EDIT TO ADD:  Note to whoever added this pic:  "The love of money is the root of all evil."  If We remove the soil in which the root grows, it cannot flourish. This quote was made from inside the scarcity paradigm, and as such does not reflect the options and expectations of the abundance paradigm.

I want to talk to all You revolutionaries.  You, who now are looking around You and thinking this is not how it should be.  You who, regardless of who You blame for the problems of this planet, know that something is about to break.

Maybe You are tucking food and ammunition away, preparing.  Most likely You are just going about Your day, watching the web, and saying, “We have to do something.”

Something is VERY wrong with the picture.

I watch as this solution to that problem is suggested – and yeah, maybe that might bandaid that problem – but there are other symptoms that crop up, and then We, to mix metaphors, have to put that fire out.  Quick!  What size bandaid do We need, and what shape, what contour?  And underlying virtually all of these sores in Our society, diverse as it is, on this planet I see a common infection.

Point blank, the infection that drains Humans of creative – and yes, loving – behavior is the need for money.  I see People behave badly in so many ways, trying to find ways to enhance Their money.  Most don’t, as a rule, making do but maybe contemplating what it would be like if They robbed a bank and got away with it.  What would They do with all that money?

So not only do We have to come up with bandaids, We have to be able to afford them – which leads to wrong sized bandaids, or no bandaid at all.  And within this the need for money, We have a very few on this planet sucking Us for all We are worth.  Add to that there is evidence that They also are not interested in the global welfare of Humanity.

So…  Let’s take a look at money.  Is there a way to eliminate the need for it?

Let’s ask the question, what function does money play in Our social interaction?  Surely We measure “success” by the quantity One can accumulate of it.  Its main function, however, is to allow Us to conveniently move the products of Human and “external” energy between Us.

Human energy is used in services, in labor, and in what I call documenting – dealing with red tape, creating receipts, keeping books, accounting for this currency.  “External” energy is, of course, all the other sources of energy:  coal, gas, oil, wood, etc.

This makes sense if You think of the first hunter, gatherer, fisher, farmer, miner, builder…  In each case, Human energy is put forth in a meaningful way and the product represents that energy, with the meaning giving it value.  Everything They used was free – the bows, the baskets, the rods, the seeds and soil and sun and rain, the picks – were created with free stuff through Human energy meaningfully expended so as to collect the free goods (with more meaningful energy expended).

Because the product of meaningful energy expended was scarce, compared to all One might want to accomplish, We placed the value We did on what We produced.  Out of this grew the exchange of the products – whether services or tangible.  From this We can see that 100% of the cost of anything is the cost of energy, whether Human or “external.”

When trade and barter became too cumbersome, tokens began being used, and more convenient tokens were devised as time went on.  Shells, beads, coins, bills, checks, electronic funds – all tokens of this meaningful energy expended.

Throughout the history We have on this planet, there has been the presumption that energy is scarce.  This has affected the way in which Our society has grown.  For instance, when Humans began to be used as the energy source along the assembly line, the “work ethic” sprouted up to keep Us believing that a handful of tokens was Our just due for doing Our duty to the system, keeping it going.  In fact, We have become slaves of this system.

Until recently, the energy scarcity has been a yoke on Humanity, in the form of money, and the symptoms of wearing that yoke are many.  Poverty and privilege, oppression, wage/debt slavery, greed, a banking system that is out of control, and war profiteering.  With accumulations of money comes power – in fact, power over Others is merely another form of money, leading Us to the equation, money=power=energy.

Now, for the first time in Our given history, We have access to the energy pool We swim in – the so-called “Dark” Energy, also called zero point energy, radiant energy (Tesla), orgone (Reich), “vacuum” energy, plenum energy, and other such names.  The methods of extracting this energy, however, have been hidden and suppressed.

Because the power “elite” know Their power depends on energy scarcity – which begs for a system to account for it, and thus money (and thus power over Others) – They hide any technologies that offer free energy.  If we had free energy flowing, the cost of things would be vastly cheaper as the cost of “external” energy is removed all down the production line.

Another development We are just now seeing is the great advancement in robotics.  We are at the point where all necessary work no One WANTS to do can be done by robot.  If free energy took the bulk of the cost of things away, making robots affordable, and We built robots for all the necessary work no One WANTS to do (or not enough People), We can remove the cost of Human energy – and this will make everything…free.

So, yes.  We CAN get rid of the NEED for exchange (trade, barter, money...)

We Humans will readily do things We WANT to do for merely the social currency it brings Us:  appreciation, thanks, lauds, fame, recognition, attention, and Self-satisfaction.

And so…  Rather than Us dividing on the issues of what bandaid in what shape, size and contour We should be placing on what societal sore, I call for a solidarity in doing all We can to strip the “elite” of Their power over Others – by working to release free energy extraction methods from secrecy, and building robots.  Yes, indeed, We CAN get rid of the NEED for money.

Let’s break out of the old paradigm and institute simple societal seeds for a healthy society to emerge from.

For more detail please see:

1.  The Foundation:  http://12160.info/profiles/blogs/the-end-of-entropy-a-look-at-our-entropic-world-and-the-evidence

2.  Governance:  http://12160.info/profiles/blogs/stigmergic-governance-via-the-web

3.  A Plan:  http://12160.info/profiles/blogs/t-a-p-you-re-it

4.  Another approach:  http://12160.info/profiles/blogs/if-you-control-the-gold-and-money-is-tied-to-gold-you-control-the

5.  Info about one hidden free energy method:  http://12160.info/profiles/blogs/electrogravitics-a-simplified-description

6. The Ethical Planetarian:  http://12160.info/profiles/blogs/the-ethical-planetarian-party-platform


Let Us go a new direction on this planet and solve all issues related to money – which is at least 98% of the problems We see.  First step:  Spread awareness of this solution to the tipping point.

The root of all evil is the LOVE of money.  Remove the soil in which the root grows...


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Comment by Amaterasu Solar on June 6, 2013 at 12:44pm

Speaking of laundry robots... I want one that does dishes, one that vacuums, and one that scrubs the commode.  I guess there IS one that keeps the floors clean (though it should empty itself and I should never have to worry about it)... Can't afford it in this money system We presently have.  [sigh]

Comment by Amaterasu Solar on June 6, 2013 at 3:01am

Thank You, suzie. [smile]  Virtually all of Us have had to give up something (or never could afford something) We LOVE to do so as to schlep to work to manage to pay the bills.  You're right.  Most of Us are unfulfilled.  Human life is wasted adding Our energy to a system that enriches mostly a very few.

Someday I hope to have a chance to taste Your cooking!  (You are the gourmet; I, the gourmand.)

Comment by suzie on June 6, 2013 at 1:05am

i almost forgot i love to cook good food to its a lot of fun if you have the proper materials ..

Comment by suzie on June 6, 2013 at 12:58am

i want a robot to do my laundry and take out my trash .. im all for getting rid of money. i also believe there is enough energy for all we need an endless source hidden for a long time .. strip the elite of there power to horde knowledge and open up the sources of love healing and empower each other its such a nice thought .. i wish i could paint, sing, dance and have a garden ..write poetry and maybe a novel of how its been for me .. i also like to teach if only i could .. there are too many rules and regulations so i work for money and every time i pay all the bills i get to do it again in a few short weeks, i ask myself do i live to pay or pay to live either way it isn't full-filling. it makes me feel like a slave and that isnt a good feeling ... i like your paradime shift it is freedom in  a way we have never considered ... its worth  exploring if only we were free to explore .. were all trapped in a matrix built by the elite money masters 

Comment by Amaterasu Solar on June 6, 2013 at 12:18am

What if We all just ignored Those who would control Us and just did it?  If the ideas spread to the tipping point, that is just what We will do.

Would love to know where You feel the issues are, specifically...

Comment by Nobody Will Observe on June 5, 2013 at 10:22pm

4.  Surely One has the right to exchange things One has made with Others.  The point is that the NECESSARY things can be provided without exchange needed. 

"You can have whatever You want, and once You accept something You ask for, it is Yours"

Something for nothing. Free lunch. OK

Sorry if I asked questions or engaged you in any kind of civil discussion before reading the answers. I'm not worthy ;)

I could think of some reading in reality for you too my dear, but would still be willing to talk with you even without. eh :)

PS: I have read much of your links. Common sense still tells me that it not realistic at all.

((( I admire your benevolence and goals. Just don't see it working ))) 

Comment by Amaterasu Solar on June 5, 2013 at 8:41pm

@ T Roy

1. The "evil" is confined to the few who are evil enough to exploit the rest via money/power They grabbed.

2. Debt IS slavery; if I had the only $100 in existence and loaned it to You at interest, there would be no way for You to repay Me and You would be forever in MY debt; You become owned by Me. You would be My slave.

3. Ownership will surely exist. You can have whatever You want, and once You accept something You ask for, it is Yours.  And what I propose is PURELY Individual-centric.  Freeing You and ALL Humanity from having to give up Your bliss (maybe write songs or paint pictures or climbing mountains or traveling the world or...) to get a job You hate so You can pay the bills, barely scraping by with no way to afford Your bliss.  Children are the "wards" of Their parents unless it is seen that the parents are deliberately hurting or killing Them, taking or damaging Their property, or defrauding Them (breaking the three Laws).  Maybe You should read the linked articles I wrote, eh?  These answers are there.

4.  Surely One has the right to exchange things One has made with Others.  The point is that the NECESSARY things can be provided without exchange needed. 

Tell You what... When You have read My links, come back and ask questions.  Then I won't have to answer the ones I have addressed in those pieces, eh?

Comment by Nobody Will Observe on June 5, 2013 at 6:06pm

"2Money - the need for exchange to survive"

I respectfully disagree!

The RIGHT of the individual to freely trade and keep the fruits of their labor.


Comment by Nobody Will Observe on June 5, 2013 at 5:54pm

Would we do away with ownership by any individual all together?

Who would manage and make sure it is fair?

For the better good of all no individual.

Children openly 'wards of the State?

Where would it begin and end?

Comment by Nobody Will Observe on June 5, 2013 at 5:52pm

Can it really all be blamed on this evil coin?


"Destroying the New World Order"



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