A Modern Day Pearl Harbor In The Making

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Could We Succumb To A Modern Day Pearl Harbor?

On December 7, 1941 the world witnessed the greatest military victory in a single battle using a strategy that countered conventional wisdom due to not only the cunning but ruthlessness of the Japanese Imperial Navy.  More importantly, America had let its guard down, under estimated the threats that were numerous and looming on the horizon, and we suffered a defeat of catastrophic proportions followed by a string of enemy victories across the Pacific.

Threat radar

What do the events of the 7th December, 1941 have to do with today? What similarities exist today that would match or even eclipse the level of danger that our leaders on Capitol Hill are clearly in denial over? There are not only disturbing  analogies that mirror yesteryear's impending hostilities, but the capacity for the inhalation of our country is staring us right in the face! Our delusional President Obama declares "Climate Change" as the biggest threat to our existence in the face of ISIS expansion which he allowed to happen by withdrawing our forces from Iraq on a well publicized timetable that broadcast such information to our enemies as well as refusing to attend early morning intelligence briefings on the Middle East crises.

ill advised

The Iran Nuke Deal which based upon poor sources of verification, ignoring an ongoing ICBM program , thousands of centrifuges purifying fissionable uranium, and an existing military nuclear device detonating facility that was never inspected, John Kerry and Barack Hussein Obama even incentivized the deal by paying Iranians millions of US taxpayers dollars for proceeding with negotiations. Even as Iranians chanted "Death to America!" which was not rhetorical, the president insisted on pushing an ill advised treaty!

A deadly joke

News comes as of a couple of days ago that Iran, who in violation of the UN resolution conducted a medium range missile test in October followed up by another here in December. This particular prototype can carry a nuclear warhead anywhere in the Middle East and strike the US! The Iranian Nuke Deal has already been blatantly breached! An anti-nuclear proliferation treaty was already in place since 1987 yet President Obama and his academically vacuum packed administration have betrayed national security and the American people with a dangerous arrangement with the largest originator of IED's (Improvised Electronic Devices) used to kill and wound US soldiers in the world-Iran.

The difference in eras

Unlike in 1941 when the US Naval command did not know where the Japanese would strike or when, everyone in 2015 knows exactly who and where the threat comes from and that it is imminent! Somehow, Mitch McConnell and John Boehner of the GOP allowed the funding and legislation to be passed knowing full and well what dangers this unhinged agreement represented. The capacity for nuclear weaponry being unleashed by a hostile culture that cares little about what the implications of their actions could be is well understood by rational minds, but not within the Obama White House!

The frightening summation

The United States under a greater state of military endangerment than at anytime in its history under the helm of President Obama who have overseen the continued weakening of our armed forces awaits a disaster of unimaginable proportions as the ignorant electorate continues to fractionally support this insane administration. The excuse of incompetence, the unintended consequences, the entrenched ideologue mindset are no longer reasonable explanations. One must come to the inescapable conclusion that this is all intentional and due to the radical Islam infiltration that is inherent in the Obama White House. Let us pray that the inevitable is somehow averted by a power greater than man.

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