Christianity is our Faith not a Zionist decoy nor Idiot Hageee`s blastphemy

John Haggle`s self-righteous, radical interpretation of the Bible may have mislead himself and herded his susceptible fearful flock towards scaling   Mount Zion in search of David or another crazed belief . His betrayal of Christian ethics, principles, theological and philosophical integrity by endorsing a conspired Biblical  myth for Zionist existence  which  also undermines our true Faith. This behaviour casts an improper image of Christianity’s sincere conformation upon which our Bible`s historical referenced facts are confirmed. Moreover  it dishonours our solid based foundation from which  all  sacred scriptures, text, records ,traditions were formed .The Zionist portraying this myth as privileged justification  to inflict many  brutal and fatal  acts  against innocent civilians, as God decreed,  home for my chosen Jewish people  is beyond reproach . His leadership skills of controlling  so many within his Pastoral care to a Political mind set  forsaking our  main Christian ethos regarding thee way ,truth  and Life  These brainwashed fire and brimstone musketeers have a similar unconscious  threshold as their Islamic fundamentalist Juba  Jihads . Their successful treatment is a Psychological conditioning, centred upon learning life skills as instructed and monitored by an Israeli specialist team .  Its in the interest of Zionism  having this empty headed Christian idiot support group,while causing a division    within western Christianity. These radical Christians are of similar mind-sets to Islamic Jihads differing only in cultural, geographical and brutality levels . The more threatening, barbaric, outrages perpetrated by psychotic angry Muslim Jihad`s are beneficial to Zionist aspirations, in having US forces constantly deployed. That’s my view from past experience and may not support another’s well perceived opinion. These Arabic Islamic  countries here were never welcoming to Westerners Its harsh arid dirty looking dead areas provide an ideal site for depression, and all in that class. Theres  certain obnoxious  characteristics that leave a bitter taste, increasing the already complex, meaningless exploited innocent civilians lives here. What’s the final outcome, when,  Islamic by whom, why, are all very relevant concerns.  All degrees of brutality, against vulnerable, desperate innocent victims inc muslims are inflicted by Islamic Jihads . The Israelis cannot be left to the vilest radical Islamic vermin imaginable even by their perpetrated atrocities. Their Israeli  civilian population needs protection too. That’s not from Hamas attack but,  ISIS. ISIS will wipe Hamas and many others out for being sub level Sunni Muslims. .The ISIS vermin and other rodents like Al-Qaeda`s  Al Nusra groups etc have different objectives and standards of Islamic brutality . They will end up as killing each other.  We all have our own insights and who best to lead.  There’s never a just reason to make any war right or any side. Once war starts many wrongs are committed and some deemed heroic.

Searching for the Truth can leave one isolated by lone controversial debates as its personal , not group/community thinking. Its forward nature debating different understandings until a practical relevant answer is found . I don’t think there’s many absolute truths or meanings found except death. There are different states of mind created by whatever thoughts within that is a good /bad life /death scenario.

Such is life on it terms and our acceptance upon reality

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