By Anna Von Reitz

It appears that a group of "U.S. Citizens" are busily trying to "register" our "lands" for us.
That is not going to work for a number of reasons-- but first message to everyone is this:
When you register anything, you are giving away your ownership interest in it. 
Record everything. Register nothing. 
We have already recorded the ownership of All land and soil in this country. 
It all belongs to the American States and People. 
The Sovereign Patent Owner of all land and soil in this country is The United States of America -- the actual unincorporated version. 
And nobody can give away our land and soil by registering it with and foreign government now or ever in any venue of the law. 
Because even in the commercial realm our paperwork is long cured and The United States of America and each one of the States holds the perfected agricultural Lien on all land and soil in this country.
All those "U.S. Persons" who just woke up and who are rushing to register and thereby give away our land and soil can save themselves the trouble.
We are first in line and first in time and we hold the Sovereign Patent. 
So let's have enough of that nonsense and those false claims. 
Such "U.S. Persons" would have to have a legitimate interest, standing, and authority as owners of our land and soil before they could give it away by registering it "for" us--- and they don't meet any of those requirements. 
By choosing to act in the capacity of "U.S. Citizens" they gave up their birthright as Americans. 
The only way they have anything to say about our land and soil is if they officially change their political status and join their State Jural Assemblies. 
And they cannot claim to act "for" us --number one, because they have no authority to do so, and number two, because we have already taken the bull by the horns and attended to these matters for ourselves. 
So-- both the Legal and Lawful owner of the land and soil of this country is The United States of America , an unincorporated Federation of unincorporated member States.  
All false "titles" issued by the British Territorial United States and the Municipal United States in our purported "absence" need to be thrown in the dust bin of history and recognized for what they are and always were--- false claims in Commerce made by persons having no ownership interest and no standing to make such claims or issue such titles. 
All "State Trusts" are already collapsed by the return of the "Presumed Donors" and our action re-issuing and updating our Sovereign Patent in 2015 and all subsequent Notice, Reclamation and Lien Process. 
Let this be a lesson to the ignorant--- whenever some entity gives you the opportunity to "register" anything-- walk on by at a dog trot wearing a horrible fixed grin. 
You have no reason to register anything-- not your name, not your land, not the bogus titles issued by "the" UNITED STATES, none of it. 
You are not to register anything ever again.  
Record everything. Register nothing. 
Why? Repeat after me:
Anytime you register anything you are giving up your ownership interest in it. 
So don't register your name, your children, your cars, your land, or anything else that you wish to keep and have control of. 
Just say no to the Numbnutz and demand to see their authority to demand that you give up your ownership interest in your land and soil? 
Tell these freebooters and criminals to shove off!! 

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Comment by cheeki kea on January 27, 2019 at 10:30pm

That's why City council think they can march onto your land and demand you remove rubbish. Just say "No thats your job" and reprimand them for not advertising the inorganic collection and watch those registrar enforcers soon run away. 

Comment by Chris of the family Masters on January 27, 2019 at 9:14pm

Technically, the process of registration passes equity ownership onto a registrar, and we become caretakers aka registered users.

Comment by Chris of the family Masters on January 27, 2019 at 7:40pm

"Just say no to the Numbnutz and demand to see their authority to demand that you give up your ownership interest in your land and soil?"

"Destroying the New World Order"



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