Global Governance 2025 : At A Critical Juncture (pdf for download)

From the Office of the Director of National Intelligence
Global Governance 2025 : At A Critical Juncture

Issued September 2010 by The National Intelligence Council and the E.U. Institute for Security Studies for the United Nations.

Hello! This is an important document to download. Even though it is 69 pages, you should print it and keep it for proving what is going on in the White House with Obama now. Do it now before they pull it off the Internet. Obama is just the latest one of a string of world government presidents.

All of our presidents since FDR have been building this global government -- just a little at a time -- and you were not supposed to catch on to the transition while you were being transformed from a republic into a serf-and-lord system once again.

The next item from Joan Masters is another related item to bring down. I will relay it also. Fact: World government won't work -- it eliminates incentive and individualism. Instead it will bring the people into another stretch of "Dark Ages". There will be no more elected representatives allowed. These global managers will have more control over the people's personal lives than ever before existed. Management will be by appointees only -- people you don't elect and cannot recall or vote out! Can you imagine living like this in a totally disarmed population? That is why they are moving now to take away all firearms, even from police officers. Only the hard core foreign military will have any guns.

Can you imagine life with no more U.S.national armed forces -- because they have all been transferred to the communist United Nations on a permanent basis? (The law to do this has already been signed and passed by Congress as Public Law 87-297). . World government has to be a militarized system with foreign troops doing the controlling or it won't work. The iron hand will be used to operate the system.. All our safeguards will be gone! You will pay taxes to the world government authorities in addition to your region. It will be solid management -- no opposition will be allowed -- no "checks and balances" any more -- so world government will inevitably become corrupt because no competition is allowed. And there will be no private ownership of land -- basic and natural rights will be subjected to reduction and/or elimination .The globalists are setting us out-to-sea in a sieve! We will be ruined! Nationalism will be a crime!

From where will come the succession of men they propose as the ruling class, these leaders of the world, who are to be so wise, righteous, unbiased, mericiful, just, and uncorruptible?

When there is only "one" government, you will have no where to turn, or to challenge brutality and tyrannous management.

SO BRING DOWN these two global government documents and hand on to them for proof! Please spread the word and make extra copies to show your local contacts.

This should end accusations of "conspiracy theory." And we can now speak of conspiracy fact.

luggnutz - witness

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