A New Angle on Explanation of UAP’s

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In 1948 on Maury Island just off the cost of Washington State, a bizarre UFO sighting occurred leading to a string of mysteries and finally a fatal crash of a B-25 Mitchell Bomber that killed two USAF intelligence officers. It all began as two fishermen and the son of one of them watched as an aerial object hovering in the sky surrounded by 5 other orbiting spheres dripped a molten substance like slag onto their boat and the boy was burned by this. He was later taken to the hospital. Suddenly, the central UAP became unstable and exploded and the bizarre sighting ended. A local policeman also witnessed the event. Theories abounded such as this being some kind of AEC (Atomic Energy Commission) secret experiment after all they had originated the first generation of powerful targeting radars in New Mexico that were later donated to the US Air Force.

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Chasing ghosts

1952, during the Washington National Sightings US Air Force F-94C fighter jets were scrambled to intercept solid appearing radar targets that violated White House forbidden air space. Each time, as veteran radar operators observed, as the blips that represented the USAF jet interceptors entered the air space violated by the UFO’s they simply disappeared off screen. As Senior Officer on Duty, Harry Barnes, commented, it was as though the unidentified airborne objects were listening to his conversations with the interceptor pilots. The incident would go on as being possibly thermal inversion or “Weather Targets “as was explained by US Army General Sanford during the largest post WWII military press conference in history.

UFO landing on a Navy Aircraft carrier or Fake? Please comment - YouTube

Shouldn’t be able to fly

Fast forward to 2013 off the coast of southern California on the US Naval Carrier the Franklin Roosevelt. A squadron of F-18 Hornets, on several occasions, encounter strange UAP’s shaped roughly like tubular objects traveling at fantastic speeds flying right past the formation and even just above the surface of the sea below even skimming into the water and emerging back into the air without any damage or drag. Over days to come subsequent sorties are confronted by more oddly shaped non-aerodynamic aerial objects that shouldn’t even able to perform at such speeds having no control surfaces or observable forms of propulsion, and yet they defy the laws of physics just as the previous historic examples I’ve given. Non-terrestrial airborne objects that defy gravity and defy our best attempts at identifying them with multi-million dollar combat aircraft!

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The new or old paradigm?

So, what’s the explanation? What is the new take on who or what could be responsible? We all know the proposed conventional speculations, aliens from another world, time travelers, secret X-plane projects, simply freak atmospheric phenomenon, or misidentified conventional aircraft, as we know the human mind is not always a reliable recording instrument. Yet, there is another theoretic calculation that has even been batted around by our ancient ancestors. That it, that we are the unwitting participants in a simulated reality, and that the universe, as we see it, is also part of this simulation. Perhaps, someone or some thing or God set up the rules to the game a long time ago, and we are simply players with only as much information as we are allowed to have. A former NASA scientist once speculated that we are living in a hologram as there are ways to test it that show that the rules of physics are not consistent and when monitored show that something doesn’t add up! However, I won't; get into the precise test that had yielded these results, but let’s get back to UAP’s.

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The finger tip of God?

Let us suppose that someone or something, or even God, wanted to interact with the simulation minutely manipulating our reality briefly with a ploy that contradicts all physical laws of the game, of the simulation. Their interference or test would seem to violate our known laws of physics, right? It would seem quite fantastic to us and inexplicable, for instance, like a flying tic tac that can outmaneuver an F-18 Hornet fighter leaving behind an astonished pilot. For decades observers such as fighter pilots and missile test range technicians have observed incoming unknown aerial objects flying at incredible speeds and making maneuvers that would have crushed and disintegrated aircraft as we know it by incurring incredible G-forces. If you are the creator of the simulation and you exist outside of the hologram you would be undetected except for your mysterious interaction.

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Are we the primitive ones?

Author, John A, Keel, once made a comparison that if a civilization that had had a billion more years to evolve when trying to make contact with us today might be like a scientist trying to have a meaningful communication with earth worms or an ant colony, but we seem to be devoid of alien contact. As our satellites and telescopes view further and further out into the Cosmos, it seems that planets and their solar systems are lifeless. So, as famous physicist, Enrico Fermi observed, “If E.T. is out there how come they’re not on the phone?” The Fermi Paradox!

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Perhaps, whoever created the simulation, the computer game, the hologram that we exist in has no need to get us on the phone. Perhaps, we are simply unwilling participants in a game that we are trapped within doomed to play in a game whose rules were invented by an unknown creator. Could that creator be God?

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Comment by cheeki kea on June 18, 2024 at 12:33pm

Good question Doc V. It's the Air Force that carried out this (underhanded) action according to the guy that did it. This is where undue auroras couple up with ufo experiences not from existing residues but from recreated conditions. We'd know those as anti-cyclone systems but they call it thermal inversion to confuse. Either way these sort after conditions are vital for their experimentation as they provide stable weather in order to undertake the process involved of aurora like conditions ( to harness free energy would be my guess ) So many stories of ufos witnessed appear out of the blue on clear calm nights sometimes being called giant motherships.- Governor Jimmy Carter witnessed a sighting himself, objects that land near to ground change colours and hide in the trees. Poor man was so perplexed he couldn't remember the date of his encounter when he spoke about later. Well that was a barium cloud he suffered so it explains the brilliant colour change he saw before his eyes. Here's more about that one.    

Comment by Doc Vega on June 17, 2024 at 3:35pm

cheeki kea Barium is a radioactive isotope that was once used for X-ray purposes in the patient. Who do you think is emitting these barium clouds or are they a residue of nuclear detonations?

Comment by cheeki kea on June 17, 2024 at 10:36am

I think all the 'ufo's are injected light freak shows as you're right there's been no alien contact delivered. That would have to mean all these lights in the sky are man made of cause. As one example check out barium clouds they inject into the sky -usually a bright white but they can be other colours also. Seems they were right into this action back in the 60's and properly still doing it. I'll leave some images I've found which I also think could be one possible way they make polar lights all over the place away from the ufo issues.

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