Propoganda is a powerful weapon..A chess game at times

Propaganda is a powerful weapon and its success within modern warfare, has become more reliant upon strategic communication technological systems. The US and Western alliance`s technological capabilities within in all areas from Cyber security downward remain unchallenged. If the US or MSM  did produce a fake it would take weeks of Lab research to prove it                                                 This latest  fake /false video`s objective to discredit and cause confusion is an amateur attempt at contrived deception Similar hallmarks here to  last year’s attempt  doing likewise following a barbaric attack in London. Military drummer  Lee Rigby was identified as a Soldier by wearing  his Regiment`s crested  Jaxcked. The vermon that  inflicted such an act justified it by quoting  Islamic Sharia law. This link to video follows .. . When their vile attempt  to blame Politician’s etc was met by total public revulsion , the video authenticity card was played. They edited the colours and road markings etc . Link follows .                                                                                                              We see one of  these Islamic Radicals justify his act by quoting Sharia Law. Then blame Politicians etc  etc .  One of the adding insult to all this injury ,were Media sources’ editing out Lee Rigby`s murderer references upon Islam Quoran   Allah . If these Islamic  extremists’ claim their evil existence as being Islam`s teaching ,then ???                    %3

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Comment by Less Prone on October 1, 2014 at 9:21am

Edward Bernays, Propaganda 1928

"THE  conscious  and  intelligent  manipulation  of  the organized  habits  and  opinions  of  the  masses  is  an important  element  in  democratic  society.  Those  who manipulate  this  unseen  mechanism  of  society  constitute  an  invisible  government  which  is  the  true  ruling power of our country. "

Pulling back the curtain on how intent the wealthiest Americans have been on establishing a propaganda tool to subvert democracy. By: Andrew Gavin Marshall

Comment by Less Prone on October 1, 2014 at 9:15am

You can go far back in history and find people controlled and abused with various schemes; first by violence and fear, then manipulated religions, authority. The latest power in control and abuse is what Carroll Quigley calls the Anglo American Establishment aka. what Winston Churchill called the High Cabal  (Fletcher Prouty - Secret Team). They are in short the wealthy descendant of Queen Elizabeth first's privateer pirates that established the East India Company and got rich by selling opium to China together with usury bankers and secret societies.

They have controlled and initiated major world events and world wars, the French revolution, the Bolshevik revolution, rise and fall of Hitler, just to name some.

"Time and the ocean and some guiding star, In high cabal have made us what we are." Winston Churchill quoting Sir William Watson

"Destroying the New World Order"



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