The Vanquished Man


President Trump’s reign concludes much as it began, controversial, and surrounded by a pathetic court of jester’s, cowards, and opportunist, all of whom are desperately left clinging. Most of these parasites are only interested in self-preservation, they’ve used up their allotted supply of “Orange Man” capital and seek further aspirations.

I must admit, I was initially a very harsh skeptic of the President, with a laundry-list of reservations, primarily of which was his ability or inability to govern in relation to his prior celebrity status.

Going in to 2016, I felt like a man without a country, the United States had just endured 8 years of Obama, a shitbird who rattled our nations foundation, and we were primmed to finish our foundations demolition behind the rule of a murderous supra-dike, Hill-Billie Clinton.

I decided to roll the dice on Trump, he couldn’t be any worse than George Bush, right? The goofy-looking, cocaine cowboy was the very first President that I ever voted for, I’m sorry. Only recently have I realized what an enormous piece of shit the 43rd President actually was, aptly so, taking into account the dusty ole vagina that excreted his entitled ass.

Donald Trump

It took some time before I could publicly acknowledge, with confidence, that I was an avid Trump supporter, and even longer before I could assertively declare, “Trump is the best President of my lifetime, deal with it, fucko.”

To my initial astonishment, President Trump courageously assumed the mantle for us and our families, and just never looked back. He too, was sickened by those that had made billions upon selling our homeland to the anti-round eye’s in the East.

The President demonstrated himself a fierce gladiator, never shrinking from any challenge or averting any battle, as bloody as they proved to be and as outnumbered as he routinely found himself.

His enemies are our enemies.

This certainly wasn’t the uber-rich prick that yachted with “Buffy and Chip Von-Ballstein” in exclusive settings across the globe, lighting cigars with middle-class mortgage notes and hunting homeless bums for sport.

No, Donald Trump was cut from a different cloth entirely, also having zero in common with the establishment types running the Democrat and Republican parties in Washington. Truth be told, President Trump is the antithesis to most of those that are perched in lofty and influential positions throughout America. Big tech moguls, political elites, D.C. insiders, and most of those running Congress, absolutely despise Donald Trump, he’s bucking their system!

To their disgust, Trump refuses to be compromised by the depraved and self-serving trappings that consume them, the American elite. The President is hardly a saint, he’s clearly narcissistic and arrogant, his empathy rarely ever supersedes the vital importance of the bottom line.

However, these are the traits that have aided him with his undisputed badass, make shit happen, term in office. Fallibilities are human nature and unapologetic shortcomings will never disqualify men from achieving greatness, say what you will, but you can’t tell me that Donald Trump didn’t wholly commit to the destruction of OUR enemies.

The Vanquished: Donald Trump, a man without a country

At times, the President also seemed a man without a country, Dem’s and lefties persistently battered him, no holds barred style, their attacks were amplified by their political groupies in the media. Democrats turned Trump's Presidency into a bloody conflict, any resemblance to a political term was purely coincidental.

No matter how unsettling the bile, no matter how much of it they flung, fucking aye, Trump remained undeterred. God knows, the Democrats' behavior was sub-human and cruel, they couldn’t conceal their pathological Trump-hatred and its priority over the country.

If not for the unprecedented level of despicable acts performed by high-ranking Democrat officials, the Republicans would have reigned as cowardly shitbirds and pathetic simps. This has been magnified by the last two weeks of Trump's Presidency as we see fair-weather supporters rapidly peel off like the skin of a sun-burned leper.

President Trump valiantly fought for us, those in and around the “middle”, even those lost souls with purple hair and distasteful piercings, programmed to be virtual vaginas and anti-Trumpers.

What are we doing? These last two weeks they have employed devious tactics to slander and debase the President. Where the fuck are his allies? We can never forget this! All the Republican cowards not only abandon Trump, but they also abandon us!

If we won’t take a stand and instead, choose to cower like those traitors at FOX and in Congress, then we fucking deserve NOTHING.


We are the Vanquished.

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Comment by alex v. on January 12, 2021 at 5:02pm

Thanks. We must never give in, and second, guess ourselves or bow to their pressure. It's critical that we recognize our enemies and more importantly, our friends.

Comment by ron proul on January 12, 2021 at 3:32pm

Thanks for your so on the point essay. Trump's hanger on'ers aren't just rats leaving the ocean liner but have compounded it by kicking him while he's down, that also includes the Et Tu Brutes of supposed trusted "friends". I for one will continue to site his many accomplishments and await what we all want to know will be his next bold move.

"Destroying the New World Order"



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