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Latin American Countries Want Drug Decriminalization

The idea of decriminalizing marijuana is gaining steam.

Latin Americans Decry U.S. Drug War

By John Tierney

A group of Latin American leaders have called on President Obama to rethink America’s campaign against illegal drugs, which they blame for helping to foment crime, corruption and political instability in Latin America while failing to reduce the… Continue

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About Briton and the Super Survalence Socitey

Information Commissioner Richard Thomas warns of surveillance culture

Laws that allow officials to monitor the behaviour of millions of Britons risk “hardwiring surveillance” into the British way of life, the country's privacy watchdog has warned.

Richard Thomas told The Times that “creeping surveillance” in the public and private sectors had gone “too far, too fast” and risked undermining… Continue

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Obama Loves Himself Some Phone Companies

Now that this information is official, the morons who said he did not really mean it when he voted for warrantless wire taping can stop with the hero worship. The reason the government says, "can't tell you State's Secrets" is those who run it have so much outrageous crap going on that if we knew the extent of it we would bring down the government.

Obama Administration Supports Telco Spy Immunity

By… Continue

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Letter of the Law vs Spirit of the Law

It seems that the police are ticketing people for anything and everything. In this article the man was struck by a vehicle and was hurt badly. He broke a small law that many have broken repeatedly, jaywalking. Adding insult to his injuries he was ticketed. I think he learned his lesson without needing the ticket. I wouldn't be surprised if he and the women he was escorting had been doing this for years. The driver of the vehicle was not paying attention to the road, especially at night with a… Continue

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Guantanamo the Prisoner Paradise

What a bunch of BS. Obama is not going to close it. They must have had privates paint over the blood that covered the walls and floors. I bet Walsh toured parts of the prison that soldiers used and decided that the areas where the prisoners were kept did need to be observed. One area is representative of another, right? The prison may have been built to a humane standard, but what goes on inside it isn't. The walls need not be cracked or bars bent for a prisoner to be starved, beat by a… Continue

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An Example of Your Government, Please Do Something About It

This will happen to all of us if this does not stop. Imagine, suddenly getting taken from your family by a group of armed men in black armor. Being flown to another country, tortured over and over then sent to another country for it all to happen again just because while you are telling the truth your personal terrorists think your are not. If your are lucky you live through it, you are dumped off in your home country without knowing what it was all about. The result: years lost, relationships… Continue

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UK and Their Billion Dollar Surveillence

How about a few police "bobbies" on the street? What a waste of money. Money better used somewhere else. With no law as far as I know the police are telling businesses to put up cameras or loose their license. Government intruding where it doesn't belong. The US is not far behind.

Surveillance will cost more than £34 billion say Convention on Modern Liberty

Sean O'Neill, Crime and Security… Continue

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The brainwashed thought he could do no wrong. Others looked on with a weary eye with the hope he would keep his word. Rights groups are starting to worry. Basically Bush's programs are now being adopted by Obama. The reasoning for keeping the programs in operation is different, but the result is the same. This is why Obama does not want to prosecute Bush and his conspirators. Where do we as a nation go from here? I bet those camps are… Continue

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Global Rights Suffered Due to US War On Terror

U.S. "war on terror" eroded rights worldwide: experts

Mon Feb 16, 2009 12:18pm EST

By Laura MacInnis

GENEVA (Reuters) - Washington's "war on terror" after the September 11 attacks has eroded human rights worldwide, creating lingering cynicism that the United Nations must now combat, international law experts said on Monday.

Mary Robinson, who was the U.N. High Commissioner for Human Rights… Continue

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Photographers Protest Law to Ban Picture Taking

What a load of moronic b/s. There are numerous pictures already floating around that anything of importance is readily available. What it really is, is the government trying to limit the press and the citizens. Many police are getting caught doing unlawful acts and are embarrassed when they think they have all the video, but don't due to citizens using their phones as cameras. Instead of worrying about image the police should worry about getting rid of the hired trash. The wording is so vague… Continue

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Corrupt Judges and The Children Whose Lives They Ruined

Why are these people allowed to be in charge of the judicial system? Do any of these society vampires believe in ethics, morals, or duty to country. I would like to think that corruption is not the rule, however as the days go by I believe it is. Children's lives are either at best altered at worse ruined for money. I bet those judges make more money than I do. I bet my standards are higher tho. I care not for what others think on this, but I would rather forgive a man who stole a loaf of bread… Continue

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58% in new Gallop poll choose no to Bush prosecutions.

What does this say about us as a country. If an ordinary citizen breaks the law, its the book. If you are in a position of power, can be a company executive or US congress and above, well the laws you are sworn to uphold don't apply to yourself. The way this article reads, they want to investigate to see if anything was illegal. Enough information has come out to support the contention these actions are illegal. What is needed is an investigation to gather information to prosecute. It will… Continue

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Mexican Drug War Raging In US

It is getting bad. It can't be ignored any longer. This needs to stop right now. STFU with the white terrorist crap Special Ops. The real danger is from the drug cartels over the border, now happily within our borders. And the touchy feely are worried about how we shouldn't bother, but let the people from our southern border in, grow up. For all those of you who are naive, the cartel is happy if we would leave the border open. The US gov. needs to stop us jerking around and send armed military… Continue

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Hows About A Little Goat Gew to Fix Ya Up.

Very scary. Going to put an untested substance from a modified goat into a person. I wonder how long it will take for some crazy corporation executive to think of the idea of sending these animals to slaughter for food after they can no longer serve their medical purpose? 100% organic, I bet.

FDA approves for sale drug made in DNA-modified goats' milk

By Shankar… Continue

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closed economy: 1 globalization: - 1 trillion or more

Imagine that, closed economies will come out of the financial downturn in better shape than countries that blindly went all out for globalization. Don't ever believe that corporations need relaxed regulations otherwise they will go bankrupt or move to another country. This article debunks corporate spin. Intelligent regulation and enforcement of it by countries that were not blinded by the glitter of a fast dollar (Amero?) are positioning them to buy the world. It would be nice if the US would… Continue

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State wants your DNA for shoplifting

Another reason to get you in the system. So I guess fingerprints aren't enough anymore. Next it will be spinal taps. You see, spinal fluid is unique to each person. As the cop bends you over the hood of his car, "don't worry I had a two hour training course , this won't hurt" New at your local postal service pay for one spinal tap and get the next one… Continue

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Shooting in Florida looks suspicious Part II

This shooting happened in San Gabriel, California. Eerily similar to the shooting in Florida. Masked gunmen open fire on a crowd then run, no motive and no leads. Could this be a new gang tactic, copycat crime or the start of a operation that one: gets people to feel unsafe in middle America and two: to ban all weapons.,0,4654390.story

One dead, six wounded in San Gabriel cafe shooting

From the… Continue

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Holy super kala frajulistic xpe al a propaganda...well it does make for an interesting title

Just a small increase in funds in order to win the hearts and minds of YOU. I bet the psychological operations are not just for foreigners. Do we really need to waste billions to influence other countries? Not if our leaders would stop sticking the US in other countries' business, devastating their land, and manipulating their governments. It is sad they hate using diplomacy to solve problems. Would rather act like they are trying to talk while launching a gorilla campaign. The ultimate poker… Continue

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Google Latitude keeps tabs on friends' locations

Don't worry, its just a tool to get you used to being tracked. And I am sure a hacker or the FBI won't use the service for unintended reasons. The slow incremental push for the surveillance society continues.

By Stephen Shankland

(CNET) -- Just because the Internet has broken down geographic barriers, don't assume that Google doesn't care about geography.

With Google's new Latitude software, cell phone… Continue

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Tropical Turtle Fossil Found in Arctic

My 50 cents on the subject. (devaluation and all)

Two things about the article. First, it seems that the world will not come to a devastating end where all life is extinct as some want the citizenry to believe. Yes in a warmer climate some species will become extinct. However, if the planet cools some species will become extinct. I bet most animals and plants will adapt like they always do. Seems to be, for the most part, beyond our control.

Second, volcanoes are thought… Continue

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