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The Jewish Pioneers of Sexual Degeneracy in 1920s Berlin

Mike Walsh Sun, May 26, 2019…


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Craig Wright has in no way been officially “recognised” as Satoshi Nakamoto

May 22, 2019 5:47 pm 


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The Greatest Act of Collective Treason in U.S. History


A Highly Organized Conspiracy to Undermine the Territorial Integrity and National Sovereignty of the American Republic

"It has never been so critical to call this collective act of shocking defiance of the U.S. Constitution, as well as various federal statutes, T R E A S O N…because that’s exactly what it is.

That legislators at every level — federal, state, county and city — are deeply complicit in this highly…


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How Advocates Convinced Police Chiefs To Dump Israel Junket

December 26th, 2018   Jesus Christ 

"Working from public records, activists learned that Jody Kasper, the police chief of Northampton, Massachusetts, had accepted an invitation from the Anti-Defamation League, a major Israel lobby group, to join a delegation this week.

"Activists also identified Colonel Matthew Birmingham, the director of the Vermont…


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Joseph “Jose” Alcoff works with congressional Democrats as part of his day job as a manager with a DC-based advocacy group. But he spreads socialist and communist propaganda when going by the name “Jose Martin... Alcoff left nearly no connections between his real identity and Jose Martin and Chepe, but a Daily Caller News Foundation investigation of public records, social media posts, media reports, books, protest videos and podcasts dating back to 2004 found that all three identities…


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The problem is that Huawei kit does not have GCHQ/NSA backdoor capabilities. Hence it has to be banished.


Don’t use Huawei phones, say heads of FBI, CIA, and NSA

The heads of six major US intelligence agencies have warned that American citizens shouldn’t use products and services made by Chinese tech giants Huawei and ZTE. …


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US Man Who Drove Into Protesters at White Supremacist Rally Guilty of Murder

"The Charlottesville trial that began Monday saw the 21-year-old Ohio native attempt to argue that he acted in self-defense when he rammed his car into a throng of counterprotesters at the white nationalist "Unite the Right" rally in the Virginia city in August 2017" Quote from Sputnik News:…


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Is There Such A Maniacal State In The USA Known As The “Deep State”?

By Catherine J. Frompovich

"So, who or what make up the Deep State or Shadow Government?  Basically, it’s a conglomerate of military-influenced and/or run alphabet agencies within the U.S. federal government.  Here’s a list and don’t…


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George Soros’ Open Society foundation set to end operations in Turkey

"Over a dozen people linked to Kavala were arrested last week, as Erdogan’s crackdown on anyone suspected of involvement with the coup continues... In a statement released Monday, an Open Society Foundations spokesman refuted Erdogan’s claims. The organization described Erdogan’s apparent attempts to link Soros with protests in 2013 as “not new and untrue,” and said that Erdogan’s “groundless claims and…


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Josh Bernstein Urges Washington Residents to ‘Defy’ Gun Reform Initiative by Shooting Police, If Necessary

By Kyle Mantyla | November 13, 2018 1:48 pm

Last week, voters in the state of Washington overwhelmingly passed a gun reform initiative which right-wing commentator Josh Bernstein is urging residents to “defy” by shooting police officers, if necessary.

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Iranian Ambassador to the UN Gholamali Khoshroo–‘Netanyahu driven by liar DNA’

"‘Liar DNA’ is not something that is particular to just Netanyahu. Yes, he is a liar par excellence, which is why he has attained the power and prestige that he has, but the ugly truth of the matter which very few are willing to acknowledge and discuss is that ‘Liar DNA’ is encoded within every individual who is a follower or acolyte of Judaism. It is no coincidence that Netanyahu appeared before the world body and once again lied through his teeth in accordance with his ‘Liar DNA’ …


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China will operate Haifa port, near Israel's alleged nuclear-armed submarines,

"The civilian port in Haifa abuts the exit route from the adjacent navy base, where the Israeli submarine fleet is stationed (and which, according to foreign media reports, maintains a second-strike capability to launch nuclear missiles). As with Chinese involvement in other huge Israeli infrastructure projects – such as the Mount Carmel tunnels and the light-rail train in Tel Aviv – it seems as though no one involved in the security or diplomatic arenas even stopped to…


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City Kicked Out Their Cops and Politicians 7 Years Ago and Now They Have the Lowest Crime Rates in Mexico

 September 10th, 2018   Awake Goyim

"In the town of Cherán, in Michoacán, Mexico, a system of traditional indigenous law-enforcement and accountability continues to guide the people. In early 2011, residents of Cherán created armed militias to fight off illegal logging and drug cartels in their community. The community kicked out politicians and police accused of ties to the drug cartels and began a new system of governance based on…


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Owner of 3D-printed guns company says he's selling instructions despite court order


"The owner of a company that makes blueprints for 3D-printed guns said Tuesday that he has begun selling instructions for making the guns despite a court order barring him from uploading the directions, The…


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Iran can’t close Strait of Hormuz

Sanctions unlikely to stop Iran oil exports completely: Saudi adviser

Saudi Gazette report


"Saudi Energy Ministry adviser Ibrahim Al-Muhanna said on Tuesday that Iran is unable to completely or partially close the Strait of Hormuz or Bab Al-Mandeb.

He said if Iran closes the Strait of Hormuz, the UN Security Council is likely to authorize military action,…


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The Eternal War between Rome and Jerusalem

By Staś

"...In fact I would go so far as to say anyone in the gentile the non-Jewish world does not know or care about the ancient Jewish Roman battles. If they do they might say the Romans were the bad guys. Surely someone from Christian sects in America would say Rome  was evil  to attack the sacred city of Jerusalem.

The people of the west have internalized the enemies of the Jews as their own enemies.

Thus, if your friend is mean he is…


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Idemia: The Corporation Building Spy Grid in China, National ID in India Also Creates Drivers Licenses in the U.S.

AUGUST 22, 2018

By Daniel Taylor

"Company that helps manufacture U.S. citizens drivers licenses brags of “building and managing databases of entire populations” across the globe.

Idemia (formerly Morpho), is a billion dollar multinational corporation. It is responsible for building a significant portion of the world’s biometric surveillance and security systems, operating in about…


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Trump administration is considering pulling back $3 billion in foreign aid

"ed note–3 billion dollars in foreign aid…3 billion dollars…3 billion dollars…

Now, there is something SO familiar about that number…3 billion dollars…3 billion dollars…Where have we heard it before…?

WHY, YES, it is the EXACT figure that is constantly tossed around concerning the amount which Israel receives on an annual basis from the US." Quote from The Ugly Truth website:…


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China develops 'crowd control' sonic device which causes dizziness and headaches

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China develops 'crowd control' sonic device which causes dizziness and headaches

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