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BBC stoops to new low in bribing 9/11 conspiracists to sell their souls

Here we go again. I refuse to watch any mainstream media coverage of the 10th anniversary of 9/11, especially the BBC or Channel Four. However, nobody could have predicted how low the BBC would stoop this time.

As widely expected, the BBC pulled out all the stops in its…

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Big Brother Proof: Katherine Albrecht was right. Your purchase is tagged

I've just returned to the UK after a 2 week visit to Ireland. While I was there I bought an item of clothing from a well known retailer. Now, its worth remembering that this particular retailer has never ever sent me email, spam or otherwise. In fact, they don't even advertise much on the internet. Yet, two days after my purchase and return to the UK, I get a promo email from them? I didn't sign anything, but paid by card.


If we do NOT want to be complicit in our own…


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Obama shameful attendance at Ground Zero, an insult

In addition to my previous post, I was absolutely disgusted today to see Obama attending Ground Zero. This was Obama, (aka Barry Soetero) officially confirming his complicity in murder. Seeing them standing there, with his head down, this man should be hanging his head in shame.

I wonder if his children will ever know that their dad has blood on his hands. Its little wonder Bush declined his invitation to attend. But, don't believe for one second that it was because of an ounce of…


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Media Conditioning: Bin Laden. How did it all come to this, while we were sleeping?

This UK newspaper headline is a typical example of the media setting up the pretext for total control. Of course, many of us will have forgotten this later on. However, once the seed is planted, it suddenly justifies naked body scanning and fondling you and your children at airports, while you're helplessly forced to watch, and later having to explain to your child why strangers are touching her and groping her private parts. When that child grows up, who's gonna explain then that you are…


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HAARP involvement in Japan earthquake. . . . .

I've added these two articles to my blogger. I didn't want to add it here because, as I've said previously, the title of blogs are crucial if you want to get the word out, and let's face it, 12160 aint exactly catchy, not to mention damn hard to find in a search engine.


Anyway. My articles were in response the the hastily removed and replaced Yahoo! stories of the light seen over Japan…


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JFK and The 5 Presidents

I've just written and published my article, connecting 5 former US presidents to the JFK assassination. There are 23 points, so its too long for here. If interested, you can read it at my website, The Tower of Babel or my blog posting here: JFK and The 5 Presidents…


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A call to arms

I know that apathy is a human affliction we are all dieing from, but I'm asking each and every one of us write out a list of 9/11 facts on an A5 or smaller piece of paper, possibly as a flier perhaps, and to pin them to every available public place. It's not a real big job. Quite simple actually, so long as we try to avoid big bro spying on us. We can do it on our way out in the evening when the street is quieter and leave a pile in our local supermarket/shopping mall, restaurant or… Continue

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9/11: In defiance of logic. When does theory stop and fact begin?

There has to be a time when we MUST refrain from using the term conspiracy "theory", and draw a line when it becomes "fact". It is when the laws of logic, physics and mother nature itself are defied, that we must say, "Stop!"

There has to be a time when we must be prepared to distinguish between those who are in "denial", because they are too terrified of the Truth, "fearful" or are just plain ordinary, "stupid".

Here is wisdom: the chances of a skyscraper tumbling to the… Continue

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9/11: The Day The Media Died. Bombard the lying media with legal notices and complaints...

Below is a copy of an email I have just sent to Channel Five about their proposed scheduling of a documentary on Thursday 9 September 2010, to mark the 9th anniversary of that evil day in history. I urge all of you who read this to please do the same to every television network, who perpetuates this ongoing, utterly disgusting lie:

Dear Sir/Madam

I am writing to inform you that of you air your programme, 9/11 Crime Scene Investigation on Thursday evening, I will be seeking… Continue

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NWO scum steps up its attacks on the citizens of the world

NWO targets: Hiati, (HAARP), Ireland, Iceland, Greece, Portugal, Spain, Poland (air crash survivors shot dead in forest. Motive - Poland refused Swine Flu vaccine and head of central bank refused to submit to EU), North Korea (False flag event), Hugo Chavez of Venezuela is next.

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UK General Election

I wonder if anybody noticed a common theme in the new UK Government? People actually believe that their vote counts. The common theme in plain view here for everyone to see is that both the previous Government and the new one are exactly the same, with the same esoteric agenda.

The theme I refer to is the placement of two prominent Bilderbergers in both Governments. Peter Mandelson for Labour, and veteran, Kenneth Clark being wheeled out for the Tories. Both these evil scum represent… Continue

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The Manchurian Candidate

Most of you are probably familiar with that memorable heroic challenge from senator Joe Biden on the very thought of chipping the masses. If you are, please record it for historical archive. Update: Now that Biden is Vice President, he's suddenly changed his mind. He now announces his "love" for the satanic New World Order. Was he lieing? Nope. That's way too simplistic, and draws the temptation for that old familiar conditioned response, "Ah. Politicians. you never can trust em!"

So,… Continue

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The NWO is an American problem?

I'm an Irishman, living in the UK. My search for the truth and to expose the NWO has cost me my friends and family. Some have said, "Why so concerned about the fuckin crazy Americans? It's their problem. Let them deal with it!" Another one I get from Americans is, "The likes of Alex Jones, Jason Bermas etc aren't real Americans. They are traitors!"

Well. It is blatantly obvious that the NWO is indeed NOT an American problem. It is a problem for mankind, as it is a "Global issue".… Continue

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"The satanic NWO is increasingly systemic to easily condition the apathy of the minions!"

The project for the satanic New World Order is now at such an advanced stage that it is systemic, to the extent that many are unwittingly contributing to its structure, thus making apathy much easier to condition. So many people actually believe that they're vote counts. The UK has a general election on 6 May 2010. Both main contenders sing from exactly the same hymn sheet, as both Gordon Brown and the elitist, David Cameron have spoken in praise of a NWO. Gordon Brown even has a Bilderberger… Continue

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Iceland Volcanic Ash Cloud

Don't be too surprised if the Iceland Volcanic Ash Cloud, (which has grounded most European airports) is HAARP induced to yet again subdue the masses into accepting a global tax on the very air we breathe. I won't forget how in 1987, I was mocked for suggesting that in the future we would be paying for water coming into our homes and only able to drink water bought from supermarkets. But, then again, perhaps the mockery was due to adding that next, it would be air.....

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"Destroying the New World Order"



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