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Did you know that almost all seeds bough in every store in the USA and most of the world is owned by one corporation and they have been genetically modified to not produce any seeds?

This is so you have to buy more seeds the next year (So they say)
Not only are hybrid GM seeds sterile and lack nutrition, but the real reason is so you cannot feed you family or yourself in a time of crisis.

Self reliance calls for you to buy your seeds from a company that produces heritage seeds that have not been touched to alter them and will grow and produce seed's after the plant has matured.

These are all-natural seeds, original strains of garden food non-hybrid, not genetically modified.
Most of these seeds date back 150 years. Heirloom offspring seeds can be saved and grown later. Important when people are starving!

Seed Companies No Hybrid, heritage seeds:

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Planting Kiwis

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While Kiwi is not a vegetable but a fruit, it may be interesting to realize that it can be planted and grown and that one Kiwi vine can produce 50 to 100 pounds of fruit. The fruit is rich with…Continue

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Green gardening secrets: How to eliminate bugs and pests without using poison

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Green gardening secrets: How to eliminate bugs and pests without using poisonWednesday, May 04, 2011 by: Neev M. Arnell(NaturalNews) As people are turning away from chemical ingredients in everything…Continue

100 Best Herbs for Your Health and Wellness

Started by Ragnarok. Last reply by Ragnarok May 20, 2014. 1 Reply

100 Best Herbs for Your Health and WellnessIf you’re interested in supplementing your health and wellness routine with some natural remedies, …Continue

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Farming and Gardening Post Fukushima 2011 - No Containment date in sight.

Started by Wolf. Last reply by Wolf Nov 9, 2013. 5 Replies

I love farming.  I love our animals, I love our life style.  We raise what we eat, our freezers are full of delicious milk beef, sheep and pork.  Our plates are never empty.  Milk steer meat is a…Continue

CareTakers - Nature's Pharmacy (Pondoland Wild Coast)

Started by Maria De Wind. Last reply by Maria De Wind Oct 7, 2013. 2 Replies

In " Nature's Pharmacy (Pondoland Wild Coast)", Sinegugu Zukulu is a resident of the Pondoland Wild Coast, as well as a teacher, a traditionalist, and a conservation activist. He is a leader…Continue

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How To Build A Basic Aquaponics System

Started by Freedomrox. Last reply by Patriot Horse Jan 26, 2013. 5 Replies

 How To Build A Basic Aquaponics SystemA Basic guide on how to build your own Aquaponic System. This system is based on the Barrel Ponics and the S&S setup and was built by me in the summer of…Continue

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Canadian seed source - online ordering available

Started by Doctor. Last reply by CH Dec 6, 2012. 1 Reply

Just thought I would share a good seed resource I found: It's a family farm just outside Dundas Ontario and are totally dedicated to…Continue

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7 Reasons Why You Should Grow Your Own Food

Started by Swtnlovabl. Last reply by Patriot Pete Nov 30, 2012. 3 Replies February 23, 2010By Judi GerberCare2Not that being part…Continue

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Comment by Ragnarok on October 4, 2014 at 1:21am

Sorry forgot to reply in the heat of the battle :-P 

Really a nice and good thing to get pupils to get some interaction with some animals somehow it touches/activates something good in most peoples minds whether youre young or old, handicapped or 'normal'. 

Sounds like a good idea the 'older gentlemen' got if not at least they have some mighty tasty treats :-) Remember buying some american buffalo meat it was very delicious. We have one of the biggest european elk herds here on zealand theyre actually reducing them in these days 700 old, weak and sick animals are to be shot and sold.

Im still amazed and kinda horrified how much devastation domesticated animals gone feral can do in a few months/years depending on the area of course. Unfortunately we dont have any dangerous animals (lbear, bobcat et cetera) they were exterminated 100's years ago by idiots. At least wild boars have started to come back down south from Germany and a couple of wolves have been spotted also from Germany (well so they claim).

Heres some more pics


Comment by Anthony Kimbrough on September 21, 2014 at 11:28pm

That camera sounds cool. Underwater pictures are neat, I tried to get my youngest daughter to get a camera that does that, even offered to buy her one. She loves waterfowl for some reason. I bet there is 100 Mallards coming and going every day here. She has 3 types of domestic ducks, and call ducks. Sebastpol geese and Buff geese, plus 2 or 3 other breeds of geese. When they go underwater I think that would make an interesting picture. 

 We use to tale animals to schools for handicapped students to enjoy since they could not come here. We do get people a lot of times just stop to show their kids or grandkids. Over in Bybee though, some older gentlemen have a cool zoo set up, Buffalo, Elk, Deer, Water Buffalo, etc that they take you through and you can feed and pet them from the wagon. Out of respect for the men and what they are doing, I could not compete with them.

We have a bunch of feral cats here that have almost wiped out our squirrels, and any small bird around. I hate to but they will be next. We have field mice and some rats, but they don't bother them. 

I hate wearing masks when I mow and usually take it off at some time, lol. I use a Bandana to cover my mouth and throat from the sun. I'm paying for it this time, but all things shall pass, lol.

 On slugs, I broadcast Epson Salts on the area, kills slugs and prevents them from eating your fruit. I do as much as I can without chemicals.

Comment by Ragnarok on September 21, 2014 at 7:22am

Maybe you should mow with a mask equipped with a really good filter i dont have any allergies but i remember clearly when i was sent out by my boss back in the day to mow soccer fields when the pollen and insects peaked it was like being under a chemical attack (not that ive tried it) but.... lol.

Been looking at some of your pics nice to see you have many different animals comparred to many other farms its a regular zoo :-) Ever thought of making a buck having school classes, city slickers and maybe retirement homes for a grand tour and see how things run and work on a farm ending it with a cup of coffee and a solid meal or something like that. 

When younger i was out hunting with my uncle for domestic cats gone wild in the forests where they had more or less killed off the entire wild life exept maybe for a few rodents and owls they grow quite big its almost like they mutate when becoming wild again.

I really do love all animals even the ones i fear (big spiders) i dont even enjoy killing insects but i sometimes must....this year i must admit i have beheaded about 100-150 slugs so far and the fight continues....they are an invasive species here and very fund of eating my baby kale, pumpkins, cucumbers, chilies and peppers last two mentioned didnt survive at all. 

Been out trying out a new 'action' camera theres not that much action about it but its a nice camera anyways as long you dont move it around like a mad man. Been filming underwater with it in the local lake cought some small fishies with it you wont see normally cuz of the often murky water.

Comment by Anthony Kimbrough on September 20, 2014 at 11:16am

I'm lucky on the 4 docs I have left that are regular, I don't get asked that question. 2 of the docs that eventually I got rid of fussed a lot, but those were treating me for throat cancer. The ones now, 2 believe in as natural as possible and if not, non addictive. I do hear if from my wife who is a nurse though. 

I always called them bush hogs but I think rotary cutter is the correct term, we always called them bush hogs about like every soft drink is a coke, lol. Even wearing a mask that takes its toll on me along with mowing, but it has to be done. They use to fuss about me doing that until I started saying great, what time can I expect you down to do it, lol.

 We feed regular feed to the chickens and other birds and in the winter to the Donkeys, sheep, llama, and goats. All that feed is stored in metal trash cans. The cows only get hay, feed here is from GMO junk. We feed the 800-100lb rolls which sit outside. They usually have some rat holes under them and a few in them, plus some snakes (I hate snakes). All the hay gets stored up on the 30 acres, about 1/4 mile from us. When the animals back here need hay I spear us a roll and bring back.

I love dogs so I hate to shoot them, only had to kill 1 so far, wounded a few, but not killed. I did however take out several buzzards a year or two ago after they attacked and killed 3 calves over the summer. According to what the news said they had overpopulated, so I helped them :) A lot of them ended up in the chief of police's property, who just laughed. Our older cops are pretty nice people, younger... not so much, but in time they will learn. 

Hopefully this year the hoop house, last year it got placed on hold when mom got sick. If it happens it happens and if it don't that will be ok too, maybe not suppose to happen. With the weird weather we have it would be nice plus extend the season. I don't do real hot well or sun, so it would help there too.

Comment by Ragnarok on September 20, 2014 at 8:21am

Just great that you can prove the docs wrong. I havent been to one in ages got tired of hearing 'do you smoke' i know the reason for it to its because they get paid to get people on different products to make you stop and get addicted to big pharma crap instead. I even confronted her with it the last time i went cuz i got so tired of her and her poison promoting ways.

Can only agree with you on the hoop house its really a great thing to have and gets you up and running weeks/months ahead. Wish i could help you love doing such projects.

LOL had to look up Bush Hog :-) i thought it was some old school pig race. :-) Guess im thinking waaay too amish.

I hope you will get you feed in time to get it stored probably before the weather starts to act up. Do you have any problems with rodents getting into it and ruining it.?

You may actually kill peoples cats and dogs here as well if they are doing harm on your property. But the case has to be strong. Its mostly farmers that does it when pets ruin forest wildlife and livestock. 

Comment by Anthony Kimbrough on September 20, 2014 at 1:14am

 This year I didn't produce like I usually do, but given all that come this year I'm ok with what we had. We are debating on next year. I will build on the soil like we're going to go hard again, just in case. According to doctors I shouldn't even be able to do almost all of this stuff, so I figure whatever I get done is a good thing, lol. They fuss I laugh.

  I still want to do a Hoop House about 30x24 or so, give or take. I could use the green house to start in and move to the Hoop house. This winter as I check on what we have in the Pantry, I'll know more of what we might need. Meanwhile, build the soil. Check with the kids to see what they might need and a few of the older people close by.

 I bought a new bush hog today, pick it up Monday. I'll probably do the 15 acres back here before heading up to the 30. Hopefully the hay will come in this week and maybe even get closer to Probating mom's estate. Sometime this winter I hope to play with some of the old cars and trucks, it has been a long time. 

 I love dogs but if one of the neighbors dogs tried to bite me, me and that neighbor would have a talk. We haven't too many neighbors where we are, but every now and then we get a new one, thank God they have good dogs. We did have one some years ago, scared everybody and killed some of my birds. One day I caught him and he growled. That was one of the last sounds that dog made. The neighbor came and got the body and apologized. That is like an unwritten rule out here and enforced pretty much. We have animal control but I figure calling them is about like dialing 911, just easier to take care of things myself.  

Comment by Anthony Kimbrough on September 20, 2014 at 12:51am

Beautiful Tara. It looks like it turned out well.

Comment by Ragnarok on September 19, 2014 at 7:00pm

Yeah nice one Tara, Looks like a killer spot to grow all kinds of veggies. If youre not gonna use the seeds yourself the birds will love you for em.

Comment by Tara on September 19, 2014 at 4:05pm

My sunflowers are monstrosities. Here's a couple of pics of them. It was definitely an experiment gone good. I'll have enough sunflowers seeds to feed the whole neighborhood ;)

Here are the mutant sunflowers... it's hard to see but they grew to about 9-12 feet and the flowers are so heavy they are drooping over. Just one of those sunflowers is going to yield me a bagful of seeds :)

Comment by Ragnarok on September 19, 2014 at 7:20am

I would love to have some chickens or ducks but i havent got the room for them and sometimes im dealing with people dogs coming on the property once in a while....actually was about to be attacked not so long ago it came through the hedge and was about to bit but i yelled so hard that it got scared and ran off lol....The inner Vader got loose.

You sure got a lot of tasks to do  but then again its great to have projects to do as long you have it doesnt makes you fed up in the long run.....all the weeds almost did that to me at one time it was really looking hopeless back then.

Youre going to save a lot of time and resources by having a greenhouse/or just starting up by giving your plants an early run for it. 

Will do the same with the tomatoes, cucumbers, peppers et cetera.


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