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Vanessa Beely on The Last American Vagabond...

She puts a Face on US/UK/Israeli Terrorism in Syria.  Make NO mistake, they ARE conducting Terroristic War Crimes DAILY.  So 6 years in, and Syrians are fighting for their Homeland-and WINNING.  The atrocities MUST be accounted for, and it starts with the US.

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The COLLAPSE is beginning People.

The stock market is in the process of complete Collapse. This in turn will trigger the Total Economic Collapse.  This is going to impact Everything.  Stock up your food, water and ammunition people. They are trying, and Failing to keep NYSE propped up( and FAILING).  Hang onto your cash, and keep your heads down. This was inevitable, and the great Collapse is HERE.  The worst effects are at worst weeks away, at best 2 months. Keep in mind, when the NYSE fully…


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Seems the US Military is now OPENLY attacking Syrian Military units. Having LOST their Proxy Army of ISIS, now they are no longer bothering with the failed LIES.  I think Russia may find now a good market for more SAM batteries, and lots of MANPADS.  The US CABAL can't admit being defeated( although they clearly ARE).  Personally I'd like to see Russian "advisors" in Syrian units give 'assistance' and start knocking US/EU aircraft down.

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NEW from Utube !!!

Utube is now Concealing from viewing Conservative News Programs. Tonight they pulled this with; "What Really Happened" as well as "The Last American Vagabond".  Seems "basic" censorship is not enough for these SCUM.  They seem to think if they supress REAL NEWS we'll begin listening to the FAKES.  Of course that is not reality, but then these Communist-Liberal types are not living reality anyway. I am open to suggestion to additional Commentator suggestions- if anyone will pass along their…


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Sunday's Revelation.

Sitting in LDS post-service class....I am hearing PC Crap,  Government Propaganda,  and Historical LIES spouted as if FACT.  These coming from men in their 40's no less.  I am surrounded by Deluded Sheep, Totally unaware, oblivious to reality.  I believe the 10 Commandments an Excellent Guide for life.  Religion with PC undertones I HAVE NO USE FOR !!!

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Memo HAS come out. I was wrong, they did it-but....

Now watch for a False Flag attack by the Cabal. They will seek to DISTRACT AT ALL COSTS !

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Memo will NOT be released. At least not one "unsanitised" by the guilty.

Again, I categorically state; IT WON'T HAPPEN.  They can't afford to take the chance.  If Obama is proven to be "just another crook" like FBI and State-well they'll have SOMEBODY cut a deal for immunity.  If THAT happens, their whole Crooked house of cards could come crashing down--and they will literally KILL all involved before they'll let it happen.



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Memo release ???

I know everyone is waiting.  My money says IT WILL NOT HAPPEN.  The deep state crooks will "forbid" the release, as they can allow NO EXPOSURE to touch them.  It will be conviently hidden under the Excuse of "National Security" the long held excuse for "Cover-Up".  In spite of all the Trump rah-rah crowd, he no more runs the country than I do.   Mark my words.  No release.   In time, a "sanitised" version MAY be leaked,  but Not The Smoking gun version. …


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HYPOTHESIS; Consider the Global illnesses striking around the World simultaneously....

It is MY thought, that one thing links all these horrible illnesses striking Worldwide simultaneously.

The KNOWN NWO agenda to De-Populate humanity.

It is MY theory, that the NWO Masters have Engineered this, using Bio-Weapons labs, like Ft.Detrick,MD.…


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Re; FBI Texts information getting leaked.

One of the Highlights of the FBI "Secret Society" texts, it seems these FBI Agents were OPENLY discussing ASSASINATING President Trump.

THAT boys and Girls is not only a FELONY, but TREASON as well-coming from Federal Officers.

I think the Death Penalty would be in order here, for EACH of…


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Criminal "Common Core" Program KILLED !

  In ANOTHER blow to the NWO Globalist Agenda, "Common Core" teaching in the USA is now OUTLAWED.

The "Obama Agenda" to produce generations of "non thinking" DRONES, has been halted.

I hope the Former "Faggot N Chief" is having a hissy-fit over this !  Go ahead Barak, wet your Panties !  You are IRRELEVANT, and your "legacy" is one of division, crimes against Humanity,…


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Recipe for DISASTER, the Current State of US Military

AS we have seen/are seeing; the US Navy is being run by Criminally Corrupt, and wholly INEPT leaders. The upper echelons-all Obama holdovers, are the Feminised "YES" men, with no real world experiance.

The Air Farce, flying aircraft either; FAR older than the Crews, or NEW and Functionally UNUSEABLE.( F-35 ).  We also have stocks of Gulf War Left-Overs, worn out…


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KOREAN WAR 2.0 False Flag Coming soon !

   Recent FAKED attack Warnings in Hawaii and Japan, are Preparations for the coming FAKE attack by North Korea.


The Criminal States of America is DESPERATE for a War.



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Global Investors moving AWAY from US Dollar.

  In anticipation of the US Collapse, investors Worldwide are going elsewhere.  THe US Credit rating has been Downgraded YET AGAIN.

Everyone sees the Collapse coming, and NOBODY wants to get caught holding US Dollars when they value Millions to the Penny.  The trigger for the final "last gasp" of the US Empire of Evil, will be the MASS dumping of US Treasuries on the open markets.…


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We are actually IN WW3 right now......

   It has been illustrated that the US is STILL pre-positioning Military Pieces in preparation to make War on Korea.  I think all must realise, that North and South have come together over the past two weeks.

Therefore, any War started by the US will be met by the North in front, the South in rear, China to the West, and BOTH Russia and China at sea.

The US forces will be…


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Q-anon finally EXPOSED as CIA Psyop

This Q-anon has been relatively EXPOSED as just yet Another CIA Psyop running against Americans.

Lots of promise-NO delivery.

Promoting a "Do nothing but WAIT" premise.

This is CLEARLY the Deep State trying to buy…


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Excellent interview with Dr.Steven M. Greer-eye opener !

  This radio interview is an eye opener, for those needing updated information on UFO's.


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See the movie UNACKNOWLEDGED for the TRUTH.

   If you wish to Learn the TRUTH of UFO's and how TRULY criminal our Government is.....

  See UNACKNOWLEGED.  Netflix, Itunes.....

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EXCELLENT Hard-Hitting NEWS analysis, WITH perspective !

Have discovered "The Last American Vagabond"utube  to be an excellent information source. Ryan has perspective, is honest, and is MILES ahead of 99% of other sources today.

For a good overview, see this channel.  It is NOT PC, and in MY book is the First prerequisite to REAL NEWS.

  Try it out, leave comments/opinions below.…


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The FACE of Jewish Terrorism-share all over the Web

  See here in this video, the Face of Jewish Terrorism, from the mouths of Children.


SHARE, spread far and wide. It has to end !

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"Destroying the New World Order"


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