Australia Day 2016 - "Invasion Day" 2016, to True Australians. PM Turnbull shows he's up for the job – top political classhole

Yes folks, our 400th PM in five years, no, not so many, Malcolm Turnbull, has proved himself worthy of the last part of his surname - “bull”.
“... we acknowledge and honour and respect their elders past and present, just as right across Australia, where over 400 ceremonies are taking place like this on the lands of Australia's first peoples. We honour their elders past and present, and respect their custodianship and their links to our land...”
Bull! For the most part “we” in his language, “white Australians”, descended most from convicts and the “white” world's poorer folks, crims mainly, and still carry huge racist attitudes to our “First Peoples”, mainly by making them “qualify” for a mortgage to live in their own land. No mention of the genocide of millions.
Lots, though a lessening number by the day, are indoctrinated in the world's biggest land-grabber cults of christianity. And freemasons. All but jews, beneath the cloth.
Other cultures provide enough totally unsound reason for our “white” minimally-educated bigots to bash, harass, mock them, etc.
More than ever, are atheist.
However, no shining examples of placing their own Philosophical Intelligence before blind faith, or before the real estate the foreign, invader, land-stealing cults offer, to stay liars, self-censoring and mute about any major scam or corrupt ploy enacted upon – Aborigines.  Upon, anyone standing up for the oppressed, anywhere on Earth, let alone for the Earth herself!
The darkest, most laughable new world order foreign cults have bought these “atheists” off as soon as they post on social media.
So, really, nothing has changed with the dramatic exposures and decline of the foreign invaders' religions.
Like the Hell's Angels bashing and murdering their way to “own” control of many nations' police forces, working of course, as mere mercenaries for the bigger cults, masons mainly, so do their masters in the biggest cults operate to “own” people, nations' and – the planet's real estate!
“Aborigines' be damned!” in their terms.
The Planet's Natural Environment, be damned! as well.
Each day, newer, bigger, faster more destructive machinery is made to accelerate the extinction of every Native, Natural thing and Indigenous Being and Person's Homeland in Astrayliar.
So, PM Bull..., er, “Turn&Bull”, ”..We honour their elders past and present, and respect their custodianship and their links to our land...” is bull - shit.
Yep, This PM, qualifies!
”Australia is the most successful multicultural society in the world.”
Turn&Bull shit!
We ignore, more or less, at least our “political classholes” do, the plights of millions of “3rd worlders” and 3rd worlders from 1st world nations, just stuck without basics like a safe roof, like A ROOF, like healthy foods, Intelligence-raising education, without the most basic opportunities with THE OFFSHORE ROTHSCHILD BANKERS, to secure an affordable home loan, or even an over-priced small loan for a few reasonable necessities, like an high-power V8 car, a bigscreen TV, a meth lab., etc., etc.
People who are not living off stolen wealth, are looked poorly upon if they do not conform to western lifestyles.
“Value judgments” are how Astrayliar functions. “Conform, or be bashed!”
”Diverse and harmonious.”
Diverse, yes, but not for more than your first visa period. After that, unless you know one of your own, say, living in a Vietnamese stronghold, safe-haven, who invites you in, your skin, eyes, clothing, language, accent, marks you as “dangerous!”
Turn&Bull shit!
Riven with crime gangs running police forces, doing big cults', or big corps' or big realtys' dirty work of bashing, robbing, burning down homes or disappearing REALPolitik Dissidents, or corporate/cult or political Whistleblowers, whether it be Italian mafia, Russian mafia, American mafia, Chinese mafia, British mafia, Astraylyin' mafia, international pedophile clubs, domestic and foreign spies or Israoili crime gangsters, people everywhere in Astrayliar, live those old “whistle a happy tune” SHIT-SCARED lives, hiding behind their occult shields laced around their houses, and behind veils of lies lies lies, hoping the devils will leave them alone.
“Astraylyin' politics” is the most appalling disaster, riddled with totally corrupt people, policies and cults, not to mention Rupert Murdoch's Brettonwoods and Bilderberger cabals, cartels, ensuring THEY get all the real estate, if and when the day of Armageddon in the northern hemisphere arrives.
”We can look at our past with great pride and with some regret, but we are not defined, let alone trapped by our history, as many other nations are.
Turn&Bull! Shit! We are drowning in denials of the shame of our genocidal “past”, and at least up until the 1967 “Referendum” declaring Indigenous Human Beings here, as, Human Beings!
No surprise of course, that for the last 208 years or so, not one word has been uttered in public ceremonies on this same date, not of the first fleets' 1788 landing and invasion, instead of the ILLEGAL and unaddressed, let alone corrected, 1808 January 26th coup d'etat, led by a rogue bastard of a witch, British Marine Corps Sergeant John Macarthur.
A deposing on that sad day, of a fairly Righteous and True, Economically True, Governor William Bligh, thus all the King George III of England's immensely Proper and Impartial laws of the Land, and on how to Truly Respect the 1st Peoples, in Sydney Cove, and the ensuing calamity we call “Australia, fair and free” Ho! Ho! Ho!
Not one word, about THE event which RUINED Australia's chances of NOT BEING ENTIRELY CORRUPT!
Today's 2016 Australia Day address to newcoming Aussies from PM Turn&Bull, showed us, he fits the bill of being a lying asshole prime minister, as almost all before him have been.
"Many nations define themselves by a common race or religion or culture. Not us. Our national identity is defined by shared political values, democracy, tempered by the rule of law. A deep belief that each of us owes the other a fair go, the best chance to realise our dreams."
"..shared political values, democracy, tempered by the rule of law.”
Turn&Bull. Turn&Bull. Turn&Bull.
Shared political values, yes, if we accept, or dare admit, all our “political values” rest entirely upon CORRUPTION.
Corruption of “Democracy” and of “the rule of law”, such that hardly one “rule” or “law” has Veracity or Legitimacy.
“A law is NOT a law, if it is partial!” Simple truth.
Face it, Australia!
You're busted.
Turn&Bull! Most fitting as our prime miniature!
Sad really, Malcolm Turnbull is both a Republican and an Advocate for Land Rent for Government Revenue, as near as impossible as that is to institute in the most inequitable nation on Earth.
Australia is massively divided in terms of "class", of wealth versus poverty, in education opportunities, employment, and real estate.
"Crime" is the chief lifestyle here, especially in the top 50%.
”But, amidst the justified recognition of the good and the great, we should recognise each other.”
We must, as a Chief Duty to the future, “recognise our failings” too, Malcolm.
Ignoring them, as the pedo-class I mean the political class here does, ensures disaster ahead.
”We have done this together. We’ve have built a remarkable country. Yes, there have been great leaders in every field who have inspired us, but Australia belongs to all of us. It was built by all of us.”
Not “built” but “ruined”.
Australia's land, ie., Her real estate, belongs to the evil IMF/Rothschild's global banking & realty cartels.
And if you speak against that, you'll be shunned, bashed, robbed of all your possessions, left ignored destitute and homeless for the rest of your life.
Welcome to Astrayliar, newcomers, from the wealthier sections of the planet.
If you're poor, not white, not jewish or christian, not ready to sell your soul, and your arse, living in a war zone created by Rothschild's banking military forces, and want to make it here, expect to be sunk and brutalized on your way.
Oh! And if you're Indigenous Australian – get used to it. Rothschilds, their zionist cabals and covens of witches, are demons and irreparably insane. And they WANT your real estate!
Sorry Malcolm Turnbull PM, but fuck off!
And take your pedo spoiled brat political and false-god religious classholes with you!
Happy Invasion Day, or Happy Sorry Day, non-whiteAustralians!
Sorry too, for the FACTS about Australia, being put so truthfully.
The image; my version of an Alternative Australian flag, of ULURUBA

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