CIA conducts intimidation campaign upon Benghazi witnesses!

Breaking News Uncovered New Developments on Benghazi

By Doc Vega


Many of us have wondered just why there has been such a formidable suppression of evidence concerning the Benghazi attacks. The questions quickly begin to pile up like cars in a chain reaction accident. Why has there been so little reaction by the US media? Why have so few witnesses testified? Why has Speaker of the House, John Boehner, not appointed a special prosecutor? Why has Congress not more aggressively pursued such an atrocious dereliction of duty by the State Department and the Commander in Chief? Why was a harmless and little known film made by an obscure Egyptian producer’s little known comedy film deemed insulting to Muslims and responsible for inciting violence in Benghazi. Why was it blamed by both the President and Secretary of State, Hillary Clinton ? Why did they spend 80 thousand in US tax payers funds to buy time on Arab TV to deny that there was any US government support for this supposedly offensive movie?

CNN does some true investigative journalism

According to Drew Griffin and Jake Tapper of CNN new revelations have broken open new evidence that the CIA had 35 operatives on the ground on the night of the fatal Benghazi attacks upon the US Consulate. At the CIA annex only a couple of miles from the fighting and within the US Consulate the CIA was conducting special operations. This secret mission took precedent over any need for the apparent transparency promised by our President when he campaigned for the job in the oval office in 2008. Evidence has not only mounted but was has been confirmed that surface to air missiles were being transported across Turkish territory and delivered to Syrian rebels conducting a civil war against the Assad Regime.

A Libyan Fast and Furious

In previous articles I’ve written there were allegations that Ambassador Stevens was acting as a regional arms dealer under his orders from the state department. Yet, at the same time the CIA had their own objectives and were operating separately and under extreme measures of secrecy in attaining their agenda as well. Yet, as tensions mounted in the days before the siege on the US Embassy in Benghazi, requests for assistance by the US Ambassador were ignored even after a hole had been blown in the wall of his facility and it had been deemed indefensible.  Sadly, there would be no escape for Americans trapped in that building as a well-coordinated heavy assault was waged by Libyan terrorists who were enraged with Ambassador Stevens handling of the gun running going on with the Syrian rebels that he was supplying. Something went wrong.

Americans die as DOD employees watch on TV

For seven hours the raid took place and for the most of that time, President Obama and Hillary Clinton had been briefed by Leon Panetta while Defense Department personnel watched the attack real time from an Army drone that was on-station. Yet, with 35 CIA operatives in the vicinity, neighboring AFRICOM forces in the region, and Marine Corps, a Fast Strike detachment that could be airlifted via C-130 gun ship to the hot zone from Siganello in Italy. Two Naval bases with ground attack assets could have harassed the attackers in Benghazi using F-16’s, but were all ordered to stand down. We have been told that only the President had the authority to order any stand down. So who is responsible for ordering a halt to rescue operations at the embattled Benghazi US Consulate? Who ensured that Americans would die with their intentional commands? Think!

Ordered into silence

To date, the CIA is now ordering all personnel associated with or having knowledge of the Benghazi fiasco to remain silent, to refrain from making any public admissions. These people are being pressured, threatened, and even family members are fair game in the event that any CIA personnel are caught playing the role of a whistle blower! Polygraphs are being issued for all essential CIA officers in the know, in order to keep them silent. At the risk of losing their careers and even the lives of loved ones a tight veil of silence has been imposed by the premier intelligence organization of the world in keeping the true nature of a black operation from being divulged to the public.

No way out

No wonder we could not rely on any of the numerous US military assets to respond to the desperate diplomatic personnel under siege at the Benghazi US consulate while 2 former US Navy seals took on well-equipped terrorists that were described as violent protestors by the US White House as initial reports of the attacks attained limited air time on the news networks. As an arrogant and unconcerned Commander in Chief planned an alibi for his Secretary of State and the impending casualties that would be suffered by US federal employees in Benghazi, along with Leon Panetta, time was running out for any hope of rescue, and that was the way they wanted it!

Threats and intimidation

We know that as the Benghazi survivors lay in hospital beds recuperating from their wounds, there were warned not to talk to the American public over the horrors they had experienced, the CIA was also gearing up for a campaign of intimidation to silence its own people as well. Apparently one rule of thumb to follow when being in close proximity of any CIA operation is that if you are attacked or subjected to an act of terrorism, don’t expect our infamous intelligence agency to stop, lend a hand, or attempt to save American lives when they are involved in an illegal mission violating international law and the American public’s confidence!

The deadly irony

Supposedly crucial intelligence information has been shared with key figures in the US government in order to discourage any acts of prosecutorial vengeance being exacted upon the CIA. Supposedly the strategic significance of this botched operation that involved the support of the Syrian rebels who have already been caught using weapons of mass destruction such as nerve gas against the Assad administration, are the kinds of political factions that our government supports these days. For now, our CIA threatens the lives of their employees in order to maintain secrecy even at the cost of Americans working abroad diplomatic offices!   


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Comment by Central Scrutinizer on August 1, 2013 at 11:02pm

Holder emails from that time period are around and being gathered together now. We can only hope this burns the chinless prick as the compulsive liar that he truly is. Maybe drag Hitlery down w/ him :)

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