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Archbishop Viganò: Globalism is ‘satanic’ preparation for the ‘rise of the Antichrist’

Listen to this brave man exposing the ugly truth of the world politics and governance. I would love to see him as the next pope. The current pope himself is a globalist.

"Archbishop Carlo Maria Viganò has once again condemned the rise of “globalism,” stating that it prepares humanity “for the political rise of the Antichrist.”

In an August 24 interview with a French-language news outlet, Viganò commented on the rise of “globalism” and its impact upon society. Re-issuing a…


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Subreality - Dictionary of the Great Deception

A subreality is a collection of beliefs, some true and some false, that support each other to form a logically consistent thought model. It is impossible for a human being to have a full knowledge of everything since we have limited senses and intelligence, but we can try to have as many as possible of our beliefs represent the reality by searching for the truth and the use of logic.

This is something many don't want to or are incapable to do. Living in a static subreality is more…


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Pfizer Preparing to "Touch" a Billion Lives a Year Untill 2027

Pfizer CEO Albert Bourla tells about their “purpose blueprint” in the New York headquarters, exposing staggering numbers of lives to be affected. Wrapped up in lofty ideals the speech does not mention at least once that they would be saving lives. That, of course is not their business because it would be less profitable than the alternative. No, Pfizer plans to deliver poisons, with the help of bought politicians and public disservants, that will leave millions of people seriously ill and…


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Pervocracy - Dictionary of the Great Deception

Pervocrary or pervertocracy, a straight forward definition is a rule by perverts. A destructive and dehumanising form of government now dominant the western world. This is not something arisign from the grass roots. The common people are not fascinated by acts of perversion; abuse, rape, pedophilia, human sacrifice or occultism. People of this kind were hunted down and hung or slaughtered by a mob in the old…


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Woke - Dictionary of the Great Deception

The concept originally meaning awarenes of social injustice but later the concept involved to mean a know all mentality that does not allow different opinions. Typically, but not exclusively, related to green left pervocrats, A hypocritical person who thinks himself as 'enlightened' despite in fact being extremely close minded and prone to accept the modern social engineering…


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France is boiling over, a thug killed by police fuels devastation

Search the internet for "race war" and get lots of links into "news" about white terrorists who are fomenting a war, a race war. The link here is a rare piece of common sense. The masses burning and looting are all but white. It's the same on both sides of the Atlantic. A small time criminal and violent thug drug addict was lifted into sainthood by the BLM and used to fuel devastation and death on the streets. The same is happening in France right now. But is it really a race war or just an…


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hCG and Planned Parenthood Business Model - Philantrophy Pays

Human chorionic gonadotropin hCG is marketed as a wonder drug that can benefit your healt in countless ways from increased libido to weight loss. What then is this ground breaking drug all about? It is supposedly extracted from the urine and blood of pregnant women, but are there other sources?

HCG for Weight Loss

""Take a "natural" hormone the body…


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Democracy – Dictionary of the Great Deception

A lofty ideal where the will of the people is reflected in the actions of their representatives fairly and truthfully elected by the people according to their promises. The ideal of democracy has been promoted as something more sophisticated and beneficial to the people until finally accepted in countries originally founded as republics. The masses are manipulated by the mass media with a constant barrage of misleading information and lies, following the principles of Edward Bernays'…


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Dictionary of the Great Deception



George Orwell demonstrated in his book; 1984, how the dictionary was getting thinner and thinner by each edition and the language becoming less useful for communication. The fewer words you have the less precisely you can express ideas. Isn't it obvious that the lack of words also cripples all thought processes in the first…


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Blackrock, the Sixth Rock from the Sun

Where did they get the name Blackrock for this company and how does it relate to their values? The planets are sometimes referred to as rocks like in the "Third Rock from the Sun". What then might the "black rock" refer to?

Saturn Worship and the Black…


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Holocasting – Dictionary of the Great Deception

An activity of broadcasting news and events in a biased way, propagating onesided views combined with misleading and false information and propaganda. Where the broadcasting industry operates through a medium of radio and television, the holocasting industry includes also film makers and popular music.

One could argue that also the education system, turned more into indoctrination and feelings based reasoning and agressive ranting rather than facts, logical analysis with intelligent…


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Essay: 10 reasons the Republicans should end funding the war in Ukraine

This post was censored from conservapedia, so it must have hit some sore nerves. Therefore it must be important:

Essay: 10 reasons the Republicans should end funding the war in Ukraine

The funding for the war in Ukraine by American taxpayers should end immediately. Why? Before I give the 10 reasons the Republicans should end funding the war in Ukraine immediately if they win control of the U.S Congress…


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Straight From the Horse's Mouth - Without Middlemen

Reality is a bitch. We all have our view of reality, with varying accuracy. Very often it is strongly biased because of external influence. The media is used to march in commentators whose principal merit is belonging to a certain favored minority class or favoring of a promoted illusionary ideology. Politicians who express common sense ideas that go against globalization agendas are kept out of this discussion and their speeches explained and twisted to fit the agenda. Here is such a…


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Anne-Laure Bonnel: “it is forbidden to mention the word peace”


Near Donetsk, Anne-Laure Bonnel is holding a "leaf mine", an explosive device used by Ukrainian forces against the Russians, but responsible for several amputations of civilians in the Donbass. Photo: Anne-Laure Bonnel/Free Media.

By Jérôme Blanchet-Gravel | International Saturday, January 21,…


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Antisemitism - Dictionary of the Great Deception

Antisemitism is a barrier concept designed to stop and embarrass the critique of the self chosen tribe and to keep their criminal actions from being discussed and investigated. It is a crime to tell the truth when it exposes the holoholo people.



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New World Order - The Beginning

This is a history of cunning and greed beyond all reason. Accumulating wealth and power and simultaneously disregarding all the suffering and misery that it caused to vast number of people. Or probably even enjoying it. What would you call it? How would you define it with a few words?…


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They Want a War - And a Big One

If it seems to you that the world has gone crazy, well you are right. Why is it that NATO has been crossing the red line time and time again with Russia? Why is it that Ukraine relentlessly attacked the separated southern provinces of Russian population? Why is it that NATO is preparing to have nuclear weapons on the Russian border. And o boy, have we forgotten something?…


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Bolsonaro's Followers Block Main Roads After His Defeat in Presidential Election

November 1, 2022 laotraversion.com


“Truckers supporting Brazilian President jair Bolsonaro took to the streets in protest, blocking haighways across the country. Bolsonary lost Sunday's election to leftist President Luis Inácio Lula da Silva, but has yet to publicly acknowledge his…


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Why Putin Is Bad

The pushers of the NWO are those who control the world throught money/debt scam and usury. Their toolbag consists of advanced psychological manipulation techniques, poisoning of food, water, air, and medicine, not forgetting social engineering and control by fear. The western world is deep in a swamp of illusion based decadence and economic failures. Most of the manufacturing base is already taken out to the far east. This is called a brave new service economy, where pornography has become a…


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