What Dark Times Could be Upon Us?

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There are already nervous discussions going on among certain talking heads in the media and even among conservatives about the possibility of unleashed violence by not only Democrat donor financed agitators but by Democrat voters themselves. There seems to be a growing darkness when looking into the future over what the possibilities might be should the “Deep State” decide to take off the gloves and create a mass disaster event. The ultimate false flag attack. We all know that since the DC Swamp has been exposed for what and who they are there are not only useful idiots but actual activists who will go to any length to hide the truth and support a targeted tragedy that could paralyze society to keep Trump from liberating the snake pit in Washington DC that is victimizing all normal Americans.

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Could it be another 9-11 or a massive blackout of the entire US electrical grid? That would certainly put a freeze on the inevitability of a change in the seat of power, wouldn’t it? I don’t want to put rats in your skulls, but is the coming darkness inescapable? The thirst for power and ruthlessness we’ve seen come out of the Democrat Party in recent years would logically attest to it should we connect the dots! Would not Marshall Law and Emergency Powers be the kind of under handed trickery that the Communist Manifesto adopted Democrat Party be capable of? I sincerely hope not, but one can never under estimate the diabolical nature of a party that has already demonstrated tendency for out of control impulse, and win at any cost mentality.

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When the ends justify the means?

The Democrats have a long history of resorting to any length in order to win an election. Take for instance, Ted Kennedy in 1984 going to the Soviet Union for help in preventing Ronald Reagan from getting re-elected for a second term. How much more treasonous could one get? How about Hillary Clinton caught brokering a deal to sell 20% of all US Uranium to Russia arranged through a third party in Canada? Selling a fissionable material to our enemies? Is there no limit to how far the Democrat Party along with the go along to get along Republican sell outs would go to undermine the American people? I’d hate to put any ideas in the minds of these snakes, but I’m sure that these ruthless possibilities have already been discussed among the elites who look upon us as cattle to be managed or liquidated at their convenience.

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The proving ground from hell

There is already volumes of evidence on the elitist collusion of the Ivy League campuses and radical universities who are used as credentials and spawning grounds for the Washington DC heavy hitters who will be lording over the masses with their insane social engineering and international war mongering. For an upstart, who is not a product of their gene pool and ruling class club, Trump represents the ultimate foe whose character must be destroyed, his freedom must be reined in, and even his life must be snuffed out if they can see a way to create a plausible doubt over who or what misdirection would work. All illusions of righteousness and innocence have long since washed away. The curtain behind which they have hidden has been stripped away. The America that we once loved has been tainted with unconscionable corruption.

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