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My website, enter only if you are free, or are able to change your beliefs as frequently as the universe changes.

Visit Invitation to Change the World

For years, I've been at least mildly aware of US foreign policy and why foreigners hate America. 911 came as no surprise but Freedom to Fascism, Zeitgeist, Confessions of an Economic Hitman, Zeitgeist Addendum, Naomi Wolf, David Icke, Loose Change, and Svali really brought what's going on into focus. There is a clear and chilling design behind all of it.

The current economic meltdown indicates that the NWO's plan is right on schedule. I think I should be informed, so I read and watch videos and then grapple with fear, dread, despair. My mind goes berserk in that state, and in my imagination.

It isn't easy to maintain balance in the awareness of the horrible plans that the NWO have for us.

On an instinctual level, I know that politics and an armed revolution can't save us. But I'll not go to the slaughter.

And then I remember that whenever someone or something takes my peace, he, she or it wins. When I succumb to the fear, I am stripped of my power, I let people, organizations, or events in the outside world sway me. They become my master. The NWO want me to be afraid; fear feeds their objectives. They use my fear (or any negativity) to enslave me.

And I remember that harboring negativity is like taking poison and hoping that the NWO will die.

Science supports the benefits of a positive frame of mind. Drs. Bruce Lipton and Gregg Braden among many, many others have studied, written and lectured at length on the biology of belief. According to them, all thoughts, emotions, attitudes have a frequency. If the frequency is negative, DNA is constricted. When DNA is constricted, the codes for health cannot be read or applied and, hence, illness sets in.

When I'm afraid, my thinking is impaired, I cannot see what's happening around me, or my options, paralysis sets in, my power is drained and I'm rendered quivering, cowering, helpless.

Some would say, well, we have a right to be angry. Truth is, we have a right not to be.

When we bathe ourselves in a positive frequency, our bodies are stronger, and we have access to intuition and inspiration that can move mountains.

But I don't have to convince anyone. Try it on for yourself. Let fear engulf you. Feel the constriction, the paralysis, the blackness, the desperation. (Remember that physically, emotions pass through in 90 seconds. If fear lingers, it's because you're holding onto it.) Had enough?

Now think of something or someone that you love or that makes you happy. A beautiful sunrise, a star-filled sky, your dog who is so happy to see you, time spent in your garden, an act of kindness given or received. How does that feel?

David Wilcock, in his Science of Peace series, talks about documented studies on the benefits of prayer and meditation. A group of 7,000 meditators focused on world peace for one month reduced the incidence of terrorism world-wide by 72%!

Though the NWO seems to have the edge now, there is also the promise of 2012, the prophesied Golden Age (from many, many cultures), and a thousand years of peace.

It's up to us, citizens of the blue planet, to change the tide. The only effective way through the madness of these times is by maintaining a protective field of love, joy and gratitude. We benefit by doing this individually, but collectively, we amplify this power.

By coming together in focused intent (visioning, prayer, meditation—whatever you want to call it), we can bring about change.

During the day, remember to maintain a frequency that is either neutral or positive. Let nothing take your peace. It's simple: maintain your focus on your heart center and let yourself be filled with thoughts and emotions that give joy.

Remember that everything in this world began as a dream, a vision. But the knowledge of our power has been erased from our memories by lies and programming. We only need to reclaim our inherent power.

We invite each and everyone to join us in focused intent (prayer, meditation--whatever) to vision a world where each person is valued, where each person's basic needs for food, clothing, and shelter are met, where each person is enabled to fulfill talents and contribute to the whole. We vision a world guided by the golden rule.

We extend the invitation to each and everyone who desires change.

Power times are 6 a.m., noon, 6 p.m. and midnight. Join us during power times if you're able, but if not, join us when you can.

We vision a world-wide movement where at any given time, there will be hundreds of thousands of people joined in prayer, meditation or focused intent. Our purpose is to enhance all aims in the freedom movement. In no way do we want to distract members from their very necessary focus on the issues—we simply want all efforts to be even more effective.

Remember that together, our power is multiplied exponentially. But if all you are able to do is maintain a neutral rather than fearful or angry state, then you are making a huge contribution to the movement.

Spread the word far and wide. Experiments indicate that together we have the greatest effect. Our intent is to continue until the Golden Age is upon us.

If you're on board with us, let's go viral with this! By claiming our power, by simply being happy, we will upgrade ourselves and we will change the world as we know it!

This power event will occur every Sunday at 6:00 PM

Official Website:

Please visit our free commerce network.

Visit Peace and Freedom Commerce International WAR IS OVER WAR IS OVER! (If You Want It) from Yoko Ono on Vimeo. John Lennon - Happy Christmas (war Is Over) - video powered by Metacafe Eric Clapton & Babyface - Change the World Gratitude - with Deepak Chopra John Demartini on Gratitude Abraham: Appreciation vs. Gratitude - Esther & Jerry Hicks

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Consumer Product Safety "Improvement" Act of 2008-The creep of fascism

Posted on January 11, 2009 at 1:46pm 1 Comment

I apologize, if this doesn't post well. My computer skills are limited. If you have problems reading this here, go here for a cleaned up version:

This will effect most of us, if allowed to pass.

comments from my website:

Comment by Owlkamyst 7 hours ago

Also- PLEASE vote on THIS.

I will be one of the people effected by this for I make clothing for kids.

I am a… Continue

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At 1:23pm on June 29, 2009, Michael C. Dewey said…
At 10:10pm on February 3, 2009, Michael C. Dewey said…
At 1:09pm on January 12, 2009, David Martin said…
Hey Joann, I look pretty weathered in my picture....don't you think?
Will talk to you later. Busy working on new website. dkm
At 10:05am on January 10, 2009, logan cheif said…
hey joann hows it going up there in providenc r i ,i have a freind that lives there johnny sable dont know if you know him,but just wanted to say hey,logan cheif
At 1:37pm on January 9, 2009, truth said…
Hello stranger, great to see you here.
I would love to help, but for now I am busy with a few other projects. Perhaps next month, I will have more time. How do you do it?
I see your post EVERYWHERE...LOL!

"Destroying the New World Order"



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