A definitive statement exposing the political treason and criminality being imposed on the law-abiding people of the british isles

Lawful Rebellion

Lawful RebellionA friendly but firm warning to all politicians concerning this Statement.

We the people hereby Serve Notice, under Common Law, to all elected politicians, of all parties in Great Britain, that failure to take action to restore the British people’s Sovereignty, and to overturn the treason and criminality that has occurred and is occurring at the highest levels in this country, will lead to charges of being personally complicit in this treason and criminality and therefore liable to prosecution under Common Law.

The statement:

We, the British people, now KNOW what is being done unlawfully in our name and are now taking back our country from the highly-placed traitors and criminals by using the precedence of Common Law over Parliamentary Statutes and by carrying out effective and peaceful actions under our ancient right to Lawful Rebellion under Article 61 of Magna Carta 1215.

This is a definitive Statement made by the Common Law-abiding people of the British Isles directed at every democratically-elected man and woman at every level of the present British political system. Failure by any such elected representative to act decisively in response to this Statement of Exposure could potentially result in prosecution under Common Law for knowingly sanctioning acts of treason, fraud, conspiracy to deceive and complicity in shameful crimes such as the abuse of children. Politicians found on examination of their record to be directly involved in such treason and criminal acts will receive severe custodial sentences. Ignorance will be less than ever a defence – all the prima facie evidence is there for elected representatives and ordinary people to see and charge sheets against key individuals are currently being drawn up to start the judicial process under Common Law to put an end to this establishment-led treason and criminality.

It is clear, beyond all reasonable doubt and with evidence that would stand up in any properly-conducted court of law, that an influential network of rogue British politicians across the parties is unlawfully involved in carrying out the hidden strategies and agendas of a centuries-old, secretive and criminal global elite who are seeking the imposition of unlawful global governance on the unsuspecting peoples of the world. Known broadly by researchers as the New World Order (NWO) - though some refer to them as the Illuminati or Zionists (please note that this does not mean Judaism) - the modus operandi of these powerful traitors and criminals is now clear for all to see.

Only a complete fool, or someone who is complicit at some level with what is really going on, would deny the existence of such a global elite network. The Committee of 300, the Bilderberg Group, the Trilateral Commission, the Council on Foreign Relations, the Club of Rome, to name but just a few of this network's component institutions, are where powerful international bankers, politicians, industrialists, media moguls and members of traditional bloodline royal and aristocratic families meet in secret behind closed doors to draw up their criminal strategies and agendas for achieving global government on their terms. Detailed instructions are then passed down to their subservient and compartmentalised national networks of influential politicians, industrialists, campaigning groups, charities and key individuals in trusted positions who then continue with their own treasonous and criminal work in seeking to undermine even further the very fabric, infrastructure and integrity of the country they are supposedly serving. Not surprisingly, any detailed research and investigation into people involved in this network, or into the network itself, often results in flat denial, ridicule and even threats.

There are currently six major areas of public and political concern where this ‘hidden hand’ of the New World Order has unlawfully involved itself with the affairs and well being of the British people ...

Please print out the full document and send to your elected representatives and challenge them as to which side of the fence they are on.

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About bloody time something is being done to stop the rot of the countries of the world!   It is time to imprison these jackasses that think they are of a purer bloodline!  This is absolute Bollocks!!!   These so-called elite are nothing more than spoilt little inbred parasitic deviants that have far less worth or importance on this earth than the crap of a worm!


They are the souless ones, devoid of a soul in the proper sense of the word,  they are devoid of empathy, wisdom, compassion, heart or any noble human qualities!   Therefore they do not have the rights of a human being and should be seen as a degenerate perversed subform of human!   will less right to life than the gonorrhoea Virus!  Let the human race get rid of this human waste of space!!


"Destroying the New World Order"



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