I can only apologize as the original video that was posted here has been removed from YouTube.  I will keep the text and remainder of this post the same as it was when first posted, I have replaced the missing video with another one titled: "Secret Chemtrail Pilot Speaks, on Dec 8, 2014".

Hats off to the man who captured and recorded the most convincing piece of evidence to date that 'Silver'-'Aluminium' or Silver-like 'Heavy Metal' particles are falling directly down from our skies like snowflakes and straight upon our heads, yet this has been going on for years via industry, chimneys, car exhaust fumes, etc., - as the actual use of "chemtrails" are more likely there to block out the Sun, thus creating a greenhouse effect.  Doing this will of course heat up the planet, not cool it down.

This way the likes of the WEF, WWWF, et al, - can claim the temperature of the planet is rising and why such impossible NetZero targets have been put into place.  Like most "conspiracy theories", proven to be true, the climate-change scam is exactly that, - another con-trail! 

We know it's been going on for years, but so many chemtrails have been debunked or ridiculed by both genuine and trolling skeptics, - and why do 'chemtrails' keep getting dismissed by the masses? This film footage seems to have captured what is really falling from our skies, - and it's not looking healthy at that!!

Though there are many minerals, that when filmed like this directly into the sun, will look iridescent.

It's tiny iridescent particles such as this that have killed millions of people around the world; coal/iron/copper/silver/gold miners, quarrymen, and anyone who worked [or still works in this field - is killing millions worldwide] with asbestos, etc. - it's because they are so tiny particles, that we cannot do anything else; - other than to breath them in!

Whatever is falling down on us, we are 100% breathing that shit in, even if it wasn't anything sinister, i.e. being done deliberately - [which it is though!] it's got to be seriously dangerous to our health.

Though because we are unable to check the sources they have been using for samples, many people are skeptical about it.  That's what is so good about this video above, it clearly shows the particles falling.

Further tests with witnesses involved need to be carried out to see what's precisely in those particles, - many people on YouTube have made similar tests on particles they have alleged to have captured and then examined under a microscope.  There have even been expert laboratory tests carried out; proving extremely high levels of dangerous Barium have been found in the sample seen in the news clip item below, - though they too question the validity of the sample. 

This is why witnesses need to be used who can independently vouch they have seen the whole process; - as there are different ways how to gather and then test it.

It's no secret there are all kinds of chemical pollutants in the air, among them; Neodymium, Barium, Bismuth, and Aluminium which are the same element group.  

In the above video from 2012 the newsreader states the following; "...very distinct cloud cover moving into the region that is not rain, that is not snow, believe it or not, military aircraft flying through the region is dropping chaff, small bits of aluminum, sometimes it's made of plastic, or even metallic and paper products, but it's used as an anti-radar issue and obviously they're up there practicing, (yeah alright). Now, they won't confirm that (same old BS) but I was in the Marine Corps for many years and I'll tell you right now that's what it is." 

Barium enemas are common, often used on suspected cancer patients as it glows in the intestines, and thought not to be too toxic used this way.  However, it's a completely different story if you were to ingest or breathe it in it will kill you in strong enough doses, - either instantly, or over a period of time, though at the rate the video shows heavy particulates relentlessly falling down from the skies, then who can say what period of time this really is?

According to experts and some commenters who have picked up on it, it is said; Bismuth is diamagnetic which means it is being used in the production of particles that can be steered through plasma and electromagnetic fields. It creates a field in opposition to an externally applied magnetic field, causing a repulsive effect (levitation). It has to do with multiple expansions, vector potential in electromagnetism, and gravitational waves; i.e. some mathematicians are having a whale of a time.

Barium Crystals are very refractive, reflective, and fluorescent (shiny colors like in the video above).

Vaporized metallic crystals are used for imaging, atmospheric studies, and reflectivity.  Metallic powders are combined in colloidal fuels and superheated and expelled into the air where they recombine into compounds that are useful for radar imaging, weather remediation, weather modification, and stratospheric studies; i.e. - dual technologies...

Apart from other unknown chemicals being sprayed into the atmosphere; Barium nanoparticles are used in aerosols and therefore probably being sprayed into the skies via chemtrails.

Proof that Chemtrails contain High Levels of Aluminium & Barium

Some debunkers say along the lines; "Anything sprayed over your head will not fall on you, as it will remain in the upper atmosphere for a long time. Then there is the matter of wind; something sprayed will be blown by the wind for miles and miles before settling out." 

D'oh! - "Blown by the wind for miles and miles before settling out!"  The morons, so if it's not falling on your backyard that day because it's blown away; - then what about all the shit released miles ahead of where they live and when it's at the right distance away to now settle and fall down then on them!!

Inside shot of a Chemtrail Airplane?

Chemtrail Tanks?  Some argue they are simply "Ballast Barrells", yet they are clearly tanks and hardly represent the inner seating structure of a commercial passenger aircraft, though it is obviously one, though been converted.

Okay, so let's give them the benefit of doubt and say that's what they are; 'Ballast Barrels' - then what are these next airplanes carrying..., ballast my ass!

There is much debate as to why on earth would the elite "spray their own". - Then to try and understand this, it would help to understand Geo-Engineering & Trans-Humanism.  In the below excellent video - around 1:35 time - there's a good explanation about chemtrails and why "they" are doing this to us and 'themselves'!

Whilst many of us live 'in the day,' 'the present', there are those working way-way into the future projects, and this is very likely what the future will hold; the Georgia Stones = a population of 500,000,000, the eradication of billions of humans is yet to come to meet this recommendation; - the 'ideal' sustainable population the world should carry and care for in the future.

And if they wanted to get really nasty they could spray whatever and whenever they want, as in the days of "Agent Orange", though this time it will be killer viruses, as biological warfare is all the rage.

Agent Orange. American Chemical and Biological Warfare

Agent Orange. The effects of chemical spraying during the Vietnam War. The struggle of US Veterans and the long-term consequences for the citizens of Vietnam.

To read more on this and to see the film; Trans-Humanism / Genetic Modification of all Life / Nano-Technology / HAARP / Geoengineering, alongside incredible footage of orbs, caught lurking in the clouds, - and more great shots people have added; - check out the original article; http://12160.info/profiles/blogs/great-shot-of-inside-chemtrail-air...

Perhaps the above shots of chemtrail tanks and planes are "old hat" and that "cloud-making-orbs" are the future!!??

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Comment by Exposure on May 26, 2022 at 1:03pm

Good link @Cheeki Kea - yes indeed, they couldn't be clearer!

Comment by cheeki kea on May 16, 2022 at 5:18am

https://www.gov.uk/government/publications/geo-engineering-research... ~ I guess this is some kind of an explanation of something of some kind of acknowledgement of what we all see before before our very eyes.

Comment by cheeki kea on May 12, 2022 at 9:00am

A recent photo of drone chemtrails now being used. This one was taken by a passenger on flight from London to Spain. 

Comment by Exposure on May 10, 2022 at 2:43pm

Comment by Exposure on January 7, 2019 at 12:42pm
66874 views is good indeed. Thanks for your contributions; Less Prone, Central Scrutinizer, Diana, Doud Jamal and dogitydog, - and to Boris for his kind words. - Happy new year to one and all!
Comment by Less Prone on January 5, 2019 at 2:51pm

From the video comments

TEXT OF PILOT MESSAGE: December 8, 2014 My cousin who was fired by our dictator, just before making "rank withheld", sent me information given to him by a friend, who is still an Air Force pilot. This pilot is saying that he flies CHEMTRAIL flights! This pilot told my cousin that this global engineering effort, goes by the name of "Indigo Skyfold". At least within the circle of pilots and aviation crews, that he works with. They are told to fly specific routes, and satellite com links control the aerosol dispersal patterns. He says that they only make course corrections, from time to time, and perform landings and take-offs. Pilot, navigation and maintenance crews are rotated constantly, and only spend about 18 months at one given base. He states, that is to keep pilots and their families from making too many friends, and ending up with "Loose Lips". Plus, they also rotate between day and night flights. One base for daytime flights, and one for night. Each base covers a 250 mile zone, and each fleet (squadron) of planes can cover Three States, or an even larger swath of ocean. They are told to simply do their job and "Shut the F*ck Up!" Their superiors will only tell them. "It's a matter of National Security" and "Without these flights, our enemy's newest technological weapons of war, could easily penetrate America's air space, at will. We are dedicated and committed to keeping our allies safe, from the same skyward threats. So we extend the arm of protection, to those countries who support our efforts. Hostile nations are also building Atmospheric Shields, while in the same discourse. Trying to explore weaknesses in our ever developing, air and space-based technologies." Sounds more like a PR statement to me. I think this pilot, either believes what he is told. Or, he is simply trying to sugar coat their Genocide Project. December 08, 2014 My firewall detected multiple intrusion attempts, when I googled the Indigo code as well. Zero info to be found on the internet, for this operation. That is unique. I received a rather (lengthy) reply, from the chemtrail pilot. Here is that text, from his (or her) email. First of all, I would like to say; I do not agree with my mission assignments. But, what soldier ever truly does? Several of us have considered bucking the ranks, and going AWOL from time to time. We are kept in the dark, when it comes to getting honest answers about what we are really spraying. Should they discover that we, or our families, are actively inquiring about your so called "chemtrails" term. Then, automatic and swift disciplinary actions will be taken. HAARP and Radar, are two other non-allowed research subjects. Unless our children are learning about these in (base) schools. We cannot educate ourselves, or our children, through any public tutoring system. I would not intentionally spray my children or family with toxic aerosols. But, you must know. 80% or better, do not have any family, or children. Indigo pilots are chosen from the top ranks, within the Air Force, Navy and Coast Guard. Most of the pilots are "Hardened to Humanity", and could care less about killing off, unwanted or "Leaching" aspects of America, and the world. I swear to you. The majority of the pilots are like Machines. I call them (Tanker Terminators). I should not be telling you this. But nearly one-third of all flights, are being orchestrated from small un-named islands. Where newly constructed bases, are being built, at a rate of eight per year. On these extremely remote islands, there are HAARP arrays of every possible design. With many arrays surrounding these islands, within the depths of the ocean itself. The Navy has developed sophisticated underwater construction technology. That allows fully autonomous robot submersibles, to travel great distances, and even manufacture parts for these massive under water arrays, as they progress across the open sea floor. Every time that you see or hear about military excercises at sea. They are basically there to give support and resupply, their army of underwater robotic minions. There is possibly, one aquatic robot per plane, and will soon be double that. You will never be able to google Earth search any of this. Other than an occasional error, in blurring some island bases, or smudging images of underwater arrays. It is impossible to locate all these artifacts. They even paint fake clouds, over some of our island installations, to keep prying eyes away. I have been shown some of these images, by civilian friends. That is the reason I know this. I completely understand your concern for human safety. But, here is the Kicker. We are shown videos in our training, of catastrophic destruction to our homeland, by very sophisticated weapons. Then told, that these will be the consequences, if we don't fly. Our efforts in building a defensive atmospheric weapons shield, are the only missions of it's kind in the world. We are paid more than any other pilot, for our service. Other than Air Force One pilots. Who make as much or more, and are also kept in a dark secret world, for their protection. They tell us that secrecy is our protection, and not to listen to any public rehtoric. We all know about cyber program "flashpoint", or FP-03 as it is known within the veteran community. This program is a Self Destruct sequence, that can be remotely activated, from any ground, water, underwater based, or other air mobile unit. The signal is encrypted through "Three" satellites, and cannot be jammed or blocked. At any given moment, you could only have 15 seconds, to make peace with your God. They tell us that FP exists, to keep planes from accidentally going down in heavily populated areas. They can remotely detonate our planes, over safe zones. But in the back of our minds. We are pretty sure, this is a fail-safe program to keep pilots from turning over assets, to any public, private or civilian authorities. Have you ever seen any member of the crew, survive the few crashes that have occurred? Every plane that has gone down, was completely destroyed. For a good reason, I'm sure. We risk our lives, in more ways than one, every single time that we fly. Especially night flights. They are ordering us to fly at lower and lower altitudes. We feel like massive "dark force Empire" crop dusters, and know that one night. Bubba, or Billy Joe will fire their long rifles at us. When we spray their moonshine making operation, or pass over an illegal mary jane crop. I know for a fact that some planes have been shot at, and subsequently brought down. By mostly Russian, Chinese and Korean weaponry. But, the media will never cover these events. As they are not allowed to report on our flights either. That must be true, for I have yet to see a detailed or in-depth report of our missions. On any public venue. Other than conspiracy shows and anti-government websites. I risk everything for disclosing so much information, and you will find very few like me. Even my own flight crew, would have me arrested and court martialed, if they knew of this dialogue. That is why I cannot email you directly. But, from what your cousin tells me. You are also risking everything, just to get this information out to your colleagues. I salute you sir, for standing up to the establishment, and big brother. I would love to go home tomorrow, and not rack up one more single minute of flight time. Except for a sweet little Piper Cub, or Rat Tail Barn Racer! I miss those beautiful Blue skies, from my youth, and I am ashamed for hazing over that dream. Maybe, more of my fellow pilots will read or hear about this, and decide to come forward as well. I only know a small fraction of the larger picture, and they compartmentalize everything. Should I become aware of any (new) significant developments. I will email your cousin. He senses a wavering within the ranks, and feels that a kind of (Mutiny) is being boiled to the surface, of this whole GeoEngineering.. Global White Washing. "if you catch my drift?" My cousin still has friends in high places too. So, he is helping to protect him. Last word from "pilot", was: "All pilots on leave, are required to report to their CO by Dec.15. For special training operations, to qualify for Indigo Phase II flights. Expected to be initiated by Jan. 21." Those were his words. Not the actual Air Force message. He wanted me to stress that. He believes that the focus of their flights will be moved to areas east of California and Texas. In order to progress the drought, further into the heartland. Plus, he feels that a very new "extremely toxic" chemtrail mix, is going to be sprayed. Using new technology, that makes these special chemtrails, completely invisible. Atmospheric Shield of Protection. he doesn't believe that either. End of message text

Comment by Parrhesia on January 2, 2019 at 5:51pm

Comment by Central Scrutinizer on January 2, 2019 at 5:39pm

Comment by dogitydog on January 2, 2019 at 5:32pm


Comment by dogitydog on January 2, 2019 at 5:23pm


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