Amsterdam - Paris Train - False Flag! "Hoax" - Not Another One!

Amsterdam - Paris Train - False Flag! "Hoax" 

Sorry to say folks, though this Amsterdam to Paris gunman on train terror incident looks like another False Flag Operation.

I can already hear the calls of “Here we go again another ludicrous claim of a false flag and that by doing so just undermines the seriousness of the situation with the “War on Terror…”

Though what many don’t understand is that a “False Flag” does not necessarily mean the event never took place, as it more often means the event took place so as it would help further a cause or agenda for those behind the ‘false-flag.’

Time and again and following such alleged “terrorist incidents” that don’t quite add up - claims of a “False-Flag” operation frequently follows such events and that often enough there is a good enough reason as to why this is the case.

First we have to realise what the world is going through - and especially after what took place on 9/11 in New York in 2001.

This recent event allegedly happened on Friday 21 August 2015 – a date often connected to many war related incidents that’s taken place across the world including WWI and WWIII – that all these types of “War Against Terror” incidents we keep seeing played out on the world stage is ultimately going to end up with WWIII that according to 33rd Degree Freemason Albert Pike’s prediction of “Three World Wars” with the final one accumulating with a world war between Christianity Vs Islam.

Though you have to also appreciate that there are various different agendas and all running simultaneously from one another and particularly in the USA where they are desperate to ban gun ownership that without a doubt has gone crazy out there.

That’s why there’s so many “false-flag” incidents involving “lone-wolves” and going on shooting sprees in churches, schools, universities, cinemas, stations and shopping malls – making sure “every single member of the public feels threatened in some way and that “they or their children could be next.”

Though is very difficult to convince an American public that has written into its constitution; “the right to bear arms”, and even more problematic to convince members of the public in other countries - as to why the world should yet again go to war – and against each other.

So you need a constant drip-effect and where these types of one-off incidents and situations keep on happening.

As I write this article - it's being reported News Reporter Allison Parker and photographer Adam Ward were both shot and killed on the 26 August 2015 while working for WBDJ in Roanake, Virginia.

It was reported the magic number three people were shot and the gunman is at large - though it has since been confirmed he was a disgruntled ex-employee. 

Shooting on Live TV News at Bridgewater Plaza, Virginia | WDBJ7 Reporter & Photographer Killed

They are designed to eat away at the public’s mind-set so as not only are tougher and draconian laws, regulations put into place – there are extra calls for security.

As a direct result of the Amsterdam train incident Belgium's Prime Minister Charles Michel will consult with colleagues in neighboring countries on an adaptation of the Schengen Agreement, which guarantees the free movement of people, he said Saturday evening newscast Eén.

"The Schengen Agreement is important for our economy and our citizens, but we are now faced with new threats in Europe and so we'll maybe have to go to adaptation and new rules in identity and baggage checks "said Charles Michel.

Look how unpleasant it is to now fly anywhere in the world and principally if you have not got 1st or Business Class tickets that permit to sail through all the security checks so much faster.

Following this latest Amsterdam to Paris train incident we will now see even more armed guards, police and soldiers patrolling our train stations and carriages and along like that at the airports - extra security measures will be introduced, including some form of body scanners making travelling by train as unpleasant as it is to fly by air.

Dodgy politicians such as Charles Michel above, lobbyists, corrupt businessman along with the secret services, army and police ultimately benefit from each ‘false-flag’ incident that “they” are behind in the first place.

Is it not rather strange these alleged “lone-wolf” attacks that seem to take place on a weekly or monthly basis around the world – never go for the real and legitimate target – such as a politician or other leader.

How and why do they keep escaping such wrath and Joe Public is always the target?

It’s because they are not going to target their own!

In addition, many of these alleged “lone-wolves” have been brainwashed and on mind altering drugs and often in the same state of mind as Robert Kennedy’s assassin, Siran Siran – an MK-Ultra victim and Manchurian candidate.

Okay, so let’s briefly look at this recent event; as you can see, Spencer Stone (Mason) declares Jihadi John was “Jabbing” at his neck with a “box-cutter” (9/11 alleged hijackers tool – termed as “Stanley Knife/Blade in the UK) the photos clearly shows what seems to look like a slash mark/cut across the back of his neck – which I would have assumed would be even more sore and painful the following day.

There does not appear to be any kind of bandaging around his neck (above or below) and we can see a sling that I would have assumed would have not been a good idea to have positioned after receiving the above alleged cut to the back of the neck.

Though it does not seem that Spencer has any type of injury to his neck or a sign of any plaster or bandage.

Though more telling that there was not a cut to the back of his neck was his immediate release from hospital:

That wouldn’t be a good idea to have a sling positioned like that if he had the alleged neck wound as seen above.

 I’m not saying that’s the case here; but it’s amazing how easy it is to make an eye appear bloodshot, various oils and creams can effectively give this appearance in a matter of seconds and even easier to give the appearance of a black-eye and bruising – as in the photo below; Google; ‘How to bloodshot or fake a black eye’.

“Elephant on the train…”

So how come there’s no more mention of this “bag” (backpack) with AK-47 clearly sticking out of it.  How the hell did he inter an international airport with armed police officers regularly on patrol and passengers everywhere – without being noticed?

We can only assume the photo of the gun and the bag was taken before the alleged incident on the train and if so why didn’t the person who took the photo immediately alert the authorities/train-guard/member of staff/fellow passengers/or pull the emergency cord?

This “photo-shoot” is surely the “elephant on the train” that reveals the alleged storyline can NOT be true.

15.17: Thalys train 9364 leaves Amsterdam.

17.13: Ayoub El-Khazzani, 25, boards the train in Brussels at the Gare du Midi Train Station – seen left.   We can only await CCTV footage (that we will probably be told was broken, run out of “film” or not switched on), for as stated, how was it possible for Ayoub El-Khazzani to board the train unnoticed and for him to casually place this bag on a seat with a AK-47 clearly seen sticking out of it?

There are now 554 people on board. 17.50: Train crosses into France, and near the town of Oignies, El-Khazzani goes into the lavatories in carriage 12 to prepare his attack. A 28-year-old French banker, Damien A, (whose identity has not been revealed and nor does he want to – why?  Especially when everyone else is being hailed a hero.), - finds El-Khazzani with an AK-47 Kalashnikov over his shoulder, and wrestles with him.  But what happened? What do the mean “wrestled with him?” Re-enactment photos seem to place him laying down on the floor and before El-Khazzani bursts into the carriage.

Alek Skarlatos, a 22-year-old member of the National Guard in Oregon, who recently returned from service in Afghanistan, throws himself at El-Khazzani.

His friend, Spencer Stone, also an American soldier runs down the carriage to help. A third American, Anthony Sadler, helps his two friends push El-Khazzani to the ground.

French-American Mark Moogalian, 51, assists but is shot in the neck. And Briton, Chris Norman, 62, helps the other four to wrestle El-Khazzani.

French ‘actor’ Jean-Hugues Anglade, best known for his film Killing Zoe, is said to be lightly wounded when he breaks the glass to sound the alarm.

Again I asked; – why didn’t the person who took the alleged photo of the bag above not do this earlier?  For El-Khazzani then allegedly went into the lavatories after this photo was taken and then seen by “Damien A”  with the AK-47 over his shoulder, and wrestles with him.

18.00: Train makes emergency stop in Arras, 115 miles north of Paris. El Khazzani taken into custody.

18.35: Train was due to arrive in Paris.

The C-fak'al

The Military Industrial Complex (MIC) and all their associates need a “Bogey man.”  They need us shit scared of everything and anyone and, if there isn’t one then “they” simply create one.

For instance imagine you’re an unscrupulous manufacturer of an exceptionally expensive new X-ray machine known as the C-fak’al, - (that sees fuck all) that could allegedly check parcels, packages and luggage for explosive materials etc.  You would have a niche marketplace and would be trying to sell your product via your sales representatives whose task it is to contact the relevant groups of postal and airline companies such as UPS, Parcel Force, American Airlines or British Airways etc. and see if they can rustle up some business.

Or imagine if you’re a rogue Prime Minister or President - as which one of them isn’t - and facing some humiliating paedophile sex scandal or in a similar desperate situation, perhaps a politician whose popularity was flagging so badly or you needed and wanted to push through some lobbyist group’s anti-terror laws, regulations or ideas through in return for great financial gain - as after all who these lobbyists really represent are those handful of conglomerates that make up the MIC in the first place.

But there’s a problem as you’re living in a world where there isn’t (wasn’t) any terrorism going on, nor any wars were taking place and society was already well in order;

Now if this was the case it would be very difficult for your sales reps to convince the parcel or airline companies that they desperately needed a C-fak’al machine - as would it be the same for any politician trying to convince the electorate, his party or other members in parliament/congress to agree that they should be wasting billions of pounds or dollars on a worthless piece of equipment and other kinds apparatus in general.

So there you are sitting at the breakfast table with your missus/husband glaring at you and wanting to know how the hell you’re going to pay the mortgage, feed the kids and sort out all the other outstanding bills and accruing financial problems.  You’ve already invested every last penny into your C-fak’al X-ray machine, re-mortgaged the house to the hilt and you’re on the verge of bankruptcy.

Timing is everything so there is this PM or President in desperate need of a “Wag the Dog” war or similar kind of conflict, not forgetting the lobbyist’s and other MP’s who knew they were going to make millions out of their penny-shares they had invested into the MIC groups of companies, as well as the C-fak’al X-ray machine were lucrative contracts to be won.

But as I say everything was peaceful and tranquil in the world and there was no real need for any of this kind of equipment or product.

So here’s what you decide to do; you pay your dodgy mate down the pub, club or lodge to then send a parcel stuffed with some kind of explosive material (custard powder will suffice as technically most kinds of powders and dusts can be combustible in the right environment, - and with the security forces desperate to report some kind of action as threats of cut-backs, reduced overtime pay and staff cuts was on the horizon, will willing go down the route of it being a ‘possible weapon of mass destruction’ as opposed to admitting it evoked fond memories grandma’s homemade custard and apple pie.

Even better if it’s sent through the post via airmail and perhaps addressed to some synagogue or other equally religious conflicting group or organisation.

Now all you have to do is tip-off the authorities about the suspect package that’s already been sent, - whilst in addition have your lobbyist-kind of spokespersons already lined up to bombard the media with the facts that there was clearly a lapse of national security and that the problem could have easily been resolved if they had installed a C-fak’al machine in every postal sorting office or airport. - Extract from Trapped in a Masonic World.

It reminds when on March 3, 2014, at a train station (left) in south-western China it was reported a group of knife wielding Xinjiang separatist forces allegedly injured 143 people and killing 29 died.  In addition four assailants were killed by police bringing the number of total dead to 33.  Yet again that favourite number that speaks volumes to those ‘in the know’ – just like the ‘Los 33’ Chilean miners trapped down a mine in 2010.

All the evidence you need ‘to see’ that would confirm when something is not quite right about a certain major worldwide events like that of 9/11, the shooting of Charles de Menezes, the 7/7 London bombings, Sandy Hook school shootings - is that there ‘never’ seems to be CCTV footage that would soon silence any conspiracy theorists or critics in general by showing us exactly what happened.

How on earth can this be possible?  It simply cannot, especially in a world that’s saturated in CCTV cameras that would soon capture a train fair-dodger, ticket tout or someone attempting to sneak into the cinema without paying and you can’t bet your bottom dollar it would be used as evidence to convict them.

Take 9/11, scores of CCTV footage has never been revealed and was confiscated by the FBI following the alleged crashing of an airplane into the Pentagon.  Now if that’s not bad enough, there are the four airplanes and at least three airports involved that day that all have CCTV cameras all over the place.

So why has there never been any CCTV footage of the “passengers” queuing up, checking in, going to the toilet, the bar, a restaurant, on the phone, taking a photo or whatever else it is many people do whilst travelling?  If a member of my family or close friends had been travelling that day, then I’d be insistent to see the CCTV footage, as after all there must been many scattered about these airports.  I’d need to know why is there no footage of my child, wife or husband at the airport on this day in question?

Jean Charles de Menezes

The same kind of thing happened in the UK, when on the  22nd July 2005 Jean Charles de Menezes, a Brazilian man, was shot dead by the London Metropolitan police at Stockwell tube station on the London Underground after he was misidentified as one of the fugitives involved in the previous day's failed bombing attempts.  These events took place two weeks after the London 7/7 bombings, in which 52 people were killed.   UK media reports reported that no CCTV footage was available from the Stockwell station, as recording media had not been replaced after being removed for examination after the previous day's attempted bombings. Other reports stated that faulty cameras on the platform were the reason for the lack of video evidence. An anonymous source confirmed that CCTV footage was available for the ticket area, but that there was a problem with the platform coverage. The source suggested that there was no useful CCTV footage from the platform or the train carriage.

Extracts from a later police report stated that examination of the platform cameras had produced no footage. It said: "It has been established that there has been a technical problem with the CCTV equipment on the relevant platform and no footage exists." It also reported there was no footage from CCTV in the carriage where Menezes was shot, saying "Although there was on-board CCTV in the train, due to previous incidents, the hard drive had been removed and not replaced."

The platform CCTV system is maintained by the Tube Lines consortium in charge of maintaining the Northern Line; unofficial sources from inside the company insisted that the cameras were in working order. It was also reported that London Underground sources insisted that at least three of the four cameras trained on the Stockwell Tube platform were in full working order, and rejected suggestions that the cameras had not been fitted with new tapes after police took away footage from the previous day, 21 July, when suspects in the failed bombings caught trains there.

The BBC's Akbar Hossain: "People here are extremely surprised." Photo courtesy Shariful Islam

In 2013 it was widely reported that a woman named Reshma Begumhad had been pulled out alive from the ruins of an eight-storey building that collapsed in a suburb of Bangladesh's capital, Dhaka.  Yet what's even more remarkable; is how is it possible she lay hidden and unheard for all this period of time in the world’s worst building collapse, - in which it's claimed in excess of a 1000 people, mainly women died as a result of the collapse.  The building floors almost pancaked on top of each other; - creating plumes of dust and mountains of broken bricks, cement and twisted wire lay strewn all over the place. - Yet this young girl not only survived for 17 days and with little or no water at all, her "Purple" dress wear and attire remained in pristine condition, and all within hours of the bulldozers being sent in to totally flatten the whole area.

Hardly any dust in her hair or on her face, and with 'none' on her clothing?  It's as if she had not long dressed herself, and not of the appearance of someone who had laid buried underneath tons of cement and dust in general and for seventeen days at that!

It begs the question; "How is this possible?" - It's surely more miraculous that her clothing, face and hair survived so well.

I was the only one who first suggested the girl’s miracle finding was a hoax and that she was just acting;

It has since been proved this was the case by a colleague (below) of the rescued woman Reshma Begum.

Let's not forget; this buildings collapse has created a lot of anger in the local community, people will be prosecuted and jailed, if not executed.  Over a thousand innocent exploited workers have been killed due to corporate greed.  The building’s owner who tried to flee the country but was later on captured, knew how dangerous the building was.  Did someone; - as we've seen this type of pattern of a "Feel Good" factor story emerge following such a no hope type of disaster as this one; - Did "someone" devise a plan and decided to plant the young girl down inside the rubble?

It could easily be achieved during the night and when perhaps rescue teams were on a break and away from a specific area.  This would permit someone, such as a young girl to then be able to hide themselves among the rubble and until the following day and when she could then call out for help.

And if this is the case then of course it's worked, it's worldwide news and it gives "hope" to everyone; that even in the worst type of tragedies; a "Miracle" can still take place! - NOT!!

In hospital she is fine, and when you can see her wince and show signs of discomfort or pain, is when the two nurses standing in front of her and the cameras, are putting needles into the backs of her hands so as they can place Saline drips into them.

More than 1,000 are now confirmed to have died, most of them women.  The authorities said 2,437 people had been rescued, of whom about 1,000 had suffered serious injuries.

At least nine people have been arrested over the accident, including the owner of the building and several factory bosses.

Below are two links to blogs that have done a great job in exposing the reasons they and others also feel and can see this as being yet another false-flag event and hoax.


‘Let’s Roll’ Part Deux: American (Military) Tourists Thwart ‘Random ISIS Attack’ in Paris -

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