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  • Tara

    Hello sista... I believe PH was having personal issues that brought her to leaving the site. Maybe she'll come back in the future, who knows but it is still a bummer. :(

  • Tara

    Hey girl... where have you been? I've been missing ya sista!!! Here's a little song for ya. "God give me Strength... to KEEP ON WALKING! The artist is Jem :)


  • truth

    Merry Christmas And Happy Holidays !

  • Maria De Wind

  • Ragnarok

    Thank you for the christmas greeting :-) All the best in the near future!


  • Lawrence Harmen

    I invite you to check out my recent post very important and very telling about our times

  • Sweettina2

  • Sweettina2

  • Sweettina2

  • Lawrence Harmen

    Here Tina is another one I think you will like.

    Mind control is everywhere today as even Abby Martin has recently shown us MK Ultra projects was never shut down it became 1984.

  • Sweettina2

  • Tara

    You are such a sweetheart! I wish I could really hug you sista but I guess a cyber hug will do for now :)))

    Much respect and love to you,


  • Christopher

    Thanks for reaching out - and I friend you back

  • DTOM

    Cheers :)

  • DTOM

    Tina, and thanks to you, love your posts too  :)


  • EDOGZ818

    >>Big Upz Sweet Tina!

  • mystery

    Hola, mi amiga. Nice to meet you. I like your work, keep it up!

  • Tara

    Ah... thanks so much for stopping by. You definetely live up to the SWEET in your name!

    I've been taking a little break from the interwebs as of late... been going through some personal stuff. Please pray for me sista! I need the strength to keep on keeping on :)

    Much love and respect back to you also... peace ~

  • mystery

    Congratulation on what hon??? I don't understand. But I feel grateful just to be here and read and learn from the community. I feel we all have a great amount to contribute and I also hope that we all learn more than we contribute.

    I feel that if we continue to contribute we will overcome.   

  • Nikki

    Thanks, Tina! I thought we were friends too but better late than never. Hope all is well with you. I've been sooo busy with work and taking a class at night.  But always have time for my 12160 friends.

  • margaret

    Thank you for the comment .. and Thank you for ALL you do!

  • Maria De Wind

    Red Ribbon
  • Patriot Horse

    Thank YOU for the love Tina! Love you too Sis because you know your thang, and I admire strong individuals! I'm so glad You are on the side of Freedom and exposing these rats!  You've always been one I've looked up to! Have a wonderful Easter Weekend hon.

  • Maria De Wind

  • Lawrence Harmen

    Updated April 12 2013 DefCon 3 now duplicates the Cuban Missile crisis to a "T" = North Korean Missile crisis                      

    North Korea reportedly warns Tokyo would be first target of nuclear attack Missile Launch possible April 15th - Lharmen 

    They are warning today April 12th 2013 that China's Military is backing North with their Military build up beside North Korea's Missile Launchers not trying to deter them. 

    Repeat of the Cuban missile crisis to a "T" as today they raised the alert level to Defcon 3 exactly the same as Oct 15th 1962. Many news outlets globally are warning of April 15th which is israel's independence day - Lharmen

    They will be liberated from their lives for the mass Zionist/Illuminatti deaths they have caused and we will be could freed in the dark day that God will darken the Whole World in the clear day. Keep watching as all things written are lining up to happen soon. Pray you are found worthy to escape all these things before they come to pass says we will see the events unfolding but we ourselves will be saved from them. 3 1/2 year we are protected in the Wilderness from the Dragon who has been made to walk as  man and no longer an Angel - Lharmen

  • Lawrence Harmen

  • John Carman

    Cool!  I love the David and Goliath story. It appears Goliath may have been descendant from a Fallen Angel/Giant as there were Giants thousands of years ago. Interesting stuff. The Bible is very accurate, but there are some other modern "sources" that show WE may have been Genetically engineered. Call or email me anytime Sweettina2. , see also : 

  • Lawrence Harmen

    I have today just added far more and even better proof this is all a fraud. Picture proof from others but also one second into the bast nothing spells bombing at all. Show everyone you can they are going to invoke Martial Law on the back of fake terror events like this one. We need to wake everyone up fast.

  • apeman2502


  • suzie

         Happy Mothers day

      little is written about Jochebed in the Bible, her story speaks powerfully to mothers of today.

    may you be strong in your travels :)

  • mohamad a. yousef

    Thanks for your 12160 friendshp

  • Lawrence Harmen

    We are there next week we could/should see the fake one week peace deal made with Israel that will tie their hands for their destruction. The Jordan war games coincide with the peace deal with many Nations. The war will take place in the mist of the week. The Global Arab March to retake Jerusalem is also planned for June 7th <- this might be the day they attack. Watch for the whole World to be darkened in the clear day then for certain the war will be on that day at Noon Israel time. The He Goat/Baphomet/Beast will stand in the Glorious land and say he is God and by his hand it is destroyed. Iran and Syria will be launching a massive Missile war on Israel when the Western leader = Daniel 8 comes across the entire World with Media/Syria between his eyes . He stamps Both Iran/Persia and Syria/Media to the ground but his main target is Damascus/Media. Both Syria and Iran today with the Russian bears backing have fielded a massive number of missiles all aimed at Israel. Debkafiles News today has confirmed this.

    Keep Up with my World news Page for constant update of this development.

    World news =

    Warn all you know the U.S. will get attacked during this war as all who attack Israel will get destroyed. Canada's East and West coast (NORAD) are pegged for destruction as well as we are involved in this Eager lion war games : 0 (

  • mohamad a. yousef

    Thanks for your friendship

  • Patriot Horse

    You've been at it a long time my dear sista! Much love and respect. You rock! Peace always and God speed!
  • Tara

    Hey sista... missed ya!!! I've been thinking about you a lot lately friend. I hope all is well with you and yours!

    Here's a fun little song for ya... I think you'll get a kick out of it :)


  • Klaudio Vinkerlić

    The pleasure and joy are mine too.

  • Charles Magus

    Thank you Tina! Israel is a creation of the Rothschild which was created to get a foot hold in the Middle East. You can see the Turmoil that has been there since Israel's Conception.
  • Ragnarok

    Thanks Tina. Seems like the storm isn't as crazy as the one a month ago. But area wise much much bigger and longer lasting. Not one single train is currently running and all bigger bridges are closed. I don't think it has happed before here. 

    Peace and take care yourself 


  • Frances Farmer

    Thank YOU wise woman. :)
  • Patriot Horse

    Hello my sweet and strong warrioress friend. So much has happened in life... never a dull moment. So good to just say hi... you've always been one of my heroines. Keep up the good fight my sistah. xo PH

  • Blood Ritual Monarch

    Great to have you as a friend :)

  • linda dagosta

    thank you Tina

  • Patriot Horse

    Aloha Sweetina just popped in to say hey! Love you keep standing Girl! Xox
  • CannabisResearchA-Z

    Thanks Tina

  • space wabbit

      Eh - What's up Doc?   ----   silly wabbit

    I know your jests are in friendship.   Thanks for the welcome back    xo  silly wabbit

  • voxxpopulisuxx

    Thanks for the welcome!

  • Amaterasu Solar

    Have You read My "science fiction" (note the quotes) story yet? I included a few ideas of what to do...

  • Amaterasu Solar

    Hope to hear Your thoughts...  [smile]

  • Amaterasu Solar

    I understand THAT!  LOL!  I was off a couple days because My comp crashed.  Now I am on a very old comp with 1 gig of RAM that takes FOREVER to do anything.  Looking forward to Your thoughts.

  • The Admin Team

    Thanks for your participation and input.