Congressional refusal to prosecute Obama the unsettling truth!

What the talk show hosts are not allowed to discuss

By Doc Vega


In the dirty world of politics truth in advertising does not apply. Slander and libel do not apply. False accusations and false narratives do apply. As Rush Limbaugh has pointed out, the Democrats have paid attention to the Communist doctrine of engineering misdirection and social unrest in order to use lies when the arguments of reason and logic cannot be won on a level playing field with Constitutionalists and Conservatives. And they usually cannot win in the arena of broad daylight so, the deception is deployed on a massive scale.

It takes a New Zealander to see clearly

According to author Trevor Loudon whose recent book outlines the way that the Democratic Party has been completely compromised by Communist and Socialist organizations. They have been co-opted by a foreign entity completely and diametrically opposed to our US Constitution. Look at Obamacare which will control more than 1/6 of the US economy, and until 2009 when Obama was elected had no chance of getting legislated. Yet, we know face a massive economic onslaught.

KGB Agent spells it out for Americans

Yuri Bezmenov, a defected KGB disinformation specialist actually admitted with pride in 1982 in a public conference meant to awaken sleeping Americans that the agenda of Soviet destabilization, demoralization, and indoctrination was well underway and further along than he ever could have imagined. Every time the conservative voice of reason pointed this out, peace movements against nuclear arms financed by socialists and Democrats cried out “Red Scare!” “Communist Witchunt!” and the perfectly valid answer was drowned out in distraction and false allegations!

Why is he still in office?

So, we ask ourselves why have the Republicans failed to oust President Obama, impeach him, criminally prosecute him along with VP Joe Biden for allowing breaches of national security with politically motivated press releases. Conducting war against Libya without Congressional approval, impeachable, ordering a stand down that got Americans killed at the US Embassy in Libya, all these actions among many others have been ignored or pursued with little intention of bringing the President to justice. Why?

What was up with John Roberts?

Justice John Roberts was trusted to come out against the Affordable Health Care Act and, thus would have made Obamacare just another grave marker in the great cemetery of bad laws that were voted down, but that didn’t happen. Some blamed Obama’s direct criticism of the Supreme Court. Some blamed Justice John Roberts feeble mind as a result of his anti-seizure medication. That was not it. Roberts capitulated under the same banner as the GOP. In a word, blackmail, threats, intimidation, these are the characteristic tools of Chicago’s bare knuckle style political influence. Add socialist billionaire, George Soros to the mix, and you have the funding needed as he personally finances at least 40 socialist movement organizations that operate under the guise of change and hope while being dedicated to destroying American society as we know it.

Classic propaganda machinery

The Democrats did their homework as they normally do when it comes to insurrection and orchestrating false narratives to advance their agenda, but add the NSA to this toxic recipe, and you have the most powerful surveillance agency in the world extracting incriminating data on every man, woman, and child in the US including the GOP, including Justice John Roberts, and anyone else who stands in their way!

GOP turns on its own

To say that America has suffered a soft coup is a virtual understatement. America has been undermined in so many different ways by so many special interest groups under the leftist radical flag of activism, a wave of armies replete with storm troopers, tanks, and aircraft could not have been more persuasive, and we could have fought our way out of that one. However, when you have tricked the people, gotten them to take your word without evidence, and have maneuvered the opposition party to begin fighting amongst themselves as establishment GOP fight against Tea Party Republicans like Rand Paul, Ted Cruz and Marco Rubio, your ground attack has succeeded!

A bitter answer

You wonder why our few outspoken Conservative GOP leaders have caved in, look no further than the NSA, blackmail, and classic Soviet era intimidation that has turned the opposition to the insanity of the Obama agenda into complying idiots! This is where America is headed, this is what was planned and intended, and unless you act, this will be the last of a free Constitutional Republic.


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Comment by Cryptocurrency on August 8, 2013 at 10:40pm

You said, "The fact that in spite of the GOP protection of the 2nd Amendment..."

So you acknowledged the protection of the 2nd amendment was as result of the Republican party. Whereas before you denied it. Now you have turned this into a semantical argument as to whether the 2nd amendment is a right or a privilege due to the fact, that you were losing the logical argument.

This is precisely why, Troy, I wanted to end this 'debate' like five comments ago. You're in deep space at the fun house getting lost in w/e it is you do. Have fun riding the rides bruh.

Later Chief.

Comment by Nobody Will Observe on August 8, 2013 at 10:32pm

Yikes! That's what you got out of my last post?

What We've Got Here is Failure to Communicate

Comment by Cryptocurrency on August 8, 2013 at 10:21pm

Okay, so now you ADMIT your second amendment rights are being protected? It's about time. Soo who has protected those rights?

Ding, ding, ding! Youuuu guessed it!! THE REPUBLICANS!

Comment by Nobody Will Observe on August 8, 2013 at 9:49pm

The fact that in spite of the GOP protection of the 2nd Amendment, there is no right to bare arms, only privilege becoming more and more restricted, and you can't see it I fined puzzling.

What makes you assume I have any 2nd Amendment right?

Comment by Cryptocurrency on August 8, 2013 at 7:18pm

Haha but they're my favorite pair! My really hot gf signed them and I wear them on my head when I sit at my computer and type. You would love them...

Getting upset haha, not hardly amgio chief. I'm perfectly sober, lucid and emotionally stable.

If it wasn't for the conservative GOP push you wouldn't have half the second amendment you have. It's the Republicans that voted against all the democrats gun grab attempts. The fact that I have to tell you that sucks!

Comment by Nobody Will Observe on August 8, 2013 at 2:49pm


 Don't get your panties in a bunch.  Both you and I presenting different views, is what this site is for and this thread is alive because we are talking.  We have had a good conversation for having different views.  But don't be too quick to assume you know anything about who and what I am, or doing, or done, in real life.beyond the computer.

Indian Legal system - Sonia Gandhi: Structure and Change needed In the Indian Legal system
Yes participation agreed.  People are and have been participating in this system though, I honestly don't see the great gains, small gains??? not sure. 3 steps back, a half step forward, perhaps.
What gains as to Civil rights has this GOP championed?  Can you list any victories?  Did not all the spying and detention start under Bush?
  1. News for Republicans call Snowden a traitor

    Republican Congressman Amash calls Snowden whistleblower, not traitor
    RT - 2 days ago
    Rep. Justin Amash (R-Mich.) on Sunday called former NSA contractor Edward Snowden a whistleblower, not a traitor, and said that members of ...
    Amash insists Snowden 'told us what we need to know'
    Washington Post (blog) - 4 days ago
  2. Boehner Calls Snowden a Traitor - - Cached
    Jun 11, 2013 ... Boehner Calls Snowden a Traitor ... Some liberal Democrats and libertarian-
    minded Republicans have said Congress should respond with ...
  3. Boehner calls Snowden a traitor; Rand Paul 'reserving judgment ... - Cached
    Jun 11, 2013 ... Boehner calls Snowden a traitor; Rand Paul 'reserving judgment'. kevin. Posted
    by. CNN's Kevin Liptak. (CNN) – Rep
My 2 Amendment Rights are being protected?  Really?  Please tell me about it.
There are many Tea party members that are awake. Totally. The national head is GOP. Not all the groups.
Out reach is key we agree.
I will stop if your getting upset talking.
Comment by Cryptocurrency on August 8, 2013 at 2:02pm

The GOP is split in many ways. No doubts there. But they (the GOP) are defending our civil liberties. You are aware of the defense of your second amendment rights, are you not?? Are you saying that is a bad thing!? Are you saying that GOP support for whistle blowers like Snowden is a bad thing!? Are you saying that the GOP opposition against indefinite detention is a bad thing!!? It's all over conservative talk radio every single day. Is that because people are running into a wall head first repeatedly as you assert?? The more you voice your opinion on these matters the more you sound out of touch with what's going on in America. With all due respect I get the feeling you've spent a little too much time in the conspiracy theory fun house.

Especially when it comes to voting. The only real need for voting fraud is in early states like Iowa and NH and so on. Once you build momentum and media perception there is absolutely no need for voting fraud. I worked on the Ron Paul campaign. Was coached by EXPERTS in voting fraud. As long as you have poll watchers that do their job, it's extremely difficult to pull off MASS fraud. It's not nearly as bad as you think. Then again, it seems most of your understanding of all this comes from a computer chair. No offense, but the real world is a bit different than youtube conspiracy theories.

The notion of everyone NOT voting is never going to happen. The no confidence vote is a complete waste. The changes we have made are through participation. Your vote does count. I know because I counted them! In my ward I actually got a better turnout than my projected turnout based on the data for registered voters and phone banking. Your theory is categorically untrue, sorry to say. We are winning back local government every single day. If you throw in the towel now, you're a quitter and your lazy and/or scared. No battle has ever been won by doing nothing. Even Gandhi's passive resistance required participation and activism. You can't change the system by withdrawing from it. You have to first work to re-tool it. Then when everyone realizes they have to do something, and sitting on your butt no longer works, then people, as a mass can move. The reason why we're in this shit-hole is because people won't participate. They won't get off their lazy butts, or they don't think their vote matters so they sit home and bitch about it in cyber space to a bunch of people that could care less. Sitting on the internet talking shit about world leaders and preaching to the choir does little in the larger scheme. Say what you want about the Tea Party, but your average Tea Party activist, though less 'awake' than you may be, do far more to protect your civil liberties than you do sitting at your computer. OUTREACH, is the key.

I'll give you the last word...

Comment by Nobody Will Observe on August 7, 2013 at 11:32pm

One other thought. Don't you think that part of the problem is the monopoly both of these parties have over elections?  Ron Paul ran under the GOP because he knew he had no chance as an independent.  Logical, but he was undermined by the GOP and cheated.  If you can control the choices, your assured of the outcome. Yes the fight with each other.  It's like a crap game full of mobsters. They even may off one and other from time to time,  but try and shut down the game and they will all defend it.  We are willingly paying the rent on this gambling house, and then surprised that they keep gambling.  Close the doors, and things may change, but not until. It's like buying drugs for a drug addict and expecting them to get clean and sober.

We need to quit supporting them. All of them.  That's the only real solution.

Comment by Nobody Will Observe on August 7, 2013 at 10:55pm

There may be some truth in that argument statement, if the subject matter warrants discussion.

This country is the definition of a Fascist nation. If it were Socialist, the people would own every thing, or in communism, the party.  In this country the corporations own the government.  They control this nation through banking  and money, everything, including the GOP. And as you said to run for office in the GOP one must appease Israel, even for a State office. If that doesn't say something is wrong, well I don't know what would.

So you just keep running into that GOP wall. Get back up and run faster and harder! Repeat as many times as as it takes to see the light or have your brain leave the head.  But if you get tiered of bumping your head into an un-passable wall?  Here's the door.  And that is to not buy into the BS that this government is serving We the People, It's not. And your vote doesn't count either!

Buy a lie and get ...

Pessimist, or realist?

Just the way I see it.

Comment by Cryptocurrency on August 7, 2013 at 8:13pm

Hahah Apeman rules!

Troy, dude, I hear you. It's not all black and white man. The GOP is not all bad. I know the fascist stratagem that maneuvers from the right. Ahhh, you just like to argue dude lol. If you want to go on thinking the entire GOP is fascist then w/e. Run with it, have fun and have at it.

"Destroying the New World Order"



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