Confrontation? Iran’s New Naval Exercise to Coincide With US/Israeli Drill

Cheney’s office considered provoking war with Iran by launching false flag attack at sea

Paul Joseph Watson
Friday, January 6, 2012

Iran’s newly announced “massive” naval drill, set to take place within the next few weeks near the Strait of Hormuz, will coincide with a major US/Israeli exercise in the same region, increasing the chances that a war provocation manufactured by either side could take place.

“The newly announced Iranian drills, codenamed The Great Prophet, may coincide with major naval exercises that Israel and the United States are planning to hold in the Persian Gulf in the near future,” reports RIA Novosti.

The Iranian Revolutionary Guard’s naval commander, Adm. Ali Fadavi, told the Fars news agency last night that the upcoming exercise would be “different” from previous ones.

Iran’s announcement of yet more naval drills follows an escalation in rhetoric after the United States sent the massive battleship USS John C. Stennis sailing through the narrow Strait of Hormuz amidst Iranian wargames based around closing the Strait, a key oil choke point.

Iran responded by firing off missiles during the drill and ordering the US aircraft carrier to “stay out of the Persian Gulf”.

The US/Israeli naval exercise, named Austere Challenge 12, is set to be the largest ever naval drill between the two powers and is based around “(improving) defense systems and cooperation between the U.S. and Israeli forces.”

The overlapping of the naval exercises amidst escalating tensions serves as a reminder that the Bush administration once debated staging a false flag wherein fake Iranian patrol boats would be used to attack a US ship as a means of creating a pretext for war.

In January 2008, the US government announced that it had been “moments” away from opening fire on a group of Iranian patrol boats in the Strait of Hormuz after the boats allegedly broadcast a warning that they were about to attack a US vessel.

The US claimed the Iranian boats had broadcast the message, “I am coming at you. You will explode in a couple of minutes,” and that the order to fire was aborted only at the last minute as the patrol boats pulled back.

  • A d v e r t i s e m e n t

Iran later produced a video proving that the patrol boats never displayed any kind of threatening behavior. The New York Times subsequently reported that the alleged tape containing the attack threat had no background ambient noise and did not come from an Iranian ship, but from another unnamed ship in the region.

According to Pulitzer-Prize winning journalist Seymour Hersh, the incident led to a discussion in Vice-President Dick Cheney’s office about how to start a war with Iran by launching a false flag attack at sea.

The January Strait of Hormuz incident taught Cheney and other administration insiders that, “If you get the right incident, the American public will support it”. Hersh said: “There were a dozen ideas proffered about how to trigger a war. The one that interested me the most was why don’t we build, we in ‘our shipyard’, – build four or five boats that look like Iranian PT boats. Put Navy seals on them with a lot of arms. And next time one of our boats goes to the Straits of Hormuz, start a shoot-up. Might cost some lives”.

The plan was rejected because it would have cost American lives, but the potential for a similar scenario to arise in the Strait of Hormuz, whether real or manufactured, remains a very real threat, especially given the amount of US warships that are either already in the region or on their way to the Strait.

Given the fact that the Obama administration’s foreign policy of pre-emptive warfare has mirrored that pursued by the Bush administration, the potential for a stage-managed provocation to create a pretext for an attack on Iran during the next round of naval wargames is clear.


Paul Joseph Watson is the editor and writer for Prison He is the author of Order Out Of Chaos. Watson is also a regular fill-in host for The Alex Jones Show.

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Replies to This Discussion

I am sick and tired of fighting Israel's wars.  It's costing American soldiers' lives and draining our already bankrupt economy.  Between the Federal Reserve pumping more and more fiat play-money internally and to foreign governments and corporations......the militarization of big-city police forces...and our empire-building abroad, this nation is in serious, serious trouble. 

 TARP and our aggressive wars have proven that we no longer have even a semblance of representative government. When this all comes down (the Euro and the Dollar and possibly a tactical nuclear war), should America emerge from the ashes as America 2.0....we need to seriously think about a new constitution with a unicameral Congress (no Senate, no seniorities, no filibusters, no committee-system) and create a direct democracy with electronic voting.  The House of Representative one-term members would meet only to debate with the final votes coming directly from the people. 

Well said. Careful with the idea of democracy though. A democracy is the second to final step in a particular synthesis for tyranny. This is why the U.S wants to democratize the middle east. Democracy says, if  51% of a populace is coerced into believing government conspiracy theories are dangerous, dividing, and a threat to national security, and anyone encouraging these philosophies and beliefs should be imprisoned -- then guess what happens next?

Besides that, consider how easily statistics are manipulated in the information age.  Lest we forget the irony that it is also the dis-information age.

Smaller government, absolutely. I believe the biggest problems are the Federal Reserve and the corporate media empire that trashed the notion of free speech. Capitalism is a failed mechanism for the 99%, and should be redefined as corporatism transfigured to Fascism with Socialistic underpinnings and a Communist wing; world government implemented incrementally. 

Filibustering goes hand to hand in politics. There must be debate. Discourse is a requisite to problem solving and policy. As for electronic voting, it is the easiest way to steal a vote. Working with the Ron Paul campaign I can tell you it has been a major concern. There is no simple solution really. America is rotting away, the moral ambivalence, this culture of parasitic narcissists, that have been trained to act socipathic...

...America needs a serious make over cuz' it's gettin' ugly.

I appreciate your honest reply, but let me make a couple of important points:

 *Filibustering, per se, is not debate. In America 2.0 our Congressmen (no need) would be given alloted, appropriate time to make their points...hopefully in line with the majority of their constitutuents.

 *I usually add something which I forgot in my original message...retain the Bill of Rights along with a direct democracy.  Free speech, gun ownership, the 4th Amendment (especially in light of that piece of trash called the Patriot Act...der fatherland).....all of the first 10 amendments.  Remember, historically, the Bill of Rights only got added to the order to get ALL the states to pass the charter.  It shouldn't have been an afterthought but it was!  Patrick Henry who disapproved of the Constitution was right in his suspicions of the document as he thought the duties (specifically 17 or 18 in Article I) were still too powerful...but, that's another argument.

 *I see no reason why a direct democracy would automatically, at some point, dissolve into some form of tyranny as long as it states that no majority could ever violate the Bill of Rights.  As I said, our representative govt. has dissolved into an oligarchy and plutocracy(so much for representative govt.).

 *Nothing in life is "simple"...we ALL know that.  If bank ATM's 99.999% of the time can keep track of every penny from their customer accounts...we can create a similiar system as to voting.  Will there always be some for of vote fraud...yes.  Is there a large amount of voter fraud currently,  yes. So, we have to keep pushing for something better.  Personally, I think there was a good possibility that RP came in first, at worst second, in Iowa due to the tabulating being done in total secrecy in another state!!!!!

 * to capitalism.  True capitalism, laissez-faire capitalism, has never been practiced in the United States.  There's always been some form of govt. involvement either with the money supply manipulation, corporate ties with favored congressmen on certain aspects of the economy with tariffs, subsidies, grants, out-right kickbacks, et al.  It was a kind of fascism lite until now when the graft between govt. and big corporation has been put on steroids. So, don't be down on capitalism, per se, but qualify and state the difference between crony capitalism (Fascism) and true laissez-faire.  BTW, I think lobbying should be criminalized in the process.

 *The Federal Reserve is acting like a child playing monopoly and continuously dolling out more paper dollars to everyone playing to bid up the price of houses and hotels.  The problem is that 90% of the population (especially neo-cons and Christian Zionists)) either don't recognize or refuse to recognize that the trillions of fiat dollars the Fed creates via the Treasury or via a computer keyboard credit lowers the standard of living in America by inflating the money supply.  They think it's too technical to understand and don't really want to discuss it!!!!!!!!!!  Inflation is merely a form of hidden taxation...taxation without representation.

 *So, in summary, I agree the biggest two problems are the central bank and the MSM that is nothing more than a shill for statism (the only true journalism with standards to truth in on the internet).  My favorite site is Mike Rivero's out of Oahu, HI.  He's on 6:00 to 8:00 PM M-F at www.justintv/michaelrivero .  It's live TV with call-ins, but he's a Renaissance man with his depth of knowledge and analysis...especially of Israel and it's agent-in-fact ---America.

I agree with 90, some odd percent of what you are saying. The part about the Amendments being added only to gain the confidence of the state I can not validate. Don't know enough about it.

Patrick Henry was correct in his suspicions. Our Republic form of government was modeled after ancient Rome. Yes, another story all together... not necessarily bad, but far from perfect.

A democracy is the final stage for presenting the illusion of freedom and the precursor to incremental tyranny. It's the New World Order's formula, not merely subjective observation nor  conjecture on my part. I know what you mean, but with the technology of the day, democracy will never work. It's like Communism. In theory it doesn't sound all that bad in a perfect utopia of benevolent leadership with righteous and virtuous citizenry. Until the chill of that eastern wind stings your face and the reality of this cold world sets in. If a populace can be socially engineered for corruption in the right places, and coerced into unscrupulousness then a democracy will vote to take you out! A democracy is ONLY as good as it's citizenry, and THAT's the fundamental problem with this form of government. Corrupt the 51% and kiss your 4th amendment goodbye, as well as the the other 9 amendments.

I enjoyed your comments on capitalism. I will look into this, and take it into consideration. As for voting fraud, I don't know the solution to the problem. Perhaps we need a system of representation for each respective campaign for accountability that differs from the current one. I know that ballot stuffing and electronic voting fraud are the biggest problem, and this counting votes in secret is just madness. For instance, the big concern in the NH primary is that 90% of the machines are electronic, and there are just two people responsible for the numbers in the state and one of them is an ex-convict; someone who is easily corruptible and bribed to alter results. Typical NWO subordinate type. Totally compartmentalized, has some dirt under his fingernails, easily corrupted and controlled. A willing lapdog of the beast.

Glad you agree with the FED and MSM being the two biggest problems. Corruption in government would not last if we got rid of those two mechanisms of control. And I like Mike Rivero, I have heard him on talk radio for years.

My last point, and as I understand your comment, you believe Israel to be the handler of the U.S. Is that correct? I have noticed in the last few years this has grown popular in the alternative media/patriot movement, but I don't see the basis for this assertion. Israel was created by the U.N and the U.S in the late 1940's. How could something that has existed for such a short period rule the world? I have studied NWO history for going on 12 years now, and do not see any evidence anywhere that suggests Israel is anything more than a puppet state created by the NWO. I have watched this theory of Israel controlling the U.S gain popularity over the last 4 years or so, but it seems very counter intuitive to me. Simple facts such as, Rockefeller, being the first billionaire in world history can easily demonstrate where the power lies. The European royal families, the corporate moguls of the U.S, and a few Arab families rule the roost. The power centers for global government are Washington D.C, London, and the Vatican, and that's it. Israel is nothing more than a symbol of control and the place of the holy land for the three major world religions, which is very significant and I will not get into that right now.

I enjoy your perspective and your gentlemanly approach to discourse. We could use more of that around here. Allow me to make salutations as well as your acquaintance :)

Don't forget the Russians just around the corner

Russian war ships to patrol Syrian waters to prevent U.S. military ... (1) (2)

Only Russia, China and  Pakistan acting congruently can put a stop to this illegal and immoral Israeli-U.S. aggression.

It's a crazy world when Russian Television allows for unabridged, free speech, and Asian countries like Russia and China have to mobilize to stop Western imperialism.

Alex Jones is right, you really can't make this stuff up!!


"Destroying the New World Order"



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