Did Mitt Romney Really Secure GOP Nomination With Texas Win?

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Diebold Rigged - Obviously

Delegate numbers falsely reported by AP parroted by the WagTheDogMedia.


GOP RNC Chairman Abandoned Rule #11 - Disenfranchising American Voters w/merger w/ Presumptuous Rominee.

Dirty Tricks - Laundered News Reports - GOP RNC Washed UP - The Stains are Permanent.

Trust in Establishment and Media nearing 0%.

Heated Voters. Nearing Flash Point, End of the year the Fraudsters likely to take to bunkers. (or begin disappearing one way or another)

Romney’s dirty tricks exposed, fail in NV

by Joel McDurmon on May 7, 2012
NBC 4 Reno reports on the rule-bending and the use of fake pro-Romney slate cards that look like those passed out by Paul’s campaign.
A few quotable lines from the video report:
“Here you can see one of the people who was allegedly passing out the fake slate being escorted out by the sergeant at arms.”
“Ron Paul supporters realized the rules weren’t being upheld, and more than 400 delegates [Romney supporters] were registered after the 9 am deadline.”
“Republican leaders admitted they had miscalculated the preliminary delegate totals.”

If you are for Romney turn this around.  What IF you were sent a Poll that was already "fixed" as Obama as the President, and there was nothing you could do to change it?  You have more ethics than that.  I know you are a Person of character and want everyone to vote for their conscience.
It is a poll to vote for your dream team.  ONLY, when I tried to "drag" New't photo in the position where they had "Romney's Photo" it wouldn't allow me to replace Romney with Newt or anyone else for that matter.  It would allow me to drag the photo to VP position.  I immediately hit "return to the sender" with this in the subject line:  "Do not shove Romney down our throats".  I then made this viral as well as uploading it on several web sites.
When my friends then tried to "hit return" to send the same message to "who ever" made it impossible for us to "have a choice" of OUR OWN PRESIDENT....it finally came back "un-deliverable" because they shut us out!
I then, went back to the site below.  There was a comment section in the upper right hand corner, and we all  typed in "DO NOT SHOVE ROMNEY DOWN OUR THROATS!"
Come to find out....This was done by George Soros and friends.  He is in bed with Soros....do you want another President on puppet strings? Soros has warrants out for him in several countries including Russia.
Like, I said, you are an ethical person, and I know you DO NOT believe it is right to have our President Chosen FOR US.


"No one Can Record While It is Going On?"

"Cell phones DID record the audio"
There was a large number of us who are conservative Republicans who had been posting on a large number of sites for Speaker Gingrich ...Newt360.
 As of about(?) a week ago ALL of us were BANNED. One can be banned for inappropriate language or calling for violence.  None of us were guilty of that We were all given the opportunity to appeal the decision.  We never heard back.
Being suspicious of what was going on, we asked a friend to join the site.  Speaker Gingrich has a Romney mole in his organization who is kicking us off his site for donations and other things we can do for him.  "On "Newt's Site", THEY decided they would be backing Romney/Santorum.
He needs to know this...! Since We are unable to reach him and we are turning to you to expose this fraud against Newt; and hopefully, see to it that he, now, did in fact get all of the donations to his campaign.
Please get this information gets back to him in any method necessary.
Gingrich is a good man and he MUST be aware of this situation. We know that your staff is able to reach him so please do the conservatives in this nation a favor and see that he receives this warning.
It won't be difficult to confirm this information.  Just go by Newt360 site.
We do hope you can help us by getting this information to Newt and 
writing an article an it.

I am so glad you said that.  I have been spittin' angry with them for weeks now... the RNC has been going AGAINST what we wanted. I will find the articles 2morrow... it is too late for tonight.  I do remember that "fraud" has been hanging over his campaign since the very beginning.

7R335...THANK YOU  SOOOO MUCH!!!  We've all known it..I will be back 2morrow!


"Destroying the New World Order"



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