DHS and US Military Make Final Preparations Before Announcing Martial Law?

Susanne Posel
August 8, 2012

Informants and military personnel are coming forth anonymously to confirm that martial law “is right around the corner.” However, right now we are under a silent martial law and citizens are reporting strange and unexplainable activity from the US armed forces and multiple federal agencies that point to a covert preparatory operation to completely lock down America in the very near future.

Sources from multiple locations across the nation have independently confirmed that the US military are repositioning soldiers in conjunction with allied foreign troops in the initial stages of martial law.

The US military are secretly moving massive amounts of “equipment” across the country consistently for more than a year. In Phoenix, Arizona, tractor-trailers transporting tanks on public highways have been spotted. One witness stated that he saw these flatbeds multiple times in the month of June. Eye witness reports are coming primarily from the northern and southern Border States.

Peter Santilli, an ex-marine informant who was a specialist in aviation deployed weapons, explains that a refrigerated truck, allocated by the administration department on base, was directed to the commissary, where the unsuspecting driver believed that he was transporting food. The weapon was placed at the head of the trailer, and covered up with either food stores (like cans of soup) or body bags. In the event that the truck is stopped en route, the weapon would be well hidden and go undetected by inspectors on the public highways.

Santilli, who was assigned to ride in the cab of the truck with the driver, says that his orders were to make sure the truck arrived at its destination. If there were problems concerning potential civil unrest, he was to radio into his superiors for aid by either air or ground support. Should the situation warrant serious attention; crowd control methods would be implemented.

One possible scenario was the use of cluster bomb units (CBUs) that will emit upon detonation, a “sleep and kill” chemical weapon that will not disturb infrastructure, but is lethal to all living things within the effected zone. Santilli describes these particular 3 unit CBUs as shaped like water-heaters with a coned top and plunger-like device. Once deployed in the air, a parachute assists these CBUs to the targeted area. And when detonated, a deadly chemical gas will kill every human and animal in the specified cordoned area.

The acquisition of armory by the Department of Homeland Security (DHS) and contracts for bullet-proof glass for check-point booths to be positioned strategically throughout the nation on public highways have heightened awareness that the US government is preparing for a well-planned domestic military action. DHS armored vehicles have been sighted on highways in Kentucky.

When citizens attempt to capture the activity on film, some have their cameras confiscated; sometimes after a physical altercation.

On Google Maps, where known military bases were once visible, some strategic areas are now blurred out.

John (a pseudonym) was contracted by DHS to “fill in caves, mines and block trails”. Now these measures are being stepped up, as independent contractors are being brought to mountainous regions and told to block all entrances into the mountains, by way of caves and other areas where people could possibly “hide out in the hills” during a riot situation under declaration of martial law.

Forested areas in states like Montana, Missouri and Arkansas are being closed to the public while military activity is being witnessed by locals. Those commercially contracted civilians working in these areas are allocated parallel shifts and compartmentalized projects to provide for an intelligence controlled operation.

One informant relayed an incident where he was detained on a forest road by unidentified “paramilitary” officials that seized his rifle from the rack on the back of his vehicle.

Another source said that while traveling in a national forest park, he and his party were met by what appeared to be a military police officer who demanded that they turn back.

Residents in Pine Mountain, Georgia and Spruce Mountain, Nevada have had confrontations with US armed forces. When travelling in public national forested areas, military police with “automatic weapons” say that locals cannot gather wood in surrounding forested spaces (as they have traditionally done for decades). One man in particular had his rifle forcibly confiscated by unidentified armed men.

On dirt roads leading to the Lassen National Forest reserve, paving is being laid over the gravel roads. The locals know that secret underground drilling or tunneling is being conducted. Whenever they enter the park, they are quickly escorted out by heavily armed and quite menacing persons. Even once abandoned logging roads are beginning to see activity again.

Information coming out of reserve units in Arizona is that they are being put on official alert. Military personnel are being told by superiors not to schedule vacations and prepare to be on-call and on-duty indefinitely. According to one informant, these new assignments are not providing for deployment overseas, but rather for domestic service with the intimation that these deployments may have relation to civil unrest expectations.

In Lake Havasu, Arizona, and Colorado Springs as well as Fort Collins, Colorado, locals are coming forth to report that local fires may have been lit by foreign troops; specifically Russian forces that have been spotted in the area. These Russian troops are believed to be stationed at Fort Carson, Colorado.

Military drills, a.k.a. urban warfare, have been played out in many states by the Pentagon and other branches of the US armed forces.

In Plainville and Worchester, Massachusetts, surprised citizens witnessed last “Wednesday evening. . . military helicopters descended on the vacant Wood School [in] the late hours of the night in a scene that might have appeared to simulate the United States’ special forces attack on Osama bin Laden’s compound last year.” Many locals had their homes swooped down upon by black helicopters in an obvious display of military dominance over the general public.

Residents saw helicopters landing near Worcester Memorial Auditorium in Lincoln Square. Local newspapers were flooded with “telephone calls and e-mails . . . curious about what was happening.”

The local police claim they were unaware of the drills.

A US Army spokeswoman made a half-hearted apology for “any inconvenience or unforeseen disturbance.”

In Hollywood, Florida, DHS and the Hollywood Police Department have taken part in Master Rappelling training exercises (MPTE) with Blackhawk helicopters scheduled over various government-owned buildings. Details concerning the drills are being kept from the public for “security reasons”.

MPTE are special operations to teach law enforcement and military techniques in tactical rope and rappelling skills that can be used in helicopter deployment and advanced tactical training.

Just this month, foreign troops were caught at a Wal-Mart . They were travelling in what were described as “large government vans”.

Law-enforcement battalions have been created out of Camp Pendleton, California, consisting of specialized military police (SMPs) that would be deployed to assist in any event of civil disturbance, handling of detainees, use biometrics to identify suspects and conduct forensic work. Their assistance is not limited to conducting DUIs and writing speeding tickets in an effort to re-brand the Marine Corps as being more involved with average work now allocated to local law enforcement.

Moving around in white, unmarked vans, strange troops have been seen purchasing food and water at another Wal-Mart in Franklin, Indiana. Parading in military personnel fatigues where drone activity has been reported in Oklahoma City and black helicopters were spotted hovering over a construction site.

According to documents from the RAND Corporation, a planned event concerning a Police Stabilization Force within the US will be “a mix of military and police forces to deal with a range of threats.” The study explains:

• What the response should be

• The creation of a high-end police force

• Costs for this military/police collaborative force

Estimates are $637.3 million annually and including many federal agencies including: the US Marshals Service, the US Secret Service, the Bureau of International Narcotics and Law Enforcement Affairs (INL) in the Department of State, and the US Army’s Military Police.

There is a media blackout concerning the “state of emergency” (code for martial law) that Anaheim, California residents have been under since the murder of a man by local police.

While protests have been conducted, residents say that “outsiders” are infiltrating peaceful demonstrations to stir up violence and ensure local and military police action against them.

While city officials are gearing up for “another large incident” and “another riot” protesters are coming forth to voice their distain at the “infiltrators” that attended a protest that ended with the fatal shooting of two Latino men.

During protest marches in Anaheim, the white, unmarked vans have resurfaced. This time unidentified “police” detained protesters and placed them into these vans.


Disclose.tvIs Anaheim Under Martial Law ?

The increased activity across the nation in conjunction with the mounting citizen reports of seeing military on their streets, conducting urban warfare drills, and spotting foreign troops have prompted public interest in the US government’s plans to enact a full-scale martial law in America – expected by the end of this year.

The more attention that is brought to these sightings and the more people come forward with information, the safer the American public will be. The US military have orders to shoot and kill all dissenters. They are being trained to confiscate guns and detain people in “internment” or FEMA camps. For the sake of continuity of government, they are being told to turn on their own fellow Americans.

Susanne Posel’s blog is Occupy Corporatism


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Comment by Ninbag on August 16, 2012 at 10:07pm

Theres an Army Depot / Department of Defense base that I can clearly see from my bedroom window.  Ohhhh boy lol...

I can also confirm several tanks on flat-beds being transported through the Wasatch mountains from Salt Lake City heading east.

Comment by karen arsenault on August 10, 2012 at 9:58am

one of my oath keeper friends had sent this message to me please read this for so many are feeling some degree of hopelesness.

Just thought I’d take a moment to discuss the direction of our group. Let me start by saying that Glen and I get a lot of mail regarding this topic, and the concerns of our mission. That is why Glen prompted me to get this out to you immediately. It's imperative for us all to be on the same page.

Let’s go over a couple of things first. The Oath Keepers’ main focus is to "support and defend the Constitution against all enemies, foreign and domestic, so help us God", --right? This is the crux of our organization. Some people refer to us as “watchdogs”. Fine. But, does this mean that we sit around watching as our enemies, both, foreign or domestic, defeat us with unconstitutional, treasonous acts? Absolutely not. Our job is to "support and defend"; --words of action. But, what “actions” can we take to ensure that we are working to our full capacity?

Before I answer that, let’s analyze what’s actually happening to many grass root people in our country—psychologically. Just indulge me for a moment. You may find this helpful.

From the messages I read, I get the impression that many people feel helpless, ineffective and frustrated. I’m sure that many of you are familiar with the grieving process, and I believe that this is what we are all experiencing, or have experienced in the last year.

Five Stages Of Grief

1. Denial and Isolation.At first, we tend to deny the loss has taken place, and may withdraw from our usual social contacts. This stage may last a few moments, or longer.

2. Anger.
The grieving person may then be furious at the person who inflicted the hurt (even if she's dead), or at the world, for letting it happen. He may be angry with himself for letting the event take place, even if, realistically, nothing could have stopped it.

3. Bargaining.
Now the grieving person may make bargains with God, asking, "If I do this, will you take away the loss?"

4. Depression.
The person feels numb, although anger and sadness may remain underneath.

5. Acceptance.
This is when the anger, sadness and mourning have tapered off. The person simply accepts the reality of the loss.

After experiencing the death of our country, as we all knew and loved her, I firmly believe we ARE grieving. Which stage are you in right now?

Up until two weeks ago, I was at number 4. I have now come to terms with the fact that we cannot stop what is going on in the present time. I have successfully reached number 5, and I’m able to smile and I have hope now.

My first step began about 3 years ago, so this was a fairly long process. I was in denial for a very long time. I did nothing. I stopped voting. I felt alone, and I knew we were in trouble. I was powerless, hoping that it would all go away. Then, this past September, I hit stage 2. Boy, was I pissed! I got up every day and remained glued to my t.v. and talk radio, hanging on every word, feeling my blood boil. I didn’t sleep well. I didn’t eat. I hated myself for being part of the problem. I hated “them” for taking advantage of us while we were distracted, working so hard to make a living. Damn them all!

I then went into bargaining, stage 3, hoping that this stuff really wasn’t going to happen. After all, how bad could things get? Maybe if we rallied, everything will be better. They’ll hear us and stop what they’re doing, and life will be good again. Well, that didn’t happen, and I was very disappointed. I became sad and afraid. I felt beaten down. These people were going to have their way with us, and we were helpless to do anything, since they don’t listen anyway. I was planning my evac route, squirreling away supplies like a frightened mouse! I couldn’t believe I was staring at the prospect of losing everything I have to such a corrupt system.

Next, I realized that I needed to be with other people in my area to share my grief with. I joined a 912 group. When we met, I experienced a lot of comfort and support. Were we the only ones feeling this way? I certainly felt like it at that moment, but there was brotherhood.

And then, one day as I was watching Glenn Beck, I saw a look of confidence and determination on his face that I had never seen. He said the tide was turning and that people were listening and waking up to the cause, more than ever before. Mark Levin soon chimed in, on his show, proclaiming that we aren’t going to take this crap anymore! A few more messages of encouragement came to me from fellow OKs, and I suddenly broke free from that helpless bondage.

I now realize that I had fallen into the trap that the 'statists' had set. I had relinquished power (by trusting my government to do the right things), and they were acting like they possessed all the power, to begin with. I was acting defeated! Defeated, my friends! If you are feeling like I was, it’s time to shake it off! WE ARE AMERICANS, DAMMIT!! We are still sovereigns for these United States! –No matter what any of these political figures tries to pull! How dare they be so smug!! --NOT ON OUR WATCH, BABY! We may be seeing the worst times in our country’s history—but, then again, we can project our thinking to better days, if we stay focused. Have NO doubt. We CAN restore our republic.

The Conservative movement has taken hold. The grass roots community is emboldened! And, don’t forget-- WE surround THEM. These liars are out in the open now. They’re very aware of who we are, and that we are locking step, and I think it scares them very much. Like frightened denizens, when backed into a corner, they will attack and try to bring us down. They have NO other choice now, because they realize that we are so strong a force to be reckoned with.

So, let them play their games. I hope they’re enjoying themselves at our expense. The schemes will become more elaborate. Every day will be more deceitful than the next. But, with every move they make against the Constitution, they drive another nail into their political coffins. They’re digging their own political graves.

I don’t accept that anything they do is irreversible. WE’RE AMERICANS, DAMMIT! Where there’s a will, there’s a way. When have we ever backed down to anyone? We can't start now! Where is the faith our country was founded on? We need to hold on to it tightly and forge ahead.

Back to the words “support and defend”…There is still PLENTY that we can do to be proactive as Oath Keepers:

*STAY INFORMED. Don't fixate and fester. Listen to those in the know. Watch the dollar (economy). Know what's happening around you. Don't let the drive-by media send you into a frenzy of fear.

*PREPARE for the worst: Maybe store provisions; hunker down! Learn some survival skills. If things don’t get that bad, then, you can breathe a sigh of relief and enjoy the surplus, right? But, for now, you’ll be doing something to help yourself in the future.

*GET FIT. Walk. Run. Do yard work, or whatever you need to in order to burn off that stress, because OKs need cool heads and warm hearts.

* KNOW YOUR RIGHTS! Keep an eye on the un-Constitutional. Make a note of it. –And, if you don’t know exactly what is in the Constitution and the Bill of Rights, get yourself copies and start reading! Reference it often. Teach the kids and grandkids about it. They won't learn much of it in school.

*SUPPORT YOUR CANDIDATES. Support your grass roots candidates either by voting or donations. If you're really enthusiastic, you can run for office!

*GATHER IN THE CLANS. Are you involved in other groups besides OKs? Get out, from behind your computers and go into your community. Have mixed meet ups. Learn who your neighbors are. Introduce yourself as an OK.

And lastly, most importantly,


*In regard to meetings, it would be beneficial to all of us, if you could hand out literature to other patriots. Explain who we are, and why we’re here. It’s amazing to some folks that OKs even exist. I usually hear sighs of relief. People say they feel safer knowing that we have a presence! They’re afraid of violence. We ALL are. It’s ugly. The VERY LAST thing we want is a physical uprising. However, if, for some reason, things do get ugly, we have a responsibility to our neighbors—in whatever capacity we are called upon to use, to defend them, under the Constitution. Are you ready? If you’re not, I highly suggest you change your paradigm.

*It would be great (for outgoing people), if you could approach your local fire departments and law enforcement offices. Fire companies might help bridge the gap because they communicate with police all the time. Perhaps, you could drop off a small pile of tri-fold brochures, located on the national site in .pdf form, ready to print. You don’t need to approach an officer face to face, if it makes you uncomfortable, but leaving the literature at his “house” might make him curious enough to check us out.

*For more conservative folks, ask if you could post a flyer down at your local mini mart. Post one on your grocery store bulletin board. How about your local biker bar? –I’m serious! Some bikers are already involved with Sons of Liberty Riders. Let’s make them mobile Oath Keepers!

BE CREATIVE. And, when you’re done with those types of things, let’s see if we can get people involved in meet ups. It doesn’t have to be all the time. Maybe you meet once a month to check in and review the situation. It never hurts to reinforce relationships. You can also use these meetings, as I do, to prepare lines of communication, should a crisis occur. Compare notes and figure out how everyone can be of service to one another and the community. It’s back to basics; humanity and civility.

SUPPORT AND DEFEND. This is what it’s all about, folks. Are you willing to bring America back to what she used to be in the 'Old Glory' days? We can have that again. We only need to apply ourselves.

You can be sad for what we’ve lost. Try to get past it.

You can be angry at the situation. We can beat it.

--And, instead of sitting around and complaining, be proactive.

You can be part of the solution.

You can be true Oath Keepers.

Yours in Peace, Light, and Liberty,

This message was sent by GLEN MAINE (wmaine@msn.com) from New York Oath Keepers.

Comment by Jim Braun on August 10, 2012 at 1:26am

Not to worry. Everyone here has there own idea about what is happening and I hope I share the same feeling about what is going to happen and non of us here like it. we really are at war in the US and not many believe it or at least not enough. Soon we will have no net to cast our thoughts,then we are on our own,unless we meet up with like minded folks. Really is hard to believe what is happening,but it is and now we are stuck with it. I fear for my mom and my son. They are clueless,and don't believe.

Comment by stormtrooper1991 on August 10, 2012 at 1:07am

Please don't judge me too harshly. I REALLY do appreciate what you folks do to try to keep us informed. I am just WEAK with worry about what has and IS happening in the USA. I just want the game to begin so I don't have to wonder about tomorrow anymore. Thank's for your hard work.

Comment by Cryptocurrency on August 9, 2012 at 8:48pm
Comment by Jim Braun on August 9, 2012 at 6:56pm

Puerto rico is a common wealth. a part of the US. It also known as  a welfare state. Much of the drugs is shipped through there. I do know crime is very high there. I some puertorican friends,they are good people but I can't say that about many. You really got no place to run to there. Good luck, and enjoy yourself,Oh,one more thing. Many of the latin ladies are stunningly beautiful.

Comment by Unemployed Storm trooper TK420 on August 9, 2012 at 6:35pm
I hope they don't come here to Puerto Rico ..I move to this little surfer paradise 8 months ago ...and I would hate to see the US troops murdering the people down here as they are planing to do with the ones in the mainland....life over here is an adventure and the way of life is so free and simple at the same time....and yes we have local problems and crime and government corruption but I feel more free down here than in any state in the US. I do really hope they don't look this way or pay any attention to us down here.
Comment by Jim Braun on August 9, 2012 at 6:23pm

I am a pilot and have flown out of Sanford Intl. Airport many times. This place is wide open to many covert ops by probably ant gov. It used to be a big Air Base a long time ago,I think Navy, So anything would be possible. There is also railroad tracks and I-4,a major freeway is not far away and easy to access from the airport. A perfect place to house either large #'s of troops or a detainment camp.

Comment by Cryptocurrency on August 9, 2012 at 2:52pm

It's frustrating at times to watch this all unfold then to have people scoff at the information. I know so much gets missed, mostly because things are accelerating, and day by day, there are new developments on every front.

I just wish we all had more time to sit down and track this more carefully. It's hard what we do here. I often spend 1-2 hours of my day assisting people in finding information that is simply a google search away. I'm really trying not to nitpick, because frankly I can't stand the nitpicker. What I am doing is expressing my frustration for many things. This is all real and far from fearmongering and it is much worse than Alex or myself is reporting. People generally can't even handle the superficial layers of this information. Imagine how deep the rabbit hole really goes? You can only imagine...

I am going to provide for you, and anyone else reading this with more than enough information to get you started on verifying all of this.

 Start here. It is the most pertinent per our conversation:




Obama to add 20,000 troops to US streets in the event of Civil unrest


US Army Holding Training Exercises in American Streets

Monday, June 25, 2012


U.S. Troops In Neighboorhood Streets Fully Armed

April 30, 2012



Army Manual Outlines Plan To Kill Rioters, Demonstrators In America


Marine Corps Law Enforcement Battalions To “Control Civil Disturbances”


DHS Prepares for Civil Unrest as Obama Poised to Destroy 2nd Amendment




Infowars Research Page: Martial Law (Excellent Sources right here)


All about Russian troops on US soil, UN, and more:


Russia Is Sending Troops To The US To Learn American Military Tactics


Report: Russian Troops to ‘Seize’ CIA Facility in Elaborate War Game… on U.S. Soil


DoD Confirms Russian Troops To Train On U.S. Soil


US, Russian Soldiers Train Together In Colorado At Fort Carson; Marks First Time Russians Have Trained On US Soil


Monday, 14 May 2012 05:47

Russian/U.S. War Games to Begin Shortly in Colorado


Thursday, August 09, 2012


First Ever Joint Russian-U.S. Military Training On American Territory


U.N. peace keeping troops in U.S. Soil, BUT WHY?



Foreign Troops Training to Confiscate Guns of Americans 1/2






Comment by karen arsenault on August 9, 2012 at 2:49pm

I have seen LEO dressed  like this on my local news here in the Orlano aera and when Haiti had that big earth quake we had hudge miilutary cargo planes bringing hatsians into Sanford, Fl. my sister and I took a ride to the Sanford air port and witness around 50 new white tinted vans in the parking lots we saw HLS and DCF police and millitary there too. 

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