We have been asked many times, and in our 5th 6th year I felt it time to tell you.


12160  is a shortwave frequency used by many alternative radio broadcasters.


The former site admin named us that and well, here we are.



12160 meaning , Definition of 12160 , what is 12160

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Yes, I do know. This site was originally created to honor Alex Jones efforts. Alex Jones S-it on it, and downplayed's original owner hasn't gotten over it to this day. 12160 was the GALAXY ShortWave Channel that GCN was broadcast upon and still is, as far as I know.

From my own personal experience, and from friends I have known and loved...12160 means "BANNED" if you don't entirely agree with any of it's current ADMINS. I doubt you will see any more posts from me now. If so, then please find a place where you can AGREE and DISAGREE in PEACE, and not fear the "BAN" Button.

TYVM for your time and attention.

Hmm, what ever could you be speaking about sir? We hardly ban folks, run more off with misunderstanding than anything IMO.

LMAO  ~ this is the only house that would have me ~~

you are on the no fly list if that means anything :) J/k


121.60 MHz, is also .5 off from the international distress frequency of 121.50 MHz - used in in Aviation.

did not know that...thanks!

Nice to know , i was curious about the name though ...its kind of unique

I didn't know it was short wave. Can I pick this up on my portable baufung ham radios?  Can anyone help me figure out how to use them?  I want to buy a big ham radio too, any suggestion on which one (on amazon) for around 150 to 200 bucks.

I can't see why you couldn't pick it up but I'm no expert myself. Here's a group that might help you find what you are looking for. Shortwave Radio Listening and Support

Ok....Thanks to all

Pulling into Sloansville...



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