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Public Records - Online

Started this discussion. Last reply by Sweettina2 Sep 21, 2014. 2 Replies

Internet site http://www.instantcheckmate.com/ provides a service where one who has a credit card can access public records such as, Criminal Records,…Continue

Tags: intelligence, spy, 1984

Nigerian Scam Alert

Started this discussion. Last reply by Less Prone Sep 10, 2014. 1 Reply

Have you ever received a suspicious email promising a share of a large fortune for your help in releasing the fortune from some far away place, originally that was Nigeria? The scheme and the place…Continue

Tags: letter, nigerian, scam

ISIS, Israel and US duplicity

Started this discussion. Last reply by Less Prone Sep 3, 2016. 2 Replies

"The US government claims it has launched several air strikes against ISIS (Islamic State of Iraq and the Levant) militants in Iraq. These are the same ISIS militants that the US and its client…Continue

Tags: airstrike, what a joke, democracy, Israel, Mossad

SKYPE is Falling

Started this discussion. Last reply by truth Jun 30, 2015. 7 Replies

To all SKYPE users,I have used the SKYPE internet phone call program for more than a decade now. Some time ago the program declined access and asked for more information; birthdate, telefone numbers,…Continue

Tags: spy, spying, intelligence, disservice, spyke


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Minneapolis Muslims prefer Sharia, want blasphemy laws in US

"Subverting and changing America, Europe and other white countries into their idea of a perfect society was the idea in the first place."
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"101 years too many."
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THE "Stop White Genocide" Video

"The European Union calls it the Coudenhove-Kalergi plan started 30 years ago by Kalergi. They hide it but you can read about it on their own websites. They even give awards for it - Angela Merkel won it once. Mention it on news blogs and your…"
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Less Prone replied to bananaman's discussion Horrible Scene as 15 Kids COLLAPSE After Receiving Vaccines (Rumours suggest it may have been a duff batch of vaccines Duh! Ya think)
"Alarming. They certainly want to keep this kind of news away from sight."
Less Prone favorited bananaman's discussion Horrible Scene as 15 Kids COLLAPSE After Receiving Vaccines (Rumours suggest it may have been a duff batch of vaccines Duh! Ya think)

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A Warning to The West: A Voice From The Heart of The Islamic World

Posted on March 10, 2017 at 6:46am 0 Comments

"The message originally written and sent in arabic by Magda Borham (not her real name) from Egypt."

Not all immigrants or Muslims are terrorists, but.

"Since the world did not invent a tool able to detect who is the “devout” Muslim and who is the “nominal” Muslim or a device to detect who is telling the truth and who practicing “taqqiyah تقية” (telling lies to the unbelievers in order to advance the cause of Islam), so it is wise to take your precautions…


Raise A Palestinian Flag If You Want To Be Executed, ISIS Tells People Living In Its Territory

Posted on March 9, 2017 at 6:57pm 2 Comments

"ISIS, who are occupying large areas on the al-Yarmouk refugee camp in Syria’s Damascus, executed four Palestinian refugees. They also issued orders to their gunmen to execute any person who raises the Palestinian flag."

Do we need more proof of ISIS being the







Obama’s Department of Justice Funneled Billion$ To Leftist Activists

Posted on March 9, 2017 at 8:33am 1 Comment

Cultural Marxists at work.

" A slush fund has been discovered that was created by the Department of Justice under Obama and former Attorney General Eric Holder. It received money collected in fines paid by banks and other financial institutions for financial crimes and then funneled the money, $3 billion has been discovered so far, to left-wing activist groups like La Raza and other Obama political allies."

Does the word treason come in mind?…


Low IQ reason most immigrants cannot integrate in Europe

Posted on February 28, 2017 at 1:01pm 4 Comments

Japan and Chine have the highest IQ rates while Central Africa has the lowest. This translates into difficulty in immigrant integration into foreign cultures, unemployment, frustration and crime. 

"Several Asian countries, such as Japan and China, have an average IQ of 107. Sweden and several European countries have an average IQ of around 100. Many African states, such as Somalia, Congo, Tanzania, Uganda, Sudan, Angola, Rwanda have an average IQ of about 70. Several Arab countries,…


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At 2:03pm on December 3, 2016, Thomas Hamilton said…

Sad is it not that Clinton as evil as she is was only used to distract the people and make them think they have won, blind the people with one hand so they can not see what the other is doing

At 1:59pm on December 3, 2016, Thomas Hamilton said…

I agree totally, even worse now than ever it is on full display for the world to see and people in general seem to be ignoring it, I suppose the analogy of putting a frog in a pot and heating it slowly so the frog doesn't realise comes to mind, conditioning started apart from the education system with the introduction of Tell Lie Vision, If only I had paid more attention back then I would never have allowed my children to watch it, but its in everything that is media, along with the poisons in the food industry and water, and so called vaccinations seem highly suspicious, they own just about everything there is that they can use for evil even Satan Claus is just another distraction from the real meaning of Christmas, I found it hard as a parent and worked my socks off just as they intended, if your working hard your not seeing what truly is going on, divide and conquer is another tool in their arsenal, create as many on-going arguments as they can to distract from the NWO, and as Bush Jnr said and it will come, most people will not see the bank collapse coming, already in Ireland they are raising the retirement age to 70, work the people to death for a few bucks, I'm a Christian  and believe George Sorros and his little army will be  judged, one thing they have always done is remove God from everything and New age is a prime example a little truth with the lesser truth mixed in so people can not see it for themselves. The people that don't see a total take-over by the NWO will be hit the hardest as we are only considered to be cattle, I believe Sorros has had up to 7 heart transplants, seems evil wears them out fast

keep up the great work of informing people, they have always shown us what they intended to-do  and mocked us with their lives

At 1:21am on December 3, 2016, Keisha Ruan said…

it is starting to crumble...im actually getting kind of tired waiting for it thogh to be honest.

At 4:31am on December 2, 2016, Thomas Hamilton said…

your a very wise man and good men can not be fooled by those well versed in their own deceit, a quote from the bible proverbs, its not the wise men they are after it is the youth that they can manipulate through media and I once enjoyed new age sayings as I missed the underlying deception, the real truth comes from real discovery, all major stations are controlled by governments, I once said on a tech forum about facebook the FBI don't have to leave the office as the doughnuts are delivered, which basically is all your information is online and every word typed is recorded

I wish you well and keep saying the truth as it is as I can find no fault in anything you have to say, my conclusions are the same and I look at both sides the same to make an logical conclusion as to not have my judgement clouded by bias, I loved the idea of landing on the moon but my heart says it is a hoax when a cheap digital watch that I wear is more complicated than any Apollo rocket, people say conspiracies   Darwin and Evolution are conspiracies, if we are to believe Darwin man came from a rock and we all have the same Soul, nothing more than a chimpanzee another lie, and I have read Darwin was a 33 degree free mason, Once down the rabbit hole there is no turning back, but I do have to agree proper research is the key, Free Masonry  is a real enemy

At 4:34pm on December 1, 2016, Thomas Hamilton said…

couldn't agree more or have said it better myself. Many people including family and close friends don't want to hear the truth, society is so dumbed down with media, phones tablets etc and caught up in the world they have been programmed to be in, you certainly can not say to anyone you are brainwashed as that would be taken as an insult and people become defensive, it seems the blinkers are well and truly on and for those people it will hit hardest, the NWO is coming and information is priceless, the powers that be will do everything in their power to bring it to fruition, they fear a united people and have spent decades on divide and conquer.. I will send as many links to these pages as I can, the change now is so blatant and openly on view to the world and yet so many ignore the signs, the more good people and informed people the better. 

At 8:55pm on November 29, 2016, Keisha Ruan said…

hi...nice to see you!

At 8:53pm on November 29, 2016, Penelope naveen said…

Hi thank you for commenting on my profile it was very informative.

At 7:53am on November 12, 2016, www.fincabayano.net said…

Hi "Less Prone"
You're right, however, I have chosen another way. I have left for Panama in order to survive what is going to happen in €urope and North America, in especial. http://www.fincabayano.net/en/survival.htm

At 7:05am on September 15, 2016, linda dagosta said…

its says my donation  was accepted just making sure you have it ,

At 8:09pm on August 22, 2016, BR said…

Thank you for your messages. The woman in my avatar is South Carolinian Nancy Hart defending her family against Tories who broke into their cabin during the American Revolution.



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