Cause and Effect Topic: Differences Between Men and Women at Their Workplace

As a writer, I am always interested in various problems. Recently, I increasingly notice one thing. Women are increasingly beginning to be interested in topics and work, which was previously exclusively managed by men. I often notice that women are better versed in electrics, plumbing, cars. Men also go to the stove, and it turns out they are not very bad at all, they often go on maternity leave instead of their wives and much more.

Today I would like to write my good cause and effect topic and try to figure out what has changed in us after all and whether there really are "male" and "female" professions or everything depends solely on the character? ... And at the same time show students How can I write compare and contrast essay on such an interesting but controversial topic ...

So, lets start...

Essay Topic:

The evaluation of concrete differences between men and women at their workplace.

Essay Questions:

  • What are the diversity differences between men and women at their workplace?
  • How often do women face discrimination at work?
  • How do men’s and women’s qualities complement each other at work?

Thesis Statement:

Women establish a very strong emotional contact with the client; at the same time they are treated as being less professional than their male colleagues. Male workers according to the opinion of the employers are more rational.


Example of a Compare and Contrast essay on Social issues

Introduction: A very important issue concerning diversity is the difference between men and women at workplace. As the matter of international experience of hiring people it is very important to point out that there have been a great number of cases connected with discrimination. We consider this to be a vital problem even nowadays, in spite of the change of the reasons for discrimination. If in the past it was a major problem for women to find a job and to prove that they can provide results equal to men, in the present time the situation has quiet changed. In addition to that women start getting benefits and are sometimes the only possible employees for a given workplace. Women establish a very strong emotional contact with the client; at the same time they are treated as being less professional than their male colleagues. Male workers according to the opinion of the employers are more rational.

They complement and substitute the women’s emotional “contamination” by the rational aspect of the matter they are working with. Due to this employers sometimes prefer to eliminate either the “emotional”, or the “rational” factor and put “labels” on the employees taking their gender as an evaluating criterion. But nowadays everything has changed and men and women perform each other’s work excellently. We have observed in practice this difference, when a job, considered to be a “male job” was done perfectly by a woman but did not get the well-earned recognition in the company. One of the psychological reasons for that, as we assume, is the incapability of the authorities of the company to deal with a stereotype and change their ways according to the changing world around them. So therefore, it is the lack of flexibility. Women nevertheless are treated with a higher loyalty in any decent company. And sometimes their work results may be viewed as just needing some correction in comparison to the same work presented by men that would be considered wrong.

But all these are exaggerated examples. The cultural component of this issue should be taken in count, too. For example is we take a black male and a white woman we may meet with a “special” treatment to the first one, due to the company’s respect and desire to show that they do not have any racial prejudices. We, believe, that the difference between men and women still exists and women and the quality of their work nowadays displace men. Nevertheless, we have examined another opinion that concerns women. Rose Mary Wentling suggested another point of view on the differences between men and women at workplace. The author asserts that women are still experiencing difficulties in their workplaces. The main arguments that are brought are the next: women are not given the standard of work performance when they apply for a “male” job, therefore do not get the detailed and clear picture of their involvement; women are not included in all the kinds of communication throughout a company; women lack the opportunity to ”grow, develop, and contribute to company profitability”. According to this point of view women are not given the opportunity to introduce their ideas and innovations to the company’s functioning. But the main issue to work on is that the expectations of the employers concerning women are different than the ones concerning men.

Conclusion: Women are ready to travel and move and relocate, and to make “the same commitment to the company as men aspiring to leadership positions” due to the reassessment of the woman’s role in the society. Analyzing this different point of view we came to a conclusion that both men and women face gender difficulties at any kind of job. So therefore we consider providing them with equal conditional vital for the benefit of the company itself in the first place. A modern company should not pay attention to the gender attribute. Both men and women need to have career advancement opportunities and counseling. Men and women are potential employees of any company, no matter what position we are talking about.

From with combination of two points of view we get an understanding that both men and women have examples of being not treated properly at their workplace in spite of having the required skills for the place. And it is not possible to say that either men or women are facing greater difficulties in their professional lives. So it can be said that the difference did not disappear, but it is not a single-sided issue.

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Comment by Isabelle Rignall on April 18, 2019 at 2:14am

Thanks, I agree with you. Moreover, scientists agreed that the left hemisphere of the brain is more developed in women, and the right (so-called emotional) in men. This means that a woman is more involved in verbal participation and communication, while a man is more prepared for action and competition.
As an example, I would call the fact that adult women spend an average of 20 minutes on each telephone conversation, men - 6 minutes and only to convey the necessary or urgent information. A woman needs to share her thoughts, feelings, emotions, while a man restrains and controls emotions, trying to find a solution.

Comment by Doc Vega on April 17, 2019 at 6:28pm

Being that I was self employed for a long time I especially raising 4 kids by myself and seeing the difference that developed in my relationships with both sexes once I was a single parent convince me of the differences in men and women both at the workplace and socially particularly from the late 80's as the politically correct false narratives began at attacking men, putting them on the defensive with this myth that women were somehow better or could multi-task better, it was mostly political as the Feminist movement came more into prominence. I can tell you from my perspective dealing with management and purchasing agents women are the more emotional and less rational. I knew that women who did business with more were attracted to me it wasn't a matter of just making an objective decision and the ones who weren't attracted to me whether I had a better price, better reputation, superior references, it made no difference at all they made a different decision. I noticed that offices run by women were particularly hostile toward male salesmen and tended to move what male employees they had out of their department or the company. I even had women I dated tell me themselves that women are ruthlessly competitive beyond making rational judgements at work. This is not an indictment of women but it is a reflection of their superior capability of surviving as they are the child bearers by nature. We men being raised from birth with a sense of responsibility and being expected to have all the answers prevents most of us from making emotionally driven decisions and more likely to make more logical decisions, even many women will admit that men are better logician, once again men and women are very different and trying to force them into accepting different roles for comparison sake is stupid and subjective! If anything the pendulum has swung the other way where expectations for men is now far greater while women are often given a break just because they are women and it will probably always be that way. Another proof of the difference in both sexes is that women and men approached with the very same task will use a completely different hemisphere of their brain to solve the very same problem. CT scans have proven it. I find this piece to be more politically correct than I do correct from my own experiences.

Comment by cheeki kea on April 16, 2019 at 7:27am

From what I see, Women are Not discriminated against In the workplace. They sometimes Are discriminated against in the recruitment process. One might say, with good reason (from employers point of view) It all boils down to the Cost Factor. Women are granted additional unwarranted allowances and benefits that men are not entitled to, and they can be costly. eg..Look at the difference between paternal paid leave and maternal paid leave for example and the difference is huge. When a female takes leave from the workplace the resulting loss of productivity and cost to replace her is far grater from that of a male employee. Then we see the new insane 'rights' of the Domestic violence paid leave (90% of claims for this allowance expected to come from women) Native people face similar discrimination at the interview stage also, due to the costs involved in potential cultural Bereavement Leave claims. This is true, as an employee support 'person' I ensure all employees receive their rights. -without letting my own opinions come into the equation. 

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