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Democrats Pushing the National ID Card-Say We Need it.

Thanks Democrats. Slow implementation was the goal all along. Small steps until the final objective. I and countless others do not agree with Durbin. I am not comfortable with the super ID card which can be skimmed and counterfeited. The information will be in a database of course, and you can trust the government will keep it confidential. I' m sick of this we need to loose our freedoms to be free or be safe. America is no more safe or unsafe than it has since its inception. This country made… Continue

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I' ll Be Watching You... Because Your At Home Naked and I' m Your Vice Principal

This is frighting and sick. I hope the Principal and Vice Principal get sued and put in jail. A kid doing something at home was disciplined by a Vice Principal? There is no jurisdiction for the school to do that. No law, no policy. If there was then the idea was to do this kind of stuff when it was passed. The Vice Principal seems to act like this is no big deal he/she was watching someone in their house without their permission. The state disciplining children in the parent' s home. Most… Continue

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What Does Sloppy Police Work Get You? ...Arrested.

What can a person who is innocent do when the police don' t believe him/her. Shouldn't police give us citizens a little respect by checking a little further into our stories if we say we did not do a crime? If I say I live down a local certain street and the person they think I am lives in another county or state, check the shi^ out. As I said in the other article, why the hell do I have to pay for towing and bail for some clerk' s typo or an officer who may need reading glasses? Or, some jerk… Continue

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Lawmakers In Michigan Contemplate a Bill That Makes Police Give Back Property If Wrong.

Its about time a law was on the books that states police can't take a person's property for no reason. If no crime has happened police should not take someone's property. When it is a a case of mistaken identity, the person who is wronged should be refunded the tow, impound and other expenses. Why should I pay for your mistake? Reminds me of kings taking what they want because they can.

With all our liberties being shredded, I wonder if this bill will be considered. The forfeitures… Continue

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Nobel Peace Prize Administration Tries To Stiffle Lawsuit Against Yoo.

Protecting brother Bush. Trying to hold onto the power they have gained. They know the Constitution and morality does not allow for torture. Torture does not work...period. If the information is not known and the person (victim) thinks he is going to die if something is not said, he will make it up. In addition, if the victim tells the truth, such as he does not know, and says so he is believed to be lying. Then the torture stops when the lies start, not the truth. Maybe it is time for… Continue

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Another Step Towards A Cashless Society

I still use checks. SO what it costs banks money to process. We know they have been working on the idea getting rid of physical currency for longer than two years. How soon will we hear similar proposals in the US. Further, when will ending paper money be officially proposed? I bet soon. They still have not make credit/chip cards any safer than they were before. People can still skim info and the privacy issues have never been addressed. We should have as many ways as possible to pay for… Continue

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No Tip=Jail Time in Pa.

Sad to think someone would have to go to jail for not tipping because of bad service. They paid for the food. Theft, WTF. I can kind of understand if they just got up and left without paying, but after crappy service they still paid. I'm glad the ticket will not hold up in court. It really doesn't matter for the couple who has been humiliated. The bartender didn't even work it out, he is an ass. Don't go to restaurants that make the gratuity mandatory. I will not tip if the service is… Continue

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Obama Gov Agrees That There is no Constitutional Right Not to be Framed.

My God!! Our government is on the side of prosecutors who frame innocent people. So they are all for screwing the innocent and not prosecuting the prosecutors who knowingly use false or fabricated evidence. We need to pass a law on this fast. So we have absolutely no protection or recourse if wrongfully accused.We rightly should have the right to sue and bring to court those who are ruining our lives. Nobel Peace Prize huh...…


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UK Citizens Appetite For The Surveillance Society Life Is Slowly But Steadly Ending

Is this Orwellian or what???? “They said my privacy wasn’t intruded on because the surveillance was covert,” she said. Covert = no privacy violations???? So, restating it differently, if you don't see them watching you they are not violating privacy?? Isn't that called stalking? They are making a mockery of the laws around the world. Can anyone not say we are entering another dark age?

I wonder how much more the UK citizens will tolerate. The question is once they choose to fight,… Continue

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First, I thought we straightened this out, the swine flu and N1H1 are not the same. Obama signs it on a Friday night, historically a time when most people don't pay attention. Further, known as a time when scary and or shitty legislation is rolled out. You know the kind that nobody wants and is pissed when they hear about it.

I wonder what kind of unprecedented powers Health and Human Services Secretary Kathleen Sebelius will have. Besides being able to bypass Federal Regulations. A… Continue

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European Union, African Union, Here comes the East Asian Union.

Should have seen that one coming. Modeled after the European Union, so cameras on every street corner. Draconian laws being passed by other countries that don't truly represent you. Loss of freedoms. They think the Union is a long way off due to all the fighting among the countries. Interesting how the US wants a role in creating the Union and some part of it when it is formed. Lets hope that there are too many disagreements for this idea to form quickly or happen at all. I believe our gov is… Continue

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UK: Bill Is Pushed To Have Investigations of Unusual Deaths Secret.

Just like in the US, the government keeps trying to pass the same bill, just renaming it. Reintroducing a crap bill that most of the citizenry does not want. Just imagine one of your family members is killed under murky circumstances and only the government is allowed to know the facts, not lawyers or family members. You would never get closure. This bill would give the government and police another horrible tool to exploit. They could kill openly and under this bill everything then becomes a… Continue

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Zero Tolerance For Zero Tolerance

These policies need to be rewritten. Children who are just beginning to learn right from wrong are being severely punished for reasons they don't understand. School are teaching children how to be labeled a miscreant or criminal. Then the children are sent to reform schools? How much grease did someone's palm get? These policies can completely turn a child and his/her family's life upside down. Children like the one here can even become afraid to go to… Continue

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Driver's license Used by FBI

As local and Federal agencies combine.... So puff out your cheeks when you get your picture taken.

FBI delves into DMV photos in search for fugitives

By MIKE BAKER, Associated Press Writer Mike Baker, Associated Press Writer – 1 hr 10 mins ago

RALEIGH, N.C. – In its search for fugitives, the FBI has begun using facial-recognition technology on millions of motorists, comparing… Continue

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Police Shoot Homeowner Six Times, But Hey It Was an Accident

Someone broke into his house. What they are saying is he somehow got the gun away from the robber. The robber is face down on the floor, the owner has the gun. The situation is under control. The family calls 911. As police show up the wife tells them multiple times her husband has the gun don't shoot. Well, they go in and immediately start shooting without assessing the situation and not giving a warning. The husband is still talking to 911 screaming that they shot the homeowner while they… Continue

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Obama Administration Backs Bush's Patriot Act

No amendments protecting civil rights were passed. Obama Administration, (Mr. Nobel) told congress to weaken civil rights protections. There are so many things Obama has done already that prove he is not worthy of a Nobel Peace Prize. Your elected officials screwing America over. Has anyone here called their senator or congress person? Idiots on the left stop putting Obama on a pedestal, he is as bad as Bush. Those on the right, don't fall into the trap of thinking any Republican is… Continue

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Special Ed Student Beat by Cop for SHIRT!

Cop beats kid for an untucked shirt. Then instead of protecting the kid the teachers protect the cop. I guess the handicapped teenager was too menacing. Probably more intelligent than the cop also. There had better be a lawsuit. Watch the video.

Cop Caught On Camera Beating Special Education Student Marshawn Pitts

Read more at:… Continue

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Help the EFF Stop the Patriot Act and the Warrantless Wiretapping.

Take the time and read. If you agree go to the web site and fill out the info and send it to your congress rep. I wish we could just get rid of the Patriot Act, but this is a start. If the Justice Act accomplishes what the EFF believes it will, they can try to end warrantless wiretapping.

Rein in Government Spying: Reform the USA PATRIOT Act and Repeal Telco Immunity

As Congress… Continue

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Fed to Open Their Books to Accountablity....Not!

Imagine that, the Fed who is supposedly semi-private a government entity voted not to open its books even for Geithner. It would be a whitewash anyways not even Geithner. It says further down that the Fed is trying to keep a low profile right now. Hmmm I wonder why that would be. Shouldn't it be standing tall showing that it made the right choices and stands by those choices? Maybe the Fed board members are a little worried about what damage Ron Paul's bill may… Continue

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N1H1 Flu Is Survivable

Just to let everyone know. Unlike what it may seem if you listen to the news, if someone gets the N1H1 flu you will not necessarily die. I have a friend that was diagnosed with the N1H1 flu about a week ago. She is in her mid 20s and in average health. She was feeling pretty bad, so she went to the hospital and was surprised to find out she had the dreaded evil and 120% fatal flu. Well she went home stayed inside, took care of herself and instead of dying she was fine within 4 days. I am fairly… Continue

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