Corporate Owned Media Caught Red Handed Making Up Fake News

by Harry Thomas

 Corporate Owned Media Caught Red Handed Making Up Fake News (harryt... 

   It's nothing new really this kind of thing happens everyday. Be assured with intelligence programs like Project Mockingbird running for decades now we shouldn't be surprised. 

   This time the story Rolling Stone published was so disproportionate from any factual truth one would wonder what were the corporate globalists thinking?

    As the covid-19 pandemic rages and mandatory vaccines are implemented many are looking for alternative treatments. Most Hospitals are only offering the already failing vaccines that are really just experimental gene therapy drugs. Another lie the Media propagates . Recently a long used Nobel prize winning anti viral drug for humans has been having great success treating Covid-19 patients. That's good news right? Yes and no. No because many will die because of the lies the compromised corporate media deliberately publishes. Fact checkers lie and flag posts, delete posts and accounts with no accountability. The deception is criminal because many will die when they could have had accurate information that could have saved their life  or a loved ones life. The media reports Ivermectin is a horse drug not approved by the FDA for use by humans and is dangerous as a covid-19 treatment. All lies. Their rhetoric tells the public that truth tellers are the equivalent as the threat of the Taliban or ISIS is. Do they really believe that the public is that far under their spell?

    This is what happened. The extremely popular magazine reported a hospital in Oklahoma was so overwhelmed by ivermectin overdoses that gun shot patients and other critically injured patients were not able to get treatment. The source was reported to be one single doctor that hadn't worked in that ER in several months. If that blunder wasn't enough it came with a picture depicting a line going out the emergency room door which was taken at another time. The staff at the Oklahoma hospital called it in as a hoax. Just to show how common this is the associated press reported recently there were a 3,400+ percent increase in Mississippi's poison control calls. It was reported 70% of the calls were due to Ivermectin overdoses which was an absolute lie. Experts this reporter reviewed have all said they know of no reported deaths  or overdoses from ivermectin. This is not to say there hasn't been any. The real numbers that were reported said it was actually 2 percent instead of 70 percent. Who knows if that's even the truth? Freedom of the press does not give them freedom to lie. 

     They say absolute power corrupts absolutely. It's seems there's an epidemic of drunken power these days. From presidents, prime ministers, dictators, parliament members, Congress, renegade regimes, big pharma ,  bloated bureaucrats ,  religious leaders and even the Taliban. Frightening as it is, mostly everybody is misinformed by a mainstream media that's been manipulating their minds with sophisticated tactics formulated by the greatest scientists in the world. Some renown  top scientists came to the United States after WW2 as part of Project Paperclip.

      Is drunkenness the reason why they choose Rolling Stone to leak such an absurd tale? Heck no! The globalists are so cocky they believe they can do anything and get away with it. Why not they have so far. These are elite criminals who keep pushing the limits. Nothing is done by accident. They leak a tale of medical fiction in a pop music magazine, then other corporate owned media outlets pick it up and it propagates the fake news all over. Rolling Stone will obviously get called out and retract the story but most others won't. Besides people don't read retractions and editors comments. Its effective and has been working very successfully for the elite my whole life and yours too..

      So what does this mean to you and your family? It means we all have a big decision to make. Do we sit back and let them continue misinforming us, our family and the rest of our country on a daily basis or do we do something about it? 

   First off the experts suggest starting locally but thinking globally. I've been effective starting with friends and family and branching out from there. Getting informed by sources outside the governmental agencies, corporate media conglomerates, bureaucrats and those with  financial interests is a good start. Google is known for its censorship of news and uses its ability to influence public opinion for a globalist agenda. Google's search engine has been discredited even worse than Wikipedia's quest to rewrite history. Wiki locks any input when they reach their final conclusion. 

     In my conclusion, 

          My Fellow Americans our founding fathers gave us many rights some of them are the right to life, liberty and the pursuit of happiness. Our predecessors also afforded us the means to protect our rights against tyranny and to have the ability to speak about it. Many Americans have taken oaths to protect our way of life. Too many have lost their lives and limbs to preserve our Republic. Sad to say  the time is now to commit to those Oaths once again and make new ones. Americans are the strongest, smartest and most resilient people in the history of the world. I know we we will respond. They want to make this the land of the slaves !!! 



Harry Thomas


We Will Make A Difference! ;

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Comment by Less Prone on September 10, 2021 at 10:44am

Now this is a very rare opportunity to get these criminals exposed and to take down the criminal cabal, but will it be wasted just like the Epstein case, or the never to be investigated Soros, financier of the radical left? What about Ghislane Maxwell? Get this scoundrel now as his case is still fresh and get the ball rolling. This can totally change the game from the hunted people to the hunters.

"Destroying the New World Order"



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