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  • Sweettina2

    Hey M, thank you so much for your friendship! ~Tina
  • Ashley Nicole Hubbard

    Thank you for your friendship. :)

  • Ken Oath

    No wuckin' furries my friend :)

  • Pam Vredenburg

  • Arnie Lerma

    I have been banned, depopularized, & black listed with considerable vigor by money for not holding back describing what I see going on around me.

  • Less Prone

    Your work here is highly appreciated, thank you.
  • Craig Dude

    I like your 'stuff'!

  • James T. Kirk

    thank you very much for the friends invite. 8)

  • Central Scrutinizer

    They called it an "upgrade", & if I actually was subscribing to Century ol sausage-Link's ISP, I would have gotten a detailed letter explaining about it, the week's worth of in & out's, fake log-ins and ghost logging to nowhere

    ... but hey, .. looking like there's a 30-33% increase in bandwidth now.... but of course now that I bring this all up, it'll all probably go down for the next 36 hours here in about 20 minutes....w00t!

    Bad Luck Shleprock aint got shit on me...lolz

  • LTrevino

    : )

  • Chris of the family Masters

    Hey Boris, is this a new format? I prefer former...

  • Central Scrutinizer

  • Natasha Fatale

    so, this moose & squirrels hideout???

    Thanks for letting me into exclusive club dah-ling

  • Natasha Fatale

    Boris dah-ling, we must go to Frostbite Falls, Minnesota, Moose & squirrel are there

  • Boris

  • Central Scrutinizer

  • MAC

    Thanks Boris

  • Doc Vega

    Boris, I thought we could get past the never Trumper Libtards on this site, but apparently not so if that's the way you want to play it! I just thought we would have better brains and contributors than that!

  • DTOM

    A Very Rare Tacti-cool Soy Operator Face For You. :D

  • Marklar's Ghost

    Wish that friend request had a date on it so I'd know how long it had been sitting there.

    No. I never asked anyone for admin privileges again.

    Been doing kinda bad the last couple years. Homeless roaming around living in van with only a tablet for internet and Netflix to keep me sane while slowly dying of congenital heart failure and going blind from cataracts. Probably got a couple of years of life left in me though not many unless I can quit smoking and get on a transplant list.

    Things getting a bit better now though, got a place to  live, on disability so lots of time to kill, one cataract surgery done so one eye working good again and another surgery for my left eye scheduled for November 6th, and with disability back pay have ordered a custom fanless PC that would be good for any kind of video podcast since there would be no fan noise to edit out of audio.

    So I wasn't asking about being an admin here again but I could throw in some time if needed especially after getting my new PC and getting another eye surgery so I'm not as cycloppy as I am at the moment.

    So with really few reasons to live at all getting well enough to become a very hated satarist and pissing off as many retards as possible to help destroy the NWO before I die has become my only purpose to be anywhere.

    Let me know what it is that you want or need.

  • Dave churbuck

    All The Best, It is said that as you age you can count your friends on the fingers on one hand, Two hands if you made the world a better place.

    Thank you for being my friend and keeping my hands full.

  • DTOM

    J, you rock, I cannot put into words the respect I have for you. Be well.

  • DTOM

    Or maybe this...?


  • Keisha Ruan

    HA! What happened? I think I saw you on Gab? Are you still doing this site? Your like a OG and so am i i guess lol. We were doing it before FB and now we know better than all these that have got sucked into FB. I KNEW and i warned people, "dont get sucked into FB". I was like, yah go and i actually had a few friends come here to protect me during the Jenifer wars lol. There was a guy who actually got married from someone here...awee you know his name, from Rhode Island who fixed cars. He had like a high voice....what was his name, he was so nice?

    People were all like, "12160 what is that"?  And I'm like oh yah thats a radio frequency for Alex Jones lol.  well im real concerned about Owen Shroyer.  I want to send money but I don't want it through Alex Jones thogh.  Are you ready for all of this?  Good to see you!  Remember that Keisha loves you and offers you (that movie).

  • Less Prone

    Thanks Boris. The pilot burner is on. Waiting for a big flame.

  • luggnutz

    Great making a new friend. Thanks.