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by Mike and the Mechanics

Take the children and yourself and hide out in the cellar.
By now the fighting will be close at hand.
Don't believe the church and state and everything they tell you.
Believe in me, I'm with the high command.

Can you hear me?
Can you hear me running?
Can you hear me running,
can you hear me calling you?
Can you hear me?
Can you hear me running?
Can you hear me running,
can you hear me calling you?

There's a gun and ammunition just inside the doorway.
Use it only in emergancy.
Better you should pray to God, the father,
and the spirit will guide you and protect you from up hear.

Can you hear me?
Can you hear me running?
Can you hear me running,
can you hear me calling you?
Can you hear me?
Can you hear me running?
Can you hear me running,
can you hear me calling you?

Swear allegance to the flag. Whatever flag they offer.
Never hint at what you really feal.
Teach the children quietly for someday suns and daughters,
we'll rise and fight while we stood still.

Can you hear me?
Can you hear me running?
Can you hear me running,
can you hear me calling you?
Can you hear me?
Can you hear me running?
Can you hear me running,
can you hear me calling you?

Can you hear me?
Can you hear me running?
Can you hear me running,
can you hear me calling you?

Can you hear me running?
(can you hear me calling you?)
(can you hear me)
Hear me calling you.
(Can you hear me running?)

Hear me running back
(Can you hear me running?)
Hear me running
Calling you, calling you

Scientists find way to remove lead from blood

HONG KONG (Reuters) - South Korean scientists may have found a way to remove dangerous heavy metals such as lead from blood by using specially designed magnetic receptors.

The receptors bind strongly to lead ions and can be easily removed, along with their lead cargo, using magnets, they wrote in an article in Angewandte Chemie International Edition, a leading chemistry journal.

"Detoxification could theoretically work like hemodialysis: the blood is diverted out of the body and into a special chamber containing the biocompatible magnetic particles," they wrote in a statement.

"By using magnetic fields, the charged magnetic particles could be fished out. The purified blood is then reintroduced to the patient."

Lead is a dangerous heavy metal and is especially toxic to children. Safe and effective detoxification processes are especially important.

The South Korean team, lead by Jong Hwa Jung at the Gyeongsang National University's department of chemistry, managed to remove 96 percent of lead ions from blood samples using these magnetic particles.

Exposure to lead in developed countries is mostly a result of occupational hazards, from lead used in paint and gasoline. Outside of occupational hazards, children sometimes fall victim to lead poisoning. A child who swallows large amounts of lead may develop anemia, muscle weakness and brain damage.

Where poisoning occurs, it is usually gradual, with small amounts of the metal accumulating over a long period of time.

(Reporting by Tan Ee Lyn; Editing by Valerie Lee)

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Bob's Blog

Democrats Pushing the National ID Card-Say We Need it.

Posted on May 3, 2010 at 11:08pm 0 Comments

Thanks Democrats. Slow implementation was the goal all along. Small steps until the final objective. I and countless others do not agree with Durbin. I am not comfortable with the super ID card which can be skimmed and counterfeited. The information will be in a database of course, and you can trust the government will keep it confidential. I' m sick of this we need to loose our freedoms to be free or be safe. America is no more safe or unsafe than it has since its inception. This country made… Continue

I' ll Be Watching You... Because Your At Home Naked and I' m Your Vice Principal

Posted on February 18, 2010 at 10:30pm 1 Comment

This is frighting and sick. I hope the Principal and Vice Principal get sued and put in jail. A kid doing something at home was disciplined by a Vice Principal? There is no jurisdiction for the school to do that. No law, no policy. If there was then the idea was to do this kind of stuff when it was passed. The Vice Principal seems to act like this is no big deal he/she was watching someone in their house without their permission. The state disciplining children in the parent' s home. Most… Continue

What Does Sloppy Police Work Get You? ...Arrested.

Posted on February 15, 2010 at 9:18pm 1 Comment

What can a person who is innocent do when the police don' t believe him/her. Shouldn't police give us citizens a little respect by checking a little further into our stories if we say we did not do a crime? If I say I live down a local certain street and the person they think I am lives in another county or state, check the shi^ out. As I said in the other article, why the hell do I have to pay for towing and bail for some clerk' s typo or an officer who may need reading glasses? Or, some jerk… Continue

Lawmakers In Michigan Contemplate a Bill That Makes Police Give Back Property If Wrong.

Posted on February 15, 2010 at 7:48pm 0 Comments

Its about time a law was on the books that states police can't take a person's property for no reason. If no crime has happened police should not take someone's property. When it is a a case of mistaken identity, the person who is wronged should be refunded the tow, impound and other expenses. Why should I pay for your mistake? Reminds me of kings taking what they want because they can.

With all our liberties being shredded, I wonder if this bill will be considered. The forfeitures… Continue

Nobel Peace Prize Administration Tries To Stiffle Lawsuit Against Yoo.

Posted on December 8, 2009 at 8:08pm 0 Comments

Protecting brother Bush. Trying to hold onto the power they have gained. They know the Constitution and morality does not allow for torture. Torture does not work...period. If the information is not known and the person (victim) thinks he is going to die if something is not said, he will make it up. In addition, if the victim tells the truth, such as he does not know, and says so he is believed to be lying. Then the torture stops when the lies start, not the truth. Maybe it is time for… Continue

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At 9:58pm on September 9, 2009, truth said…
YO Bob! Whats the good word from your part of the world?
At 1:52am on May 21, 2009, truth said…
I am doing good. Busy too, would be busier if it wasn't for the internet lol. Take care Bob!
At 11:45pm on April 30, 2009, truth said…
Here is the post TLS put up that Infowars used.

Ohio National Guard Moves Tamaflu into Secure Buildings
At 11:51pm on April 21, 2009, truth said…
Hey Bob, Ed is back. Thought you like to know.Come on by the chat.
At 2:50am on March 3, 2009, truth said…
he only visits to look in, i sent him invite to chat room tonight
At 5:10am on February 28, 2009, Lynette Donna Day said…
Hi Bob! Thanks for the warm welcome! I love being here! :)
Have a great weekend!

At 1:59am on February 27, 2009, truth said…
Chat is dead, not sure why.
At 12:09am on February 9, 2009, truth said…
No problem friend, glad to help !
At 2:18am on February 4, 2009, truth said…
To change your background.
On your home page click "themes" on the left side .

My page is using one of the pre made ones. I added a pic to the background. Plus I had to change the font color so you can see it with the pic I used . Its trial an error basically. Ley me know if you get stuck.
At 1:34am on February 4, 2009, truth said…
Hi Bob, meant to stop by earlier and thank you for rejoing the site.

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