Groundhog day, 2012. notes from the ' region 1 censorship zone.'

Man, the day started off interestingly enough.

A 70$ payment to someone on a paypal account I don't have. (email notice of.)

Wow. The corps are getting interesting. They decide you're guilty and charge you for it, even if they have to give you a bank account to run into the red.

Not that I’ve heard many good things about paypal anyway. The region one censorship zone is getting murky these days, eh?, news, politics, banking...

ISOHUNT is getting forced off the net. (here in Canada). Good bye, free and independent artists, along with photo collections on some of the other torrent sites.

Below. This is a copy and paste of a comment I made on a copyright board today. It concerns sopa and elements of other (unpassed, unverified and illegal) international treaties being included in a new copyright bill.

Oh, by the way, I called Anonymous an (almost violent) protest against Big Momma S'mother yesterday (radiation, government finances, climate change and other news blackouts as a example) and got as a response, a request for better info posted next. By a grunt, apparently.

CSIS hereabouts has a history of funding protests, black ops, and staging events to justify their programs. I'm betting (CSIS is 90% french-Canadian staffed) there are other purposes here.

Naturally, someone promptly bombed the Iceland parliament, too. That same way some Monsanto efforts got 'iced' out there. They elected a professional clown to office as a protest, too.


the corporate takeover of all (property) rights ... and on groundhog day.

None of this is legal. Corporations haven't got the right to decide what you do with property AFTER you buy it from them.

The clerks can pass all the laws they want outlawing PI and evolution and it still won't work. Like MS and 80% of the copies being illegal (at one point.. the underground economy has taken some weird twists again.)

it's a two minute effort to phone into a ISP or aim a satellite at a another provider.

the season of the witch hunt... and against their own users.. is here. It oughta be a spectacular self-immolation.



A state of grace is... knowledge of the presence of god, clear of sin, and surrender to the will of god.

As a guess, right? Pragmatically, more like man being 'muscle, hustle and brains'. Any sufficiently developed aspect will clue you in to something pro.

I hope. Sure explains the presence of evil if 'a state fo grace' is a three-part.. Much more than tribal, feudal and technocratic aspects of religion (sacrifice, loyalty and skills.)

So... it's...

You're just jealous because the voices in my head only talk to me.

Fanatical purity. (burn the heretics!)

I only obey my orders.

Cute. Being a class 5 just got weirder. (in your culture, a priest. A catalyst, developer and communications, if you ever find anyone that gets past greed, vanity and power.)

EWWW! politics replaces religion replaces faith.

Not that these morons believe in anything but control anyway. (But that's their problem. It's all a matter of record... or at least SOME of it is.)

I'm beginning to see the value of information management...(ah.. that's a class 6 function. Mind readers, traditional gifted and sensitives, etc. 'Wisdom' people) as well as the pain of (world-wide) 16 babies dying in their mother's arms every second.

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