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  • Tara

    Hey H, how goes it?

    I got a little song that reminded me of your feeling on the whole Savior syndrome, lol.

    I posted it in a musicwars discussion some time back but I was not to be heard. Granted, we are still working on the getting a really good live recording in the spring, 'Tom Petty' style, WOOT! It's a work in progress.

    I may need your services in the future... possibly a good vid to put to this song or two or three, lol. If you're up to the task that is ;)

  • Nobody Will Observe


  • truth

  • Michelle Wallin

    Ty very much for the warm welcome and the Help Tips Im sure Ill need'em!

  • truth

    thought you may dig this, trying to raise the funds before shes gone shag carpet :)

    1977 TRAVCO

  • truth

  • Tara

    Here's a little poem I wrote many years back after losing a couple of loved ones. If you ever need anything btw... I'm only a click away ;)

    Beyond the Moonlight

    Death glares stinging, blood stains the eyes; in this time of mourning, out pouring... salty eyes.

    In this birth blooming, new bud unaware; with each breath breathes wisdom... all is fair.

    The night is as grand as the light and in this twilight, the stars look bright.

    Somewhere beyond the moonlight... Somewhere beyond the moonlight...

  • Chuck

    Thanks for the Warm Welcome.

    Have been following the site ever since i Retired in Thailand.

  • Nobody Will Observe

    Nice avatar!

  • DTOM

    H, thankyou for all you do on 12160 - have a safe and happy Independence Day!

  • Old Denmark

  • Old Denmark

    Haha yeah...these frontpages are killer.


  • ScubaSurferChick


  • David Campbell

    In answer to your question:  Could very well be OCD.  Could also be because I have fallen off my motorcycle and landed on my head too many times. Could be because I am over 70 years old, and working seven days a week, most weeks- for the past 7 years.  Could be, because I see the world going to hell in a handbasket.  Could be- because my two adult offspring are convinced that I wear a tinfoil hat, (My son sez that I need 'adult supervision'!)

  • Tara

    Welcome back Hwood ;)

  • Tara

    Hey H, do you have any 12160 channel art that is big enough to fit you tube requirements? I'm trying to figure out how to enlarge pics myself but I'm at a loss. I'm going to start pimping 12160 over on you tube you see. So I need something eye catching if you know what I mean?

  • Tara

    It's all good, I figured out how to enlarge a pic enough for you tube channel art requirements. Recommended channel art size: 2560 x 1440 btw. If you can create something original, that would be cool! I'd dig it :)


    Thanks for the tip!

  • Glass FX

    It was my business name for a Graphics Business in AUSTRALIA too!

  • Glass FX

    1996 the take down of AUSTRALIA began.  It is not what you think, it is more corrupt than ENGLAND, and AMERICA.. the people are dumbed here.

    A once great place is but a shadow of itself.  I left my guns back in AMERICA with my family.  What you remember of AUSTRALIA, is gone!

    I know I been here 23+ years.

  • DTOM

    Glass FX, the takedown of Australia started in the 80's with the establishment of the Deacon Centre telephone exchange in Canberra, that was exposed by Peter Sawyer, a high ranking civil servant.  It went on from there....

  • Michael Vara

    Thank you brother

  • Penelope naveen

    Thank you for welcoming me !!!!!!!!

  • Keisha Ruan

    awe haha, thank you. i was here before but i paniked and deleted my profile after the man took my laptop (with my car).

  • Carol David

    Thank you so much. That was a surprise. Just sorry it took me so long to find you all.

  • Danoj

    Thanks for the welcome

  • Rapunzel

    Thank you for the bright, flashy welcome Hollywoot. :)

  • Peter Zerbe Westberg

    The truth can be "relative " ,as the Truth is organic as Nature let us maintain Open minds,holding lightly Our dogmas. Let go previously conceived cognitive commitments , even the ones that jeopardize our island of reality.

    Mindful of eternity!
  • Patriot Horse2

    Mahalo for the welcome Holly its been a while. I will forever appreciate this site and Adkins moderates n members. Good crew good hearts just wanna be free. Aloha take care

  • Patriot Horse2

  • Patriot Horse2

  • Ken Oath

    Take it easy man, theres times when you need all your energy and fuck the rest of the world, love ya mate

  • Ken Oath

    but not gay love that wold be revolting..ya know..the other love

  • Pam Vredenburg

  • Pam Vredenburg

  • Jennifer Smith

    Thank you for the warm welcome

  • Jennifer Smith

  • Twilight Zone

    Thank you for making me feel welcome.

  • Melcia morgan

    Thanks for the warm welcome!

  • Chris of the family Masters

    Thanks mate,

  • Mark from Ventura

    Thanks for the welcome!

  • Daniel B

    Thanks for being part of the independent information network.  I like the ability to share ideas and gain new insights from other free thinkers.


  • Boris

    Ya made back in!
  • Boris

    Sausage lol

  • Galen Young

    Thank you  :)

  • Boris

    thanks for uping photo limit to 15 a day. I have little patience looking around the admin panel these days. lol ning, powered by win 95 woot

  • raymond moody

    Cheers Central!

    Good to be here.

  • Chris of the family Masters

    I can see you've grown up so quickly all of the sudden...
  • cynner

    Thanks for the Welcome.
    Love the graphic.

  • Mr. Sizzle

    I’ve been around the block a time or two.