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Comment by steve on August 14, 2022 at 4:47pm

All hail trumpy bear they will idolize you no matter how many YOU KILL WITH YOUR WARPED SPEED JABBY JAB DEATH JUICE. 



Comment by steve on August 14, 2022 at 4:10pm

I would rather be a "loud mouth" than a pathetic whiney little bitch, maybe you could go on over to stolen land and have sloppy seconds on the hole your hero humped while there suking his masters  juw cock.  brought back 40 billion while signing juw debt for 6TRILLION more borrowed from juw money printers. I wonder why getting saved like this feels more like drwoning. Fact why the fuk are we even in affukin ghanistan.9CITIES BURNED LOOOTED RIOTED UNDER FKN TRUMP NOT A DAMN THING DONEI could go on for a week naming the destruction this loud mouthed PIED PIPER charmed the weak mindied with but they all seem to have that COGNITIVE DISSODENCE thing going on so why bother  oh one more thing your hero did WAS THE FKN JABBY JAB warp speed style and let us not forget his enthusiastic take their guns and they can prove their innocent statements.

It is truly sad that people believe any kind of BEDTIME STORY they are told by their idols instead of trusting their own eyes.


Comment by Doc Vega on August 14, 2022 at 3:50pm

Excuse me talking about a loud mouth! What was it Trump did that hurt this country? Answer! Absolutely nothing! All these hypocrites that hate Trump so bad! What the hell did hell do that was wrong? I go by actions not prejudice or ideology!  Under Trump we had record economic growth FACT! Under Trump the US border was more secure that it had been in history! FACT. Under Trump we had tax cuts for the middle class that stimulated economic growth! FACT Under Trump "America First Policies" were the priority! Trump brought back 40 billion dollars from NATO who for decades had not paid their fair share of the defense that other American presidents a were too chickenshit to collect! FACT! Under Trump we had a solid foreign policy that our allies had faith in and could depend on. FACT! Under Trump There was not a single US soldier killed in Afghanistan but we did take out an Iranian general who was coordinating terrorist acts against the US and our allied! FACT! There is no American president who was ever perfect not even Ronald Reagan, but Reagan and Trump did much to restore American prestige in the world and at home! If you can't deal wit the facts simply because you hate someone  for your own personal reasons while denying what they did to positively affect our country that's your problem, but don't lie about it! 

Comment by steve on August 14, 2022 at 3:29pm

Great question R lionheart Hows about the FKN PEOPLE!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! you see that's how we the people by the people for the people is supposed to work in a REPUBLIC WE ARE NOT A FKN DEMONCRACY as that is mob fkn rule or 51% against 49% do you understand that forty nine percent of the population's will CANNOT BE NULLIFIED BY 2 FKN PERCENTAGE POINTSI don't vote and certainly don't any "syndrome" or delusions about the situationOn the other hand maybe you should read some juw manuals WHERE THROUGHOUT HISTORY THEY HAVE PLAYED BOTH SIDES LEADING FKN DUMBASSES TO VOTE  AND TO KEEP ON VOTING FOR A FKN ILLUSION THEN  FOR THE OPPOSING PARTY EVERY 4 FKN YEARS. Name one problem gubberment is going to "solve" that they didn't CREATE fuk trump fuk biden fuk 535 traitorous congress critters fuk schwab and every other nothin that that has a rule over thee complex and mosst of all fuk anybody that continues to support this insane degeneRATe shitshow of compliance. Read the protocols of the learned elders and you just might catch on or talk to Bob Renner he seems well read and informed


Comment by rlionhearted_3 on August 14, 2022 at 10:25am

 Trump Derangement Syndrome is everywhere. If the Jews run everything why was Trump removed? Why all the legal bullshit, raid, etc? Who would you put forth to run the country? Who has the best chance to beat a Democrat? I’m not trying to say Trump is perfect, sure there’s shit in his closet. But other than an OK to move Israel’s Capital, what special things did Trump do for Israel or Judaism that Congress or other Presidents have done. Waiting for the lesson I know is coming.

Comment by steve on August 14, 2022 at 9:54am

trumpy bear is and has always been a LOUD MOUTHED JUDAS GOAT leading the dumb fkn sheeple to slaughter.


"Destroying the New World Order"



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