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Maria De Wind

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  • DTOM

  • truth

    Merry Christmas And Happy Holidays !

  • Paul Jones

    Hi There Maria,

    I hope you are having a nice Christmas Day ;)

    Best Wishes


  • DTOM

    Have a wonderful Christmas!

  • mystery

    Thanks and same to you Maria!!!!

  • Barry Mundy

    Happy Holidays to you too Maria.  Meeting you has been a real pleasure.

  • Ragnarok

    Thank you for the christmas greeting :-) Best wishes for you Maria in the future! PZ


  • Ria

  • Lawrence Harmen

    It is impossible to miss the clear manipulation of the Markets in this picture as no way can these 3 different markets have the exact same trading pattern. Unless they are being totally puppeteered  It can not happen by chance. Just like the lottery on 911. This is total control of the Market ! Warn all to stay away or loose you shorts - Lharmen

    Hugs and Kisses : 0 ) XOXOXOXOXO Maria! Keep up the great work = Lharmen

  • RebelCause2013

    Thank you Maria

  • Kimbo

    Thanks Maria - nice to meet you :) xx

  • Cryptocurrency

    Hey friend :) Been away for a while. Thanks for the nice messages. Hope ur doing well.

  • DTOM

  • Lawrence Harmen

    Here Maria is another One I think you will like.

    Mind control is everywhere today as even Abby Martin has recently shown us MK Ultra projects was never shut down it became 1984.

  • Amaterasu Solar


  • Nota Khan

    Honored!! :)

  • DTOM

  • Joy Larkspur

    Thanks for the welcome. I see you posted about Burzynski - kudos!  =)

  • §ђЄレレЄY JÖ KÖ√ấ ¢ι¢ђ Gřấђấ м

    Thank you so much for the beautiful welcome! Namaste

  • Tara

    Back at ya ;)
  • DTOM

    Happy Lupercalia! 

  • pat donovan

    new novel .99 cents  THIS is a freebie."
    One good review. so  copies to people who've favorable comments

     oh, it's the SF one. man, i gotta stop spamming this out. Messed up everything here today... so you prop got mutilpule messages.

  • Sweettina2

    Hope all is well with you!  God bless you Maria.   ~Tina

  • Lawrence Harmen

    Thanks Maria for your favorite on my Project blue beam post and I just added lots of Video proof this is unfolding that can not be discounted as coincidence. Jesus loves you

  • Sweettina2

    Hey Maria, stopping by to leave some love & respect.  ~Tina

  • Sweettina2

    Thank you sweet girl
  • Tim Nichols

    Thanks for the Welcome Maria

  • Sheri Cline

    Hello Maria and Thank You for extending your hand of friendship.

  • Less Prone

    Thank you Maria for your support and your posts.
  • DTOM

  • Lawrence Harmen

  • Burbia

    Hey thnx, its 420 til its 430
  • Ranee Decker

    Thanks for the friend request!

  • Lawrence Harmen

    I have today just added far more and even better proof this is all a fraud. Picture proof from others but also one second into the bast nothing spells bombing at all. Show everyone you can they are going to invoke Martial Law on the back of fake terror events like this one.we need to wake everyone up fast.

  • arcangel

    Red Ribbon

    Thanks for the support Maria : )
  • Cryptocurrency

  • Petunia Skrebbles

    Thank you for the invite..... I am never sure what we do at this point, but i decided to at least thank you.  

  • Petunia Skrebbles

    Thanks for the welcome and I do feel welcomed here.  No one has censored me or gutted my comments yet.  i would like to  post an article on here, but do not know how to go about doing that.  Any directions would be welcomed.  Thanks again.

  • JustHere999

  • Bruce Hopkins

    Wow!  My most beautifulest friend!
  • Cryptocurrency

    You always favorite my stuff. And your super cute and awesome.
  • Tara

    Hello Maria... missed ya! Here's a beautiful song that reminds me of you :)


  • Juan de la O

    Gracias Maria, bien bien, [su photo ademas] y, no se por seguro pero parece un poco que Anonymous.

    Sin duda el mundo es en transcicion -- socialismo o barbarism.

    Con Amor y Apreciacion

    Juan de la O [o Cesar o.............]

  • Anonymiss68

    thx for the add :-)

  • Klaudio Vinkerlić

    Can tell: Maria Thank You. The thought delivery knowing own hair is an antenna WORKS. Being enforced with a plum one can increase the signal break. If a + and - couple does the mission than the signal has no limits. Must add: Please use this technique only for the purposes of good. Good is the quantum we belong.

  • mystery

    May you never be without a lite. ;)

  • Aymii keegan

  • Aymii keegan

    Kangaroo Paw

  • Aymii keegan

    Menziesii  ( redcoats )