Butler County, Ohio Childrens Services and Rottenness

Back in the late eighties, I was acquainted with an Imperial Wizard of the Ku Klux Klan in Ohio, a certain Mr. Ron Huff (now deceased). He was famous (infamous?) for putting a large wooden cross on Fountain Square in Cincinnati, once yearly. That was, at one time, an architectural feature (the square) that was used to represent the city. Once I visited his house, and a couple were there. He was preparing legal papers for them, for a small fee.

It was explained to me by Huff that hundreds, perhaps thousands of children were being taken from their parents without cause. They were then "lost" or "misplaced" while in CS custody. And that CS was immune to lawsuits, unless one could prove they were not dealing with you "in good faith" (very difficult to do). He did what he could, though, and he was known as a severe thorn in the side of that county's government. In court, the judges, however, respected and recognized his legal acumen. Huff and his colleagues, I'm sure they could have given any Harvard-educated lawyer a run for their money. Despite his hayseed appearance and manner of speech, I'm sure he could've passed the Bar exam without one day of college, and likely with flying colors. He won cases against him for not having a drivers license or license plates (right to travel, common law, UCC), and he and his friends were also tax protestors. That last bit got some of them in huge trouble, however. Especially the idea of obtaining land patents (one no longer pays real estate taxes). Child porn was planted in one man's home, then a raid was carried out (i'm sure the govt had an overabundance of child porn on hand to choose from).

I remember seeing parents interviewed on the local news stating that they didn't care about money, they just wanted their kids back. A Republican former state legislator, Michael A. Fox, ran for the office of county commissioner, solely on the issue of cleaning up childrens services. He did his best, but they found a way to get him as well, and they sent him to prison, in a wheelchair (federal charges).

Later, in the late 90s, I lived in Butler County for a time. Once, my ex girlfriend's then 13 year-old daughter threw a fish bowl at my face. It shattered, and I bled profusely. I let it go, however, because I knew what would likely happen to her if she became entangled with the legal system in Butler County. Later, she got into some trouble with the law, and her kids were regularly taken away by CS for a time, and no explanation was offered as to what was happening during the time they were in CS custody.

My father re-married after my mother's death in 1985. One of his wife's children, a man, was somewhat mentally retarded, and a woman of low character latched onto him for his disability check. They reproduced, and after a while, she kicked out the father (she had several kids, probably contrived as sources of income from govt). The girl was being abused and neglected by her mother and her new boyfriend. In the single digit ages, she was obviously malnourished, and she had marks on her. She had blue bags under her eyes, and was spindly. The couple's dogs were always well-fed, though.

When she was old enough to talk, she told of being kept in dog cages, being forced to fight her siblings for food, and being molested by both the mother and her boyfriend. Childrens services fought tooth and nail in court to keep her in her mother's custody. The court played dirty tricks as well. Dad and his wife would go to a court date. They would be told by the bailiff to wait outside the court room until they were called. They would wait all day. The bailiff would then tell the judge that they never showed, it was later discovered. Their first lawyer was completely complicit with CS, and failed to do much of anything on their behalf. Through a fellow victim of CS, Dad hired a different lawyer after years of no results. She was a Constitutionalist, and a battler from early days of the CS scandal. So, after several years, and over $30,000 in court and lawyer fees, the girl was in the custody of her grandparents. Now in her early 20s, her boyfriend tells me she sometimes wakes up swinging, and her fists sometimes connect with his face before she realizes she's safe.

A clinical psychologist who was central to facilitating the abduction of children from their parents, Roger Fischer (of Fairfield, Ohio) lost his license to practice when it was revealed (in the late 90s) that he had submitted to the court documents in which he stated that he had interviewed (and diagnosed) parents, when he had never met them. These papers always favored removing children from the home. Six months later, his license was returned to him by the American Psychological Association (which, at one time, tried to characterize pedophilia as a sexual orientation and not a mental disorder). Nothing ever came out publicly as to what happened to all the kids. And nobody did any jail time, or even lost their jobs over this.

Then there's Judge Judy Campbell, of Fairfield, Ohio. She was also central to the mass child abduction racket, from the early days. She has regularly sent defendants to her good buddy, Roger Fischer. She also created something called a "mental health court" in Fairfield, which must be a great way to diminish one's rights. At one time, she had a post on her Facebook page (removed after I started posting about it), in which then-President Obama had "tapped" her to design a nation-wide system of mental health courts, based on her model.

I'm sure this is the state of affairs not only all over the US, but internationally. Plenty of news stories about it. Epstein, Hastert, Barney Frank, Jimmy Saville, Belgian govt ministers, what is it about children that grown men could find sexually stimulating? I don't understand. And how do these people live with themselves? And, most of all, why are these piles of pus still walking around? If someone had done this to me, my pic would be on every front page of every newspaper, with details of the horrific atrocities I would carry out against these child abductors.

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Comment by Burbia on July 26, 2019 at 3:55am

While this video isn't centered around Butler County, it is pertinent...

Comment by Burbia on July 24, 2019 at 1:05am

Glad to hear it. They want us to become like them. That is why there is low level crap happening. They believe if we are like them, they can act with out any consequences. Like they already dont. It is why Islam and Judaism is being pushed on everyone. I don't know whether or not to believe the 2025 Deagle report along with the Georgia Guidestones. Then there is this...

Tech is certainly there to put an end to what the NWO calls us as useless eaters. A culling is coming. I don't think the NWO are immune to what is coming either.

Comment by James Roberts on July 24, 2019 at 12:44am

Burbia - And I am always working tirelessly on tech that hopefully can give everyone peace from things like a bad childhood, getting very close to a major breakthrough.

Comment by James Roberts on July 24, 2019 at 12:42am

Burbia - Thanks. That actually doesn't seem to be the worst thing that happened to me. I'm sure had it been a man, it probably would have. But it did screw up my mind for quite a while, made relationships difficult. Probably when I was allowed to wake up from a major abdominal surgery with no pain killer, for four hours, and they let me know it was purposeful (because of my belief system), that was worse. My hands were tied to the side of the bed, and an air tune was down my throat, so I couldn't scream or anything. And a few other things. But my ex's molestation, and her daughters', had effects which were profoundly costly in my life. And another person who had been molested, and otherwise severely abused,  actually poisoned me once, pretty severely. That's the thing, it doesn't stop with the victim, it goes on and on, and the downstream crimes and effects are not always only sexual.

Comment by Burbia on July 23, 2019 at 11:30pm

JR. I can't turn around and not meet anyone who doesn't have a similar story. I'm not sure if that took a lot out of you sharing that. Thank you. It's been so long about as to why the sodomy, but I remember it being about cutting off your antenae (spine) to the universe. Also, if we were made in our creators image, that is a big FU. And of course the LGBTQ do not reproduce, the beaten becomes the beater type thing. Ignorance is bliss, I try to find something to lose myself in and forget about the BS. I hope you can too.

Comment by James Roberts on July 23, 2019 at 10:00pm

Thank you, Diana and Burbia for the comments, and Sweetina2 and .Chris for the likes. It certainly isn't just the elites, though. I myself, at the age of ten, was drugged and molested, by a woman. My ex was molested at age 14, also by a woman, but a man also attempted to when she was 13, and I've already commented on this site about her daughter being molested by one of her previous boyfriends. My room mate had a knife held to his throat by a gang of adolescent boys and was sodomized, and I could bring to mind 30 others I've known, and I haven't known all that many people in real life. I couldn't conceive of hurting a child in such a manner. I live in an area with low crime, about a population of 35,000, semi-rural.It seems like once a month we receive in the mail a notice of a sex offender moving in nearby. I mean, there's a million fish in the sea, Why does it have to be kids? Certainly kids are constantly being sexualized in advertisements, media, entertainment, and it's becoming more overt all the time. But there was such an outcry that Slate. com and the APA pulled back when they tried to normalize pedos. Everything in your comments is certainly true, Diana and Burbia. This issue sometimes makes me wish to be ignorant.

Comment by Diana on July 22, 2019 at 10:49am

The Adoption and the Safe Families Act offered cash “bonuses” to the states for every child they adopted out of foster care.  In order to receive the “adoption incentive bonuses” local child protective services need more children. They must have merchandise (children) that sells and you must have plenty, so the buyer can choose. Some counties are known to give a $4,000 to $6,000 bonus for each child adopted out to strangers and an additional $2,000 for a “special needs” child.  Employees work to keep the federal dollars flowing.  As far as why there is a demand for children - I believe it is for occult reasons.  Sexual abuse is about power and that's what stimulates these creatures.  They are like vampires and are taking energy from their victims.

Comment by Burbia on July 22, 2019 at 6:08am

The why is certainly unfathomable. The who you listed have been given reason as to why. Moloch is an ancient Caanonite deity that requires child sacrifice. Blood Libel is an old practice by Jews. MK Ultra has been a system created for the sale and exchange of children for perverted reasons. Sex and violence. Child Services are certainly part of the MK Ultra.  It's now mainstream for elite to get blood transfusion from youth for their better health and a longer life. That is how they live with them selves. They don't want to die and face consequences for their actions. To me, it seems biblical that the practice of abortion post birth is happening. I'd like to find the source Josh Reeves got the story that the elite can track reincarnation from generation to generation. There is a reason post birth abortion is happening right now. 

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