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Hello from down asunder down below, in Australia.
I don't know if 12160 has ANY members from Australia, or New Zealand, or even from south of the equator, other than this "program" (bad upbringing, low self-esteem!).
So, that I wrote this item this morning on the article attached, which tries, and fails, imo, to address why housing prices in Australia's two biggest cities, "Sinny" and Melbourne, are ever on a fast rise, to bursting the real estate bubble, may be irrelevant to you guys, from the USA, etc.
BUT!  WAIT! There's more!
In my way, in this, I try to correlate Australia's, and America's and most western nations' housing affordability problems, successfully or not - YOU BE THE JUDGE - to things, events in the 1780s, down the toilet called "Australia", would you believe? (No. It IS that bad...!)
AND! That those events, sad and bad events, changed a, if not the, course of history, everywhere on mum Eartha.
From the e-ssay...;
"Because we might well not even know of the “real estate industry” today, were those Edicts enabled fully, nationwide. Worldwide...."

IMO, it, what I've written, should interest Peeps everywhere land and housing is unaffordable.

And, as I know some at 12160 are well aware of the underlying issues I go to here (the very issue/issues which inspired the OCCUPY WALL STREET Movement), they too, might find it worth following up on my suggestions about relevant reading, "books", that-is, and other searches for hidden, hard-to-find, if not totally REDACTED "Edicts" which were formulated and sent with the "First Fleet" in 1788 to set-up the colony down asunder, in what's now really "Astray-liar".


REALPolitik Outlaw Media

(NB: I'd understand if "go ogle", y'know, that big media cabal, out of Silicun' Valley, is frowned-upon by the Welded-On 12160-ers, so forgive me for being lazy and using that media medium to spit my rants daily, online, to, the world..... My rants, some lucid, some less so, may be found under "Max JUST DEFIANCE Cook" tag, or thereabouts in G+, if you like this e-ssay?)

DISCLAIMER!: IF, Cannabis was fully legal down asunder, I wouldn't write this sort of dummy-spit! Promise! True! I just be croooozin', albeme waaaasted...! 8-))))) FTP!

Australia, Housing, Immigration, Economics, Politrix and and...


1400 words

I feel myself drifting back into following and commenting on politics, “Australian” style.

I'm not sure it's a healthy feeling.




Wikipedia tells me, “....the next [Australian federal] election must be held between August 2018 and May 2019 for half of the state senators and on or before 2 November 2019 for the House of Representatives and territory senators.”

So it, the next national election, is still a way off.

In the meantime, lots of steam is let out in Canberra, mainly to fill the pockets of criminally-insane self-interest groups, otherwise known as political parties, and a bunch of unaligned “do-nothings”.

Media too, is big in Canberra, and most of them too, are tuned into what serves their pseudo-reporting careers most profitably.

Nobody very often asks “Why does Canberra exist?”

Most, who have any experience of our political arenas, know the answer as, “to keep the corruption entrenched” or variations of.

People, mostly who profit from speaking highly of our nation's forefathers, and mothers, call some passed political figures “visionaries” and the like, for being able to scam I mean plan things like – Canberra, and other city's locations, layouts, spreads, distributions of residential suburbs, industrial, shopping suburbs as-in HUUUGE shopping malls and centres, lakes, highways, airports, etc.

Few, who have that level of place up high, talk true about our “forebears”.

Since 1808, January 26th, the destruction of any and all chances for Australia the new colony, to “evolve” to be the leading example of how Humans are best to share the resources, primarily, the land we live on, was effected.

That date but from 1788, was later named Australia Day, perhaps better known nowadays as either “Invasion Day” or “Sorry Day” for it being the day of each year Australians either commemorate, celebrate or commiserate the invasion of whitey, and the following genocide of our True Fella, Indigenous Peoples. Not to mention the ignorant trashing of this once Pristine island/continent, by “faaaarmers”. Cattle faaaaarmers mostly.

The day of Jan 26th 1808, was the date chosen by our least honorable whitey rogue invader, British Marine Corps' Sergeant John MacArthur, who came to settle Australia, arrived on the same date in 1788. With the “First Fleet”, of plundering whiteys, mostly, and since then, convicts, from ol' Blighty.

The First Fleet arrived here, in “Sinny” Cove (Sydney, but in Sinny slang), carrying very explicit Edicts from England's King George the Third.

Edicts on every essential thing and law necessary to start the processes of occupation, colonization, and settlement of this Grand Continent.

Edicts which gave full Respect for our Indigenous Peoples, and of the fact that this was, and is, their land.

And edicts which were being put into action by the couple of “Governors” between Admiral Arthur Phillip, the first governor of New South Wales, and until that same fateful day in 1808, when our last Honorable Governor, Admiral William Bligh, was deposed, illegally, by MacArthur, and an assortment of bribed, hypnotically-enchanted, mongrel and rum-drunk criminals.

The 1808 “rum rebellion” we now call that event.

Even after that, when the offended people, Bligh too, organized court cases against MacArthur and his rabble coven, the laws which came with Admiral Phillip from King George, were lost and buried to an unrecorded, or to a deliberately-ignored dustbin of history.

Australia's laws, courts, police forces, military, civilian, business, colleges of education, but most our Indigenous Nations, and every other facet of life down asunder, has since that fateful day, been “all downhill”.

But, fate, had it that Australia was “discovered” by Cap'n James Cook, employee, adventurer, land-grabber, for the ruthless colonizing cult of the British East India Company, latterly rebranded to the International Monetary Fund, the “IMF”, as a lot of other events were being initiated, back in ol' Blighty, and, in old Europe.

Other events, being stuff like the French People becoming violently pissed-off with their corrupt-rotten monarchy. In “Prussia”, the old name for modern Germany, certain rogues were planning how to effect maximum carnage upon the “Gentiles” or, the “Goyem” of Earth. Those not of jewish extraction. Even today, in the USA, jews only make up some 2 or 3% of all Americans, yet basically own and control the lot of them.

9/11, 2001, one “method” employed by “jews” to control and further plunder not just Americans, but the whole of us.

How well-informed old King George the 3rd was, on “foreign affairs”, is unknown to me. How much of a say he himself had in scribing the Edicts which came to Australia in 1788, is also an unknown.

But, for the defamation of his character since then, it may have been that he did in fact put his own mind and quill pen into drawing up the Edicts as to how the new colony was to be “apportioned” (my word), developed and settled, etc.

Because the whole planet would have “evolved” very very differently, from the 1780's-on, had what was written in those Edicts been kept and institutionalised in Australia's Law Books.

At least, I think so.

If this intrigues readers here, great!

It is a crucial element in today's world, especially in our most important arena, of, economics.

So, just to annoy you some, I'm not going to tell you what was in those Edicts. Ha ha ha ha.

But, I think I recall, that they are in part recorded in at least one book, called simply “Rum Rebellion”, by a Great Australian Labor Party Leader, “H.V. “Doc” Evatt.

Most Aussie Public Libraries will get it in for you, and it's probably available online.

I seem to recall that my own searching for copies of the Edicts, in full, or in part, came up with nothing, almost ha ha as if ASIO had deliberately REDACTED them from everyone's view. But maybe not ASIO. Maybe 'twas just an humble realtor?

But, today, there's millions “out there” beyond my reach, who HAVE the reach, into archives hidden, on, TRUE LAND LAWS, and or, on those mysterious EDICTS, as I allege were sent from England to Sinny?

What a Great thing you would have done, +Anonymous, +WikiLeaks Et Al Et Al, were your Teams able to find them and make them available for our friendly local real estate agents, so they could learn them by heart, then take them up to their local council, and request they be instituted? Ha ha ha! Ha! Ha!

Almost every law in Australia's books, since 1808, Jan 26th, are “bandaids”, dressings, over one huge, original wound, effected, inflicted upon all following generations here, and, as I assert, globally, when the laws from King George 3rd, were redacted, trashed, and forgotten.

Trying to postulate how the planet or Australia might have “evolved” were things to have gone as planned back in England, for Australia, according to “the Edicts”, is fruitless dreaming.

And it'd take a large team of legal experts some time, to take up the idea of trying to “go to”, by studying the Edicts as sent in 1788, then seeing where they were overruled by the criminal coup d'etat usurpers of the Bligh Governorship in 1808, and then hypothesizing the “what if's”.

Because we might well not even know of the “real estate industry” today, were those Edicts enabled fully, nationwide. Worldwide....

One with the time, and imagination, might also dream on, basing dreams on knowable facts, to perceiving very different culture/s and societies evolving from such a “Utopian” scenario, of True Laws, being introduced, and not subverted, by the 18th and 19th century versions of today's callous, ignorant PROFIT-ZOMBIE “real estate” industries.

But, alas! Fate was to have it otherwise.

So, after decades of loose studies on this basic subject, of housing, land use, people-on-land distribution, and all the laws HA HA HA that-is, all the CORRUPT LAND LAWS, making criminals of us all, and influencing land prices, housing affordability, taxation, government, business, unnecessary and outright evil businesses, education, entertainment, DRUG-ABUSE, ruined lives, warcraft, policing, policing, polic-OH! I already said POLICING, of the most criminal land laws known, that uncomfy feeling about relooking at Australian politics, gets stronger.

Adding to my discomfort, is that our finest, alleged “academics” keep their high-incomes and prestigious lifestyles, _and “reputations”_ SAME AS OUR COPS, BY AVOIDING the hard, cold, yet perfectly SIMPLE _TRUE LAND LAWS,_ which came to Australia from King George the 3rd in 1788, in those Edicts for the Good Governance of the New Colony of New South Wales. Latterly, _“Austray LIAR”!_

So? “Housing crisis!”? WHAT HOUSING CRISIS, Austry-lyin' MEDIA?

Which “solution” is that, Vice-Chancellor Tony Walker?

Surprise-surprise, the VC avoids _like the plague_ TRUE LAND LAWS?

No hard feelings, Mr Walker. We all know it's CULTURAL!

There's another solution to the housing crisis that no one wants to discuss

Tony Walker

Published: April 2, 2017 – 11:45PM

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Comment by Less Prone on April 3, 2017 at 7:40am

The "ballooning household debt" is a result of a long time social engineering of sending people from rural to urban areas. The land for construction is being kept sparse by lagging zoning resulting in exorbitant prices. Taxes are imposed for everything to suck out all wealth. It is the increasing, perpetual debt that is the primary motivation this is made to happen. Fractional banking is a form of usury where collected interest equals the bankers real capital multiple times. And usury in the old times was punishable by death.

"Destroying the New World Order"



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