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The Purpose of Central Banks

 By Anna Von Reitz

People are confused about the purpose of central banks.  Since one of my ancestors created the world’s first “Central Bank” for the Kingdom of Prussia during The Seven Years War, it is perhaps oddly fitting that I am the one to tell you:
The purpose of all Central Banks is commodity rigging. 
The very first Central Bank was created to restrict the amount of coffee being imported into Prussia.  At the time, coffee was an exotic and costly import. Like champagne, which appeared on international markets at about the same time, people weren’t quite sure what it was good for, or if it was good for anything at all.  
King Frederick the Great took a dim view of Prussian gold being drained out of his country’s economy to buy coffee beans, and so, needed a means to restrict imports. He established the first Central Bank in world history to do this simple task: restrict the importation of coffee beans to Prussia. 
Oh, and make a profit doing so. 
They didn’t call him “the Great” for nothing, but it was my unassuming ancestor who figured out the nuts and bolts and institutional bureaucracy to implement these goals: a Central Bank to control commodities— all commodities, not just coffee. 
The entire economy of a country could be controlled by one Central Bank. 
This discovery was to have world-spanning consequences.  For one thing, it meant the death of free markets and the rise of “regulated currencies”, because the most important commodities of all, money and credit, could be controlled by a Central Bank, right along with sow bellies and coffee. 
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How does a Central Bank do this? By controlling the supply of money and credit, and  regulating demand for commodities. 
Controlling money and credit supply is pretty obvious and arbitrary.  Money can be printed or minted, or not.  Credit can be extended or not, and the demand for credit can be stifled by punitive interest rates. 
That’s how it started out, anyway, and to some extent, still is, as Jerome Powell and the Board of the Federal Reserve (Central Bank)  just demonstrated by tacking an extra three-quarters of one percent onto the “Prime Interest Rate” which is the usury that other banks have to pay the Central Bank when they “borrow” money from the Central Bank to loan to their customers. 
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Thanks to the Central Bank System none of the other banks can make money out of thin air; they have to borrow it from the Central Bank and pay interest for the privilege—- a cost which they pass on to their customers. 
The process by which the Central Banks bilked the public and the other banks into giving control to them is a story in itself, but the transition from the necessity of minting gold coins to printing gold and silver certificates was followed by a transition of printing promissory notes to replace the gold and silver certificates and from there it was a short step to issue “digital tokens”— mere keystrokes on a digital ledger, to represent anything the Central Bank wants to represent. 
Now, they propose to sell you not only Monopoly Money, but Monopoly Money that can be created or erased by a keystroke in an imaginary “digital wallet”, and of course, they will have absolute control over who has access to these precious keystrokes, who is rich in keystrokes and who is poor, who gets to buy things using “their” keystrokes and who is cut out of “their” market and left to starve.
We must now either wake up or go mad, and be enslaved by our delusions. 
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I spoke at length with one of the members of the Currency Reset Committee and he openly admitted that the currency markets have been rigged for so long and the exchange rates between currencies are so arbitrary that nobody knows what the market value would be. 
That is, it is utterly arbitrary that it takes thirteen Nigerian dollars to buy one Federal Reserve Note. Nobody knows why such an inequitable exchange rate exists.  It simply developed over time and nobody having the power to change it was forced to consider doing so. 
Being that the function of a Central Bank is to rig the supply and demand of virtually everything, but most especially money and credit, it has been inevitable that the people and governments complicit in this blatantly illegal (and often immoral) activity would seek to establish a Central Bank of Central Banks “to keep everyone honest” (?????). 
This Central Bank of Central Banks is not called a “bank”.  That would be too simple. Instead, it is called the Economic Stabilization Fund in Europe and the Economic Security Fund in the U.S., but a commodity control monopoly racket by any other name would smell as sweet. 
Here, the Central Bankers have amassed vast quantities of all the currencies on Earth, from Japanese Yen to British Pound Sterling, which they can use to manipulate both supply of a nation’s currency and value of it.  
The U.S. President (representing the world’s militaries) and the U.S. Secretary of the Treasury (representing everyone else) are left in charge of this Ultimate Slush Fund, and also, therefore, able to dictate the price of a pair of shoes in Zimbabwe. 
The Currency Reset Committee was left with the completely unenviable task of bringing all the world currencies to parity with the U.S. Federal Reserve Note, in order to create a level playing field—- or so they imagine. 
Handy as it may be to have a mechanism to keep your constituents from spending their I.O.U.s on coffee beans or whatever else, the primary function of a Central Bank is commodity rigging and commodity rigging is illegal. 
This realization may give everyone cause to pause and wonder — well, if it’s illegal, why isn’t it stopped?  
Like everything else that is grossly illegal but which nonetheless continues to exist, Central Banks have been licensed and “legalized”.  
The “licensing” is provided by the governmental services corporations that are currently masquerading as our governments. The Federal Reserve and in Europe, the IMF, have to pay them kickbacks — “regulatory fees” and “taxes” on every transaction. 
The “legalization” — that is, the published remedy they have to provide every time they do something blatantly illegal, is found in Section 15 of the Federal Reserve Act, where they basically promise to “redeem”, that is, pay back any debt that results from their action. 
Like all other such legalizations we have discovered, there is no practical access provided to the remedy.  No office or officer is
Identified as the Party responsible and no process is stipulated by which individuals can implement the published remedy. 
When access to remedy is obstructed and obfuscated so as to prevent access to remedy, no remedy exists.  By using arcane legal jargon and failing to provide clear instruction as to how individual people may obtain remedy, the criminal nature of the Federal Reserve and its activities remains unabated. 
Some people have mistaken the Bank of International Settlements as the Central Bank of Central Banks, but the BIS does not have the access to stockpiles of currencies necessary to fulfill that function, rather the BIS is a clearinghouse similar to the so-called Depository Trust Corporation where all the “certificated” phony trusts they created “for” us have been stockpiled as collateral assets under foreign control and being managed for the benefit of foreign interests since the 1930’s. 
After the Second World War there was so much population displacement they had to establish which governments had an interest in the physical and labor assets of the people represented by these Certificate Assets. 
This, too, is grossly illegal activity, which is why  it is maintained in nearly complete secrecy. If the people of this planet ever found out that they and their assets were being bought and sold and traded like stock certificates belonging to these “governmental services corporations” they would be outraged and would demand an end to it. 
But, wait, you just found out, didn’t you? 
Maybe, in the distant past, there was some logic to establishing such “asset tracking” systems as actual governments accepted responsibility to defend the interests of their people wherever they might be in the world. This presumed a “public interest” in defending the rights and protecting the guarantees owed to every American and to all American interests, for example.  
Unfortunately, like so much else, the nature of that “public interest” has been redefined as a hidden commercial interest in private property and private persons.  That in turn, has led to legalized enslavement by contract, and the deployment and proliferation of hidden adhesion contracts most infamously represented by the registration of babies and issuance of “Birth Certificates”. 
All this has to stop or no nation can be secure on the face of the Earth. 
While the evils of slavery and colonialism are well-known and admitted, it is apparent that those who profited from these evils have sought to continue them in the face of nearly universal condemnation. 
The British Commonwealth “colonies” were deftly redefined as British Territories and converted into Military Protectorates ruled over by their own version of the Raj in India. In this way, while the word “colony” with all its ugly associations disappeared, the fact remained and conditions worsened at the hand of ignorant jackboots sent in to fleece the population and carry off the resources of these “former” colonies, without the nicety of having to obey the constitutions and treaties owed to the victims of this grotesque international swindle and breach of trust. 
America, Land of the Free, was similarly duped into being the last great bastion of slavery. Despite the brave simple words of the Thirteenth Amendment abolishing slavery and seeming to repudiate slavery in all its forms, this was immediately followed by the Fourteenth Amendment which defined criminals as slaves and also defined Municipal citizens of the United States as criminals. 
In this way the unauthorized British Territorial Protectorate established here in the wake of the Civil War provided itself with a ready  population of both slaves and criminals to pillage — and preserved slavery on our shores. 
Today the Evil Empire of the Central Banks has reached new heights of coercive control over our money and our lives , and much of the world has been secretively enslaved under the boot heals of military “protectorates” that are, strictly speaking not military and not protectorates, either. 
In these and in other ways, the Slavers and Liars in the British Parliament and the Roman Curia have sought to feather their own nests by defrauding entire nations and evading their treaties and contractual obligations. 
Right now they are intent on avoiding the guarantees and requirements of the Human Rights Declarations by seeking to redefine people who received the mRNA injections as Genetically Modified Organisms — a new patented subspecies that is less than human, and therefore owed no protections from their criminality, cruelty, avarice, and greed.  

As this brief expose demonstrates, something has to be done about these “Corporatists” and the governments and bureaucrats who have engineered all this. I suggest that we all wake up and get busy and not be distracted by any political party sideshows, because both parties have yielded the same results. 
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Comment by cheeki kea on November 26, 2022 at 10:01am

 Continuing on..... In the near future to will start to see the "rights" of those morphing into GMOs start to be considered with additions of new Personal rights to what the unmodified call human rights.. These new updated amendments will seemingly give a perception of some individual control for them over the 'ownership' of their brain and body functions and ensure some form of non discrimination is set in law, employment being first one off the block. Chile is the pilot country for this new move, a very highly vaxxed up nation so watch their space for future news on rights issues getting addressed. -problem-reaction-Soulution.    https://expose-news.com/2022/02/25/a-law-to-protect-genetically-mod...

Comment by cheeki kea on November 7, 2022 at 1:59am

True. They are HomoBorg Genesis/ Homo Christos.There are modified ones and it's a touchy subject at the moment as I guess we can all appreciate, us pureblood Homo sapiens. I'm reading estimates of around 64% potential modification rates with MRNA which could be a guess at this early stage and I've had info pages on the internet seemingly just disappear and go off as I've been looking at them. The search engine still has the entry descriptions but sometimes the links for them are gone. I'm also seeing 3D to 5D being mentioned like some new age thing being proposed sometimes tied up to discussions which I found disturbing on this subject. If I can re-find any links I'll put them up. 

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