull. Take a look at any of the End the Fed or IVAW protests to see what I mean.
Well folks. I know not everyone here is a devoutly religious person. But from the Torah; Bible(old testament = Torah) as well as Islam all mention about Nimrod and his mother wife and the building of the tower of Babel and the confusion of the tongues of the people because of what they where doing. Challenging GOD. Today's world community could be viewed as a new tower of Babel ? Any thoughts on this?
I am sorry to be posting again so soon after my last point. But people have to know this information. It is that they can increase the gain on the sonic cannon so that it will rupture your internal organs. I pledge my honor on this statement. If they are using it you can bet that it would need minimal adjustment to become a focused sonic cannon that would be lethal. Ponder this. We were told that tasers are non lethal; but how many have died from them. Also the Phoenix company to this day refutes any deaths which are a direct affect of their product. Plus now that they have them they automatically use them as a first response. Rubber bullets? Nope. They can kill you also if targeted right or use a more rigid round. Understand the equipment that they will be using and how to counter them to some degree of success. Look at how much enjoyment they derive from these demonstration of their authority. Makes me think of Cartman on South Park.


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