This is a highly paraphrased transcript of a video about CoIntelPro I shared from one of my WT friends today. In the video, the guy starts by explaining CoIntelPro, what and who it is. He gives examples and history. Then he talks about internet CoIntelPro methods. This is what held the most interest for me, but I would suggest watching the whole video if you are new to the subject. So here goes:

CLUTTER SEARCH ENGINES By making fake conspiracy vids and sites. They make deliberately bad videos that are designed to scare away newcomers, make people think that conspiracy theorists are over-analyzing - so when you go looking for the truth, all you find are big lies.
Their second job is DISINFO and misdirection. They insert lies and infiltrate already existing movements like the 9-11 nuke story, the nuclear weapons detonation on 9-11 or the "Aliens at 9-11" story. These are all disinfo.
Their third job is SCARE/MISLEAD NEWCOMERS. People who are finding out the truth for the first time. When they stumble on their posts and sites full of nothing but craziness, it scares people away.They (goons) pose as conspiracy theorists and curse a lot while they are posing. They speak intelligently when they are scoffing at conspiracy theorists, and speak poorly and stupidly when they are posing as them.
Their fourth job is INFIGHTING. They say everything is disinfo. Alex Jones, David Icke, Michael Tsarion, they do a lot of Ron Paul bashing. Basically, everybody is working for the bad guys. They do this so they can stir up distrust among everybody, but a real truth seeker doesn't have time to go online and bash Alex Jones or Ron Paul. If you don't believe these people individually that's fine, but no real truth seeker does that (spends all their online time bashing) so there is usually an agenda.
They like to incite religious or racial tensions. You'll see them just go from place to place talking bad things about Jesus, or against the "Whitey" or against Blacks. They like to go around promoting atheism. Their job is to incite racial tension, and to have newcomers associate conspiracy theorists with religious bigoted statements.They like to keep video makers busy with nonsense, and one of their favorite things is to call for violence. DO NOT INDULGE THE KEYBOARD GOON. DO NOT MAKE THREATS OR PROPOSE VIOLENCE. DO NOT MAKE CONTACT WITH THOSE WHO DO.

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Comment by scotty michele brown on August 2, 2013 at 3:04pm

I thought this video was important enough to transcribe part of it for two reasons. One was to tell people how to deal with those who are out to discredit the truth movement. The other was to keep people from doing the things trolls do. When you are argumentative, hateful, and bigoted, you chase away people who are new to the truther scene.

Comment by Nobody Will Observe on August 1, 2013 at 10:12pm

Poisoning the well.

"Destroying the New World Order"



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