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All men having power ought to be distrusted to a certain degree.

James Madison - speech at the Constitutional Convention, July 11, 1787

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  • Christopher

    Congratulations KRYPKE on your appointment to the Admin - jolly good show!

    I wish you smooth sailing...

  • mystery

    KRYPKE i have asked James to please let my friend into our community, but just in case  he is to busy, could you please put in my request for his entry. He is at I feel that he could be of benefit to us.  He applied once before and was not recognized, he felt rejected and did not try again. Thank you KRYKPE.

  • mystery

    Thank you KRYPKE.

  • mystery

    I will,and I did. I appreciate you.

  • Maria De Wind

  • Maria De Wind

  • Anonymiss Express

    Krypke, Muhhhahahaaa, I think I did a #footshoot: I seem to suddenly no longer get the buttons on the site. I am going through all of my armour to find what's blocking it, and as soon as I figure it out, I will join occupy bilderberg. Belated.
  • Anonymiss Express

    At least the "add comment" button does work :D
  • Central Scrutinizer

    plan on leaving 6am sat morn, I'd go tomorrow, but Fweezella has to work, and ya don't go to these things alone ;)
    2 digitals, and 2 analog (tape) devices, 1000 watt inverter in my jeep, couple laptops,desktop,2 monitors, roof mount wifi antenna's, w/ luck going to go live feed thru Ustream, IF I can get an available connection to the outside. I dont do cell phones, no portable hotspot devices and such....(yet i service the crap...wheres the irony in that?? SO in any event...there will be video and pics if not a live stream
  • karen arsenault

    from WND..Bullhorns and barbed wire and cops, oh my!

    It's been a lively day at the Chantilly site of the shadowy Bilderberg Conference. And while the global elites are meeting in secret, they are not meeting in peace and quiet.

    The rowdy crowd won't let them: "We know you are in there, the world knows you are in there, and we know what you are up to," "The answer to 1984 is 1776," "USA, USA," "Get out of our country."

    WND is onsite with this report ...

    Click here to read the full article.

  • Nikki

    Thanks for the puppy! You're awesome too :)

  • Maria De Wind

  • Maria De Wind

  • Elaine Morris

    We are going to get along great!  I cannot tell you how lonely it is been keeping what I hold as special to myself.

    My daughter has always called me "airy-fairy".....

    Yet, all of her friends came for Tarot readings, etc.  I

    do have many more things to upload...I am just behind right now.

    PLEASE FEEL FREE to tap me on the shoulder 'Hey! Elaine get back here!" LOL

  • Elaine Morris

    I don't want to get confused when I post something... you want me to post it on "my" page?

  • suzie

    Thanks for all you do .. i appreciate it!
  • jim

    For all the kind words and support you've given me,
    thanks for all you say and do, jim....
  • Tara

    Ahhh, thanks Krypke... beautiful song! It made me a wee bit teary eyed but it's cleansing tears if you know what I mean?

    Keep up the great work here on 12160, much love brotha. Peace be with you ~

  • mystery

    I am lucky to be able to post at all. My internet is so slow, and I am so computer illiterate. I do not mean to aggravate you or anyone else. I do not know how to put tags on post or even post a video. I apologize. It took me forever to teach myself to post a picture. Would you like for me to stop? I will if you think it would be better for community.

  • Donna Z in MA

    Thanks Krypke!  :-D   I like your avatar as well!

  • Linh chi

    This is a gift for being my friend
  • Maria De Wind

  • Maria De Wind

    Done ! and heading the contest among female reporters but still lagging behind David Knight, keep voting for her!

  • DTOM

    Was already done ;)

  • Less Prone

    Good luck Melissa, you have my vote.
  • Nathan

    I voted. Thanks for the link, Krypke

  • Marklar

    She got it before I even got your message. Cheers.

  • Flippity flip

    *giggles your pretty darn Awesome yourself  there buddy

      "hi 5 don't leave me hanging homie" :-)

  • TheLasersShadow

    Very cool wish I had one of those, which gun did you put it on? Honestly those are to much money for me, for the same cost of one of those you know you could have picked up a cop shop glock 22 trade in at

  • TheLasersShadow

    AR's in general are garbage, recently I think the nut in Aurora, CO was using an AR luckily the it jammed on him. I'll bet he didn't know to oil it or where. I stick to AK's but yea you can build an AR right now with a $70 lower from and there are $350+ uppers floating around still

  • Robert Carobene


  • Steve Johnson

    Youtube account:


    and (not a real DARPA funded facebook datamining page)


    Cheers budd Enjoy the rest of the weekend


  • Maria De Wind

  • mystery

    My bad Krypke. I also forgot my tags, was just so tired when I posted. Is there anyway to go back in and fix this after it is posted, for me, I know you guys can? I really do apologize. mystery

  • Jude

    Thanks for the friend dude!!

  • Brian Cooper

    Thanks for the friend invite. Amazing that Romney isn't elected yet but is already  destroying citizen liberties. Neo-Cons, Neo-Libs two feet of the NWO body. One has Athletes Foot the other has Jungle Rot.

  • CanPatriotSK

    Thank you new friend!
  • Joseph Ellul-Grech

    Thank you new friend. Keep up the good work.

  • XEggsG

    Love your work! Thank you for the add - I've been away too long so thanks for bringing me back ;)

  • krys

    Thanks for thre invite - hope we can chat soon - Keep up the good work keeping the peeps aware -

  • Scott Roloff

    Hey Krypke!  I've been a way for a while.  Good to see you on here.

  • BootBoi

    The Gratitude Fountain Will Flow For 2 Extra Hours, In Honour Of & Respect For The New Friend Of HumbleBoi me.  The Truth WILL Set US Free, & That's The TROOTH..-~

  • Vivian

    Thanks for the fried request Krypke!  Hope you're having a nice Labor Day!

  • Elaine Morris

    Seems like it took me forever to get back up here! Thank you!
  • Percy

    Krypke, Sorry, I have not been here in a long time.  In fact, the last time, I think, it was called something that started with an "S".  LOL   Thanks for being patient and taking a belated friend acceptance. 

  • stephen j. knorr

    Red Ribbon
  • Donna Rennie

    Thank you kryrpk,   for the friends request it is my pleasure to stand with all patriots who believe in our constitution, flag and our country.

  • Pyke

    Thanks for the Friends request Krypke, hope all is decent in your realm. 

    Warm Regards,


  • Maria De Wind

  • Zeets

    Greetings from Down-Under KRYPKE, thanks for the friendship connection. All the best to you and yours.

    Kind Regards,