Assassinations of Breitbart, Marilyn Monroe, Seal Team Six, and the LA County Coroner

What do such people as Andrew Breitbart, Seal Team Six, JFK, Marilyn Monroe, and the LA County Coroner’s office have to do with each other? You would be surprised to know that there is a common tragic thread that links all of them, a deadly correlation that has been kept from public knowledge. Come with me to follow a twisted path of deceit that values little the lives of the innocent, and we will see how the official version of history differs greatly from the light of day.

Voice of the dead
Recently I was contacted by another writer in the one of my numerous columns who had something very interesting to say about the secretive events surrounding the odd death of conservative political activist, Andrew Breitbart. This person, who preferred to remain anonymous, was by profession a fashion and cultural reporter, and this is how the story began.

Upon a request by his editor, this particular writer informed me, he contacted not only the LA PD but the LA County Coroner’s office to follow up on the expected results of Andrew Breitbart’s autopsy, which had been uncharacteristically announced almost immediately after the DOA (dead on arrival) pronouncement within the first few hours of Breitbart’s mysterious death pending later confirmation by autopsy. That a coroner would make such a public statement that soon when normally it takes weeks to arrive at a definite determination as to the cause of death was not only unusual but atypical from a professional standpoint. To some, this was already beginning to look like an ominous conspiracy to hide the true cause of death from the American people.

Intimidation by authority

This writer encountered not only a hostile rebuff from the LA police for his completely professional inquiry, but a stern warning not to call again with a demand for the writer’s personal address and employer, which he found to be not only needlessly paranoid on the part of the police, but as an effort to suppress knowledge of the true cause of death through intimidation. This reaction by the police, not only seemed odd, but unnecessarily aggressive when it would be to the best interests of all involved to get at the true cause of death.

Eliminating witnesses

It was around this same time that the witness who had seen Breitbart collapse and expire while walking his dog on the street after leaving a neighborhood bar, had noted to the press that the color of the victim’s skin was bright red with a ring of noticeably pale skin that encircled his head around the scalp and forehead. This seemed to indicate a contradiction to a natural cause and pointed ominously to something else perhaps poisoning. This eye witness to the unusual death suddenly vanished. Not but a few days later, Michael Cormier, the forensics examiner that worked on Breitbart’s body died of some kind of undetermined toxic contact (poisoning) after the LA County Coroner’s office had claimed there were no abnormalities in Andrew Breitbart’s cause of death.

Had Cormier threatened to expose the truth after the official verdict on the announced cause of Breitbart’s death which had supposedly been a coronary episode with nothing abnormal in the bloodstream? The LA Coroner’s office even seemed to backtrack after this announcement saying that Cormier had not been assigned to Breitbart’s case. The writer who had contacted me said that their reaction to his telephone conversation had been vague and defensive, but hardly cooperative. He claimed the reason he'd contacted me had been simply to help me in my efforts to cover the story and point out a confirmation that things were not the way they seemed, a cover-up by authorities seemed to be afoot.

Long history of refusing to declare homicides

The LA County coroner’s office has a history of controversial if not suspect involvement with the deaths of well known, celebrities, and public figures. If it wasn’t difficult enough to deliver satisfactory results already over the many times disputed cause of death associated with movie stars who many times have much to lose and who keep company with those who have much to gain, unanswered mysteries seem to linger in the aftermath of dead celebrities. Yet, in all this the LA County coroner’s office seems to have had its share of botched or intentionally compromised examinations. It seems a history of such discrepancies that dates back decades can be traced. It seems those deaths with ties to the political world are the most prevalent.

Marilyn Monroe was widely recognized as having had a romantic liaison with President John F. Kennedy in the early 1960’s. Not only was she seeing the President of the United States, but she was apparently spending time with a well known gangster of the mob, Sam Giancana. Monroe’s contacts with Communist exiles living in Mexico and allegedly having knowledge of secret government intelligence data leaked to her by President Kennedy also made her a threat to national security. Even though the famous actress was under psychiatric care and being closely monitored by the FBI, she had tried to commit suicide on several occasions and was abusing barbiturates and alcohol.

Anyone is expendable

Her death will forever remain a mystery as many versions of her final hours told by different sources create a confusing timeline of events. Having died in the hours between August fourth and fifth 1962 from 9:30 PM possibly until sometime after midnight, the unconfirmed presence of certain actors and members of the Kennedy family, along with two doctors is only one point of contention. Having been under the influence of Nembutal but had been given an enema containing chloral hydrate just before her death either accidental or administered overdoes seems conclusive. The two drugs made for a toxic combination. Witness testimony claimed that Marilyn may have been moved from her bed, taken somewhere, perhaps to an emergency room, and then brought back to her bedroom dead and her body placed into a certain position that raised more questions as it appeared the scene had been manipulated according to police after they had arrived. It was not until 4:25 AM that the LA PD was called to report the death of the troubled actress.

Once again the LA Coroner’s office botched the examination when tissue/organ samples taken after the autopsy conducted came up missing, which was mysterious. Had the Kennedy’s presided over arrangements of her death? Had Sam Giancana and the mafia authorized a clandestined hit on Monroe to spite the Kennedy’s? Reports of who had been around Marilyn in the hours before her death ranged from Dean Martin and Frank Sinatra to Buddy Greco or Robert Kennedy and Peter Lawford. It was known that both of her doctors were at the scene of her death Greenson and Engleberg who had likely administered the last drug found in her system. Yet, the FBI, who had been keeping such close surveillance on Monroe, had no record in their files of the last night of the actresse’s life leading some to speculate that they too had something to do with Marilyn’s demise.

Intentionally removing evidence

It is clear that Marilyn Monroe did not die for anything she might have done, but what harm she could have done with what she knew, and it didn’t help that the LA County Coroner’s office had lost or allowed tissue and organ samples to be taken after the autopsy to disappear! Does this tell us that whoever is the highest bidder or the more formidable threat will be the ones who determine the cause of death? Aside from all the speculations and theories surrounding her death this act of  negligence or accidental premise (tissue sample disappearance) remains an indisputable fact and seems to be a pattern repeated over the years.

Eviscerating opponents with impunity

In the case of Andrew Breitbart, it seems negligence and controversy would resurface again under the auspices of the LA Corner’s office along with the political ties that could well have proven to be the fatal determining factor that decided the fate of a potent enemy of the Obama White House. It was the evening of the eve that Andrew Breitbart had announced that he would unveil damaging taped evidence against President Obama that would derail his presidential campaign hopes for 2012. It was quite obvious that the President and his administration were on notice that Breitbart had something very important to reveal to the public. It was also quite well known that Andrew Breitbart was a prominent political adversary who had exposed many in the left of wrongdoing and had brought them down. Surely, the President and his staff took Breitbart’s threat seriously. At CPAC just months earlier, Breitbart had announced that he would use all resources necessary to vet the President all over again in a way that not only the Democrats but the Republicans had been too negligent to properly oversee. Andrew Breitbart was not a California millionaire by accident, he was recognized as the tenacious political adversary of the left that he had become from his astute work and sources. To the left, Breitbart was a dangerous investigative source of aggravation, and they attempted to harass and discredit Andrew at every opportunity.

When Andrew Breitbart unexpectedly died on the sidewalk walking his dog back to his Westwood home, the Obama White House were no doubt sure they had dodged a major bullet. A major threat to the looming Obama re-election had been averted. They had everything to gain from a Breitbart demise. As a matter of fact, according to Pastor Manning of Harlem, a black minister who has opposed President Obama from the beginning, Andrew Breitbart’s fate, like that of Marilyn Monroe was determined not by what he had done, but by what he had known and what harm he could do with that knowledge.

Fox news white washes evidence against Obama

However, when Sean Hannity at Fox news supposedly revealed the damaging videos that Breitbart was going to unveil there were no big surprises. Yes, one tape had been admittedly suppressed from being released by Obama supporters in 2008 to protect the junior, Illinois, Senator’s chances which showed the young Barack Obama meeting publicly with some of his radical mentors, but had this been what Andrew Breitbart had intended when it came to vetting the President all over again? Was this the film he had been alluding to? No, according to Pastor Manning, not in the slightest. This black leader of a Harlem church says that the watered down and white washed film evidence presented by Sean Hannity was a disgrace to the legacy of Andrew Breitbart. Hannity and Fox news had capitulated just as they had over the mention of the Obama eligibility question which many have alleged would have meant an immediate firing if the subject was brought up on the air.  There was much more as we will find out.

Bin Laden raid a hoax

According to Pastor Manning’s sources, it all goes back to the supposed government sanctioned assassination of Osama Bin Laden by Seal Team Six at his compound in Pakistan just 10 miles from that nation’s capital. As the true account goes, Bin Laden was not killed and buried under Muslim tradition at sea as was officially reported in the multiplicity of versions of press releases that were sent out by the White House in the days and hours that immediately followed the ordered termination of the Al-Qaeda leader. Instead, the body of Osama Bin laden was airlifted via a CIA guarded airplane back to Dover AFB. From there, the body was inspected and then cremated. This information courtesy of a wiki leaks exposure. In fact, although Navy Seal Team Six was the alleged combat unit assigned to the task of taking out Osama Bin Laden, the operation never happened.

A president who doesn't give a damn

In correspondence with the findings of a recent Grand Jury in Ocala, Florida who have handed down an indictment on President Obama and Vice President Joe Biden for disclosing intelligence data that compromised national security as well as revealing detailed information that caused the deaths of Seal Team Six members, Breitbart had obtained this story. This inevitably led to the later fatal crash of a Chinook helicopter containing members of Seal Team Six. That’s not all though.

The question was raised, why was the entire Seal Team Six squad ordered onto a Chinook to begin with? Was this planned in order to be deliver all in a neat package to be conveniently snuffed in one fell swoop? Valuable assets with superb training all to be inadvisably traveling together under less than secured circumstances? The Chinook is a carefully guarded aircraft with fighter cover and ground to air protection as well, though not armed itself, usually moving in tandem with a second Chinook, but for some inexplicable reason, Seal Team Six was ordered to board the Chinook with 8 Taliban soldiers. A suicide bomber amongst those Afghans blew up the helicopter killing all onboard in the resulting crash in Afghanistan on the 7 August 2011. If this isn’t suspicious and indicating a lack of good judgment on the part of their superiors, I don’t know what is. Ultimately, those 22 men on Seal Team Six died so they would never reveal that the whole operation had been a hoax, a publicity stunt for President Obama to regain his popularity that had been back sliding at that point.

When the White House fabrication of a successful Bin Laden raid had been released, the President turned the faltering numbers of supporters caused by public doubts about his eligibility and true allegiance to America. He was able to stifle criticism and make Americans think he was patriotic all in one single act, but that public deception ended in the intended murder of Seal Team Six. To further silence the incident, General David Petraeus was moved into the Director of the CIA position while former CIA Director Leon Panetta was promoted to Secretary of Defense in order to reward him for his silence in the matter. In one cunning move, the White House had effectively transformed President Obama’s declining numbers in the polls to the sudden heroism of authorizing a supposedly daring raid that had killed the most wanted criminal on the planet. This distracted the public from its doubts over Obama’s birthplace and whether or not the President sided with Muslims or American interests on foreign issues.

A planned unveiling that sealed his fate

Andrew Breitbart was ready to break the details of this story wide open with irrefutable proof of the falsified military operation and how it eventually led to the killing of Seal Team Six as a result. This would have been a paralyzing blow to the White House, and surely would have put serious doubts into President Obama’s electability on top of eliciting criminal charges for such actions in this bloody conspiracy that was designed to boost President Obama’s popularity at the cost of the   lives of our US armed forces! Is it little wonder that the Obama White House had a great deal at stake in liquidating Breitbart in addition to everyone else they had conveniently assassinated in the quest for another 4 year term?

In all this is the complicity of the LA Coroner’s Office, apparently when the odds are risky and there is money to be had, this is one public office that delivers when the political stakes are high!
What common denominator ties Breitbart, JFK, Marilyn Monroe, and Seal Team Six together? In a word, political expediency. When extermination becomes the most efficient means of solving a problem you can bet it will be over political leverage. When dead men tell no tales, political agendas advance while the deceased hold their tongues just waiting for someone to unlock the key.




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