Big Pharma’s foot soldiers - How the left got hoodwinked

By Travis Cyrice

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The American left has always been skeptical of corporate power. For good reason, but recently this
viewpoint has taken a 180 degree turn. It boggles ones mind, the speed at which this perspective has
radically changed. So what happened? Why is it one day every honest leftist is asking good questions
about the pharmaceutical corporate power, and then the next, it begins to beg corporate powers to
crack down, and stifle questions against it? Well, it began with a populist outsider winning the
presidency in 2016 on the Republican ticket and the onset of this global pandemic caused by a
laboratory leak. Let’s just say the left did not like this president one bit. They had some good points
about the man’s flaws and his mannerisms. But their irrational hatred of the man began to defy logic
and reason at a certain point. And that, my readers, is when this radical shift in ideology happened.
They hated this president so much that they began worshipping A doctor named Anthony Fauci like a
God. This started a day president Trump gave a presser to update the American people about the
pandemic. Trump asked uneducated questions about the virus and brainstormed publicly about possible
solutions. Granted, some of the solutions he came up with were somewhat absurd. But in the
background, there was Fauci shaking his head. So began the Lefts love affair.
They began to see this man as some kind of savior. A pop culture icon in the end of days. And because
the left loved and worshipped him, they had to toss out their principles and offer them upon the altar of
their new deity.
Who is this guy? Well, the left would have you believe he was the only adult in the room so to speak,
within the pandemic response team. They ignored the fact that Fauci handled the HIV/AIDS crisis poorly,
which took the lives of many in the LGBTQ+ community. They ignored the fact that he lied to the
American people about masks, according to the email leaks. They ignored his ties to the Wuhan lab and
it’s gain of function research, which is becoming more clear as the accelerant of this pandemic. Nothing
sways their new found faith in this corrupt, bureaucratic doctor. Their hatred of the outsider clouded
their principles.
And so my readers, the left became willing foot soldiers of big pharma. They gobble and spew
everything they are told to, by their new God in their pantheon. Dr Anthony Fauci. There can be NO
possible treatment for COVID-19, other than the vaccines that this man wants to peddle to the global
population. Problem, reaction and solution, my friends. He helped create the problem, he helped steer
our reactions to said problem, now him and his big pharma cronies, intend to profit from their
proposed solution. Which isn’t much a solution at all, but a prophylactic, a medication taken before
infection, to curb it’s symptoms severity.
Moral of the story is that I’m sure that we can’t count on the left to depose the onset of this medical
Stay vigilant,
Travis Cyrice

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