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Oddly enough, as I'm opposed to the global encroachment on freedom by a rootless clique of parasites and their mercenaries who are intent on enslaving / eradicating my people and culture. Imagine my shock and surprise to find out that I am not alone in this. ;)
I found the site on Al Gore's 'Wide World Interweb'©
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  • Cryptocurrency

  • Maria De Wind

  • honeygirl


  • Maria De Wind

    AUM Chillums?

  • Maria De Wind

  • Maria De Wind

  • Maria De Wind

    Red Ribbon
  • peter b dunn

    Red Ribbon
  • peter b dunn

  • Maria De Wind

  • Maria De Wind

  • Jeffrey Lors

    Thanks for the invite! 

  • Maria De Wind

  • Ragnarok

    Thanks for the reply DTOM!!! Cant find the article in here. Thanks again and merry christmas and a happy new year! Best wishes in the future.!

  • truth

    Merry Christmas And Happy Holidays !

  • Maria De Wind

  • Maria De Wind

    May the New  Year bring Peace, Health, Love and Prosperity to You and Yours

  • Maria De Wind

  • Maria De Wind

  • Heidilore

    Thank you for the friendship!! :)

  • Ragnarok

  • Sweettina2

    And to you my friend!  ~Tina

  • Sweettina2

    Thank you so much for adding me, DTOM, I thought we were already friends here. Glad thats fixed.  I love your posts.  ~Tina

  • Maria De Wind

  • Maria De Wind

  • Ranee Decker

    Kewl graphic with the rattlesnake tail! Thanks!

  • Lawrence Harmen

    A mountain of proof Boston Bombings were not real. See the mountain of collected proof and share this with everyone please.

  • truth

    Hello, how would you like to join the admin staff? No big commitment, just help when you can. I have a busy summer planned and will not be around. So the site certainly will need some help. Thanks

  • Anonymiss68

    THX  for the add 

  • Tara

    Back at ya DTOM! Thank you for helping us out here on 12160. It is very much appreciated.

    Happy Independence Day! Be safe and take good care.

  • Less Prone

    It's good to have you back here.

  • Ian Tso i'Wohali MacLeod

    DTOM - Thanks for the welcome! I need to look around the place, see what's here and what I can do. I'm worried about volunteering for much of anything though - my Internet and computer both are unreliable, as is my health. What there is between my ears mostly works okay - if I can manage to get enough sleep. I've HAD to do something around this besides leaving "WAKE UP!" comments all over the place, though. Oh - I'm afraid I don't have any of the "Auld speech." Last I looked only 5% of native-born Scots did anymore. Sad, that. Anyhow, there's a LOT going on right now, most of it needing money or a body that actually WORKS. I'm working on both, but it's a slow process. I'll find SOMETHING I can do reliably, though! I'm in Central Oregon, and right now we're kinda surrounded by fires. As if it hasn't been hot enough! Anyway, please - stay in touch, and if I can figure out how this blog works, I'll do the same!

  • Shake And Wake Radio Network

    Thank you for the welcome DTOM!!!!

  • Suebian

    Hello ALL!

    Glad to be here amongst you fine men and women. Hopefully I can contribute enough to warrant the server space this profile occupies.

    Either way, I will do what I can to right the wrongs of my past, protect the freedoms of generations to come and expose the inner workings of this "monarch class" in order to exploit our force multiplier (We The People, international players) to achieve maximum efficiency against the dawning NWO. We are all human, lets conquer the divide and promote freedom one scum bag at a time. Patriots, its time to earn a place in history.

    Enough said for now.

    Keep fighting the good fight, support the cause, demand liberty!

    -Fresh out of the cage.

  • Mizelle

    Thank you

  • angeles20012

    Thank you

  • Princess Leia Lucas

    THANK YOU! So proud to be here - with all of you. Hugs from P. Leia

  • greg straw

    Thanks, Glad to be in the family.

  • JamieMaria

    Thank you :) Glad I found you all 

  • Ragnarok

    Yes, :-) i found it very fitting in these hard times. I hope you 're handling the occupation well. I do feel for the real refugees don't get me wrong there. 

  • s.t.mann

    thanks...good to be here!

  • Peter Zerbe Westberg

  • Daljit Singh

    There are two most important things in life - Love and money. While there have been millions of creations to define and describe love, there are practically none to explain the nature of money. I have a quotation that comes close to the truth  " It matters not who wears the crown. The real king in the background is the one who prints the paper currency and loans to the one with a crown, on interest."

  • Pam Vredenburg

  • Parrhesia

    Thanks for the friend request

  • Donald Miller

    Thanks Pleasure to be onboard.

  • Penelope Smith

  • Penelope Smith

    glad to be here!

  • Boris

  • cynner

    Thanks for the Welcome.
    Happy to be here.