Neutralized: Antonin Scalia, Now Our 2nd Ammendment Up For Grabs..

Hello 12160,

I went through researching the issue and still am. There are all kinds of articles on this issue, but the ones i found on info wars were short and sweet. Interestingly enough the information on this issue seems to be creeping out slowly..

Usually they would announce his death, withhold any statements and then have an autopsy done as  Standard Operating Procedure prescribes.. Only then, (if no investigation) when they have all the info to "issue" an official statement will they make one.

Out of sight, out of mind is what I call slowly releasing info to the public.. If no-one can have all the facts at once, it is likely that they only "skim-read" the follow up information regarding any particular issue. This is called complacency and it kills fast. Therefor these issues are out of sight and the rest we very well know is out of our collective mind by design/nature.

Anyways, I believe the MAIN story here is: He was defending our 2nd Amendment, got assassinated and an autopsy was denied by judge in Texas.. Seems like someone was in the way of the NWO.

Cant have order with people toting guns around now can you? As a person, he might not have been the most upright but he DID defend our 2nd, we should at least give him credit for that.

Its a damn shame that he is gone (he was the lesser evil in regards to the 2nd). Now NWObama can appoint an anti gun advocate (Quote " due time..") and carry on with his plan to create a state of emergency and remain in power over globalist "Pan-America" as has been coined by presidents before him.. Its a cakewalk.

Read the articles for yourself but I recommend doing more research on your own. I copy pasted them right in here in order. Never mind, 100k CHAR is max so I am going to have to trim it up and I'll post more below in the comments as i stumble across anything..

My 0.02,

Scalia Found Dead in Texas

Federal official says no evidence of foul play, death appears to be from natural causes.

Associate Justice Antonin Scalia was found dead of apparent natural causes Saturday on a luxury resort in West Texas, federal officials said.

Scalia, 79, was a guest at the Cibolo Creek Ranch, a resort in the Big Bend region south of Marfa.

According to a report, Scalia arrived at the ranch on Friday and attended a private party with about 40 people. When he did not appear for breakfast, a person associated with the ranch went to his room and found a body.

Chief U.S. District Judge Orlando Garcia, of the Western Judicial District of Texas, was notified about the death from the U.S. Marshals Service.

Body to be embalmed with no autopsy, Washington Post reports.

A Texas judge declined to order an autopsy for Supreme Court Associate Justice Antonin Scalia after she says she was assured the cause of death was a heart attack.

Speaking with WFAA 8 News, Presidio County Judge Cinderella Guevara says she turned down the procedure Saturday after Presidio County Sheriff Danny Dominguez said there were no signs of foul play.

“As part of my investigation, one of the things I did ask the sheriff and the U.S. Marshal: ‘Were there any signs of foul play?’ And they said, ‘absolutely not.’ At that time, I still wanted to be careful, and asked them if [Scalia’s] physician would call me.”

Guevara stated that Scalia’s doctor had informed her that Scalia had visited him “for a shoulder injury last week” but “also suffered from several chronic ailments.”

“When [the physician] explained [Scalia] had just visited on Wednesday and Thursday and [the doctor] had done an MRI, then I felt comfortable what I knew was going on with him physically,” the judge said.

Guevara, who did not see the body, indicated that Scalia’s death certificate would include myocardial infarction as the official cause of death.

A justice of peace speaking with The Washington Post said she would have undoubtedly ordered an autopsy if in the same position.

“As late as Sunday afternoon, there were conflicting reports about whether an autopsy would be performed, though officials later said Scalia’s body was being embalmed and there would be no autopsy,” The Post reported.

Given the high-profile status of Scalia, questions have begun to circulate regarding the decision as well as the almost-immediate claim of no foul play.

NRA: Scalia Death Puts Gun Rights In Jeopardy

"We are one justice away from a Supreme Court that would harm our Second Amendment rights," said the NRA.

“We are one justice away from a Supreme Court that would harm our Second Amendment rights,” said the NRA.

The organization plans to spend over $20 million on the upcoming election to push gun rights and is concerned about the ages of court justices, believing the the next president will have a chance at choosing the four judges.

“In my view, all the chips are on the table in this election because the impact is who gets the Supreme Court,” said the NRA’s chief, Allan D. Cors in an interview with Secrets this month.

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Comment by Alan Wakefield on February 21, 2016 at 1:22pm

The Branch Davidians DID NOT, I repeat, DID NOT fire upon the soldiers and ATF agents invading the Waco Compound. The three or four ATF agents killed in that murderous assault, THE ONLY ATTACKERS KILLED, were ALL EX-BODYGUARDS for Bill Clinton! What did they know that they HAD TO DIE? All killed with well-placed headshots!   Pay no attention to the man behind the curtain. Move along folks, nothin' to see here. Let me remind everyone, When the children of Israel left Egypt, Pharaoh's entire army was wiped out without the Israelites lifting a finger to defend themselves. And they were not even strong Believers as shown by how easily and frequently they complained about everything! My question for Believer's today is this: Is the God of the Israelites the God of Christianity? Is God available to Believers today? Is it possible for anyone to succeed against us if God is FOR US? If God is NOT with us is there really ANYTHING  we can do to protect ourselves?

Comment by Suebian on February 16, 2016 at 1:16am

Good candidate.... She was found clasping to the rafters of that secret spooky house...JK, but seriously though just look at her and follow her past.

MY question is, why is she so nervous in this photo? It also kind of looks like she had a little nap.. Her hair is messed up on the right side.

Holder is known to hide his hands or rub them like he made out with a stash..and his posture always has been telling of his state of indoctrination. He is a true believer!.. Poor guy.

Her face and body do not speak the same words... Look at the position of pity/shame in her arm position.. It suggests that her guard is up and that means she is putting on a show. If she had feathers they would be ruffled..

ANyway, I bet thats even how she held her mommy's hand when she was young. She is looking for comfort, to get away and to be safe. If one were to call 'All aboard' the "anywhere but here" train and she would be the first one seated.

Its an Oh Shi.. moment but whats the context and where was this picture taken?

The bet is on, heres mine:

For what its worth,

Comment by Anti Everything on February 16, 2016 at 12:00am

Thanks HwΩΩd! Ok after that glowing response I will bet on..... wait for it,.... LORRETA LYNCH!!!!! Onnne dollar is my bet.

Comment by Central Scrutinizer on February 15, 2016 at 11:37pm

Why that's Professional Criminal, College Radical, Black militant Terrorist, and Mexico's Top Gun Salesman 2009- Eric Holder, and his Criminal replacement, Barry's back-pocket non-Justice jive ass with the crappy hair...even possibly yet another transtesticle type person ?? ...either's just another establishment whore in with the VeryBarry Bastards Bunch, who is also not for We, The People...all ya need to know is to add it to the Traitor's list.....

 PS: This is also the corrupt bitch who's holding up the works on getting that aborted-after-birth Succubus Prosecuted for Espionage, Treason, Collusion and Aiding and Abetting the Enemy. The Fuses are lit and burning very short now...What a twist it be if that fatass got a RFK style haircut all of a sudden??...hmmm.. She's threatening to take EVERYBODY down with it's rat bastard self if it gets indicted...would seem this one is the largest liability for this mafia cabal now....

Comment by Anti Everything on February 15, 2016 at 11:21pm

Only bet on sure things,... so NO, I ain't a betting man. Who's Lorreta Lynch?

Comment by Suebian on February 15, 2016 at 10:56pm

Hey Anti_EV!

I would say the man/woman whore with the most publicity... lol. Are you a betting man?

Comment by Suebian on February 15, 2016 at 10:54pm

Hey 12160! - Wow.. A top post! Thank you lots..*ittipmyhat.

SO where to start?..Ive read about some rumors on F.World about, well here is the title:

"Late US SC Judge Scalia's replacement? Sri Srinivasan, Obama-nominated Indian-American could challenge Republicans"

Not sure about this one though, it seems too random.. fits too well in the grand scheme of things.. Perfect candidate you would think.. dont worry though it'll change.

Now about the rumor Cinderella Guevara.... She is not only the first though (rightfully so..) when it comes to a replacement for Antonin Scalia but also the first suspect in the matter. I am not LEO or a lawyer but you dont need to be to put the ends together on this one.

Cinderella Guevara is getting all of the direct publicity in regards to this incident. Of course when it comes to the question of replacing the dead judge, who is the first judge to come in mind? Exactly, poor little Cinderella. The media attention is often not seen as an item worth "stealing or having" but for some people in some cases (like in her case) it is a very effective and subconsciously influential tool. How many people listen to the radio on the way to work? Why is traffic slow?

Think of it like cattle and you will soon see that the restrictions upon our movement are not just random occurrences. It happens literally everywhere. They want you to blame and hate all of the things that disturb you on the way to and from work by scapegoating construction work (another focal point). Fact is it has been planned and nicely executed..

You sit in your car longer, when you are angry and listening for updates regarding traffic you are very susceptible to subconscious programming. Especially if it is turned down on low. You still register the full spectrum of sound even if all you hear is your radio moderators but thats another bag of goodies for later.

The so called main stream ('cause theyre rich..) news media, which is starting to leech out, has always controlled how we see information and how we as a class (Ive talked about this before i think..) interpret such information. By the way.. Taking out 'minute' details of information doesn't warrant lying under law. So now they are authorized and legally lie to you every day to and form work, in the shower or even in the morning before you wake up. Depends of course on your habits but don't worry, there is a program for everybody.
Right v-tech kids? yay...and shit.

When I was a kid, my Uncle was in college and an old school hacker.. He was my idol at the time but then again I was really young too so who knows. Anyway, He starting learning by trying to teach me how to deal with this new thing. Needless to say, he graduated top of his class and was recruited by IBM, then General Electric and a couple of other really shady places..

My point: Why are we not giving our kids the capacity to further themselves by giving them the opportunity to go as far as their little head can go? Give them a real computer and let them bask in the vastness of logic rather than giving them (government developmental Agenda Approved) those socially accepted "childs toys" like V-Tech B.S. Do not let them control your childs development. If you were in the same program that i was in they really really try to keep you dumb.

In Germany, I failed an english class (9th grade) because I was the pupil of a nazi era allie hater. You would think that this was the problem, right? No, the problem here was that the socialist (hello bernie sanders) school board approved of it. This was even after I outperformed her when she tried to speak oxford english to show off.

So now, I needed a lawyer and mom got me one. We went up to as high as we could regarding school (state level) and no one gave a shit that i was going to fail due to some old school germans views. Federally, they just  refer you to the state, the state passes you off to the feds.

If you don't like it, then leave they then say. Not understanding what they said the first time i humbly said "huh?!" and they had already changed their story to a 2 year probation + 120 hrs of hard labor after school (15:30) every day. How awesome it was to be there.. Europe is just so romantic, they say..

The school for the gifted is a hoax, its just something they put out there for you to peck at. It just makes you feel good about your stupidity. It gives you a reason not to shame yourself over being indoctrinatedly stupid. In your mind you are percieving that there exists a special group of intelligent kids that came from our ranks. They might just change the world one day.. they say.

In reality they are either recruited from a young age (if they agree with views of mandate) or they fade away and are mentally neglected to the point where they get mentally ill. Someone is playing creator while making these  "natural selections" in the name of something we care about...and it is no-one we know of.

That being said, the events regarding the replacement judge, i would have to say Cinderella Guevara is the chosen one. Also, real quick.. "they" is a really sadistic asshole and this is going down to piss us off. They want a reaction so Mr Controversy can have his state of emergency. This would mean at least 2 years more of this anti America/F### the Constitution campaign.

My 0.02,

Comment by Mark Olander on February 15, 2016 at 6:06pm

It really doesn't matter to me what the supreme court does or says any longer. The entire federal government, state governments, county and local governments across our nation are all guilty of treason and are so tyrannical that as far as I am concerned they have lost their authority and many Americans feel the same way.

If guns are banned, and I believe they will be, it won't affect me one bit. Militias across the country will keep their firearms and so will many individuals. It just so happens I don't own any guns and will only do so if I decide to move to the northwest or Alaska to live off the grid. Bears, wolves, and the need to hunt require an individual to keep a gun handy at all times in the survivalist environment.

The troopers in Alaska will be endangered if guns are banned because many Alaskans will not be separated from their firearms and will be forced to gun down troopers on site in order to keep their only means of protection and feeding themselves. I know that sounds extreme, but if you are honest with yourself while thinking that dilemma through you can only agree that I am correct!

The government knows full well that violent gun crimes will escalate exponentially throughout the nation if guns are banned because criminals don't follow the law and will feel safer committing crimes. The thing is, the government itself makes up the majority of criminals in this country and they will be able to do whatever to anyone and that's exactly what the government is counting on.

RIP Antonin Scalia my former next door neighbor.

Comment by Anti Everything on February 15, 2016 at 10:15am

Suebian, have you heard of his replacement yet? I would speculate that name has been in the bag for some time.

Comment by Anti Everything on February 15, 2016 at 10:09am

And the silliness of public media and manipulation begins:    After reading this it really tells me nothing.

Confusion is a winning game in the art of deception...

"Destroying the New World Order"


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